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10 Stars That IMPACT Wrestling MUST Sign

Updated: Jun 23, 2020

We here at Indy Pro Wrestling would love to officially announce a new partnership with YouTuber/Podcaster BQ of “The IMPACT Lounge”. He will provide the website with YouTube videos and podcasts going forward. Here is an article and video submitted to us from BQ.

BQ, host of the B Side Podcast (and The Impact Lounge on YouTube) gives his thoughts on 10 stars that IMPACT Wrestling MUST sign before Slammiversary on July 18th. The focus of this podcast is to suggest realistic free agent targets for IMPACT Wrestling and how they can each improve the product even further. Slammiversary teases wrestler debuts, multiple former champion appearances and top notch action.

As IMPACT's tagline states, 'Our World is About to Change'.

Watch the video below:


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