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AAA Invading NY Preview

Welcome to the AAA Roundup. Let’s get caught up on news and lucha libre action from Conquista Total. AAA’s show in New York City goes down Sunday, Killer Kross cut a fantastic promo on Cain Velasquez, and a handful of old characters debuted with new luchadores under the mask.

AAA Invading NY

AAA hits New York City for their Invading NY show on Sunday from the Hulu Theater. It is scheduled to begin at 6 p.m. ET and can be purchased in the USA through FITE TV for $29.99. In Mexico, the event will air live on Space and on September 20 on TV Azteca. Tickets are still available if you want to attend the show live.

Less than 24 hours prior to the opening bell, only four bouts have officially been announced:

Blue Demon Jr. vs Dr. Wagner Jr.

Reina de Reinas Championship: Tessa Blanchard (champ) vs Taya

AAA Tag Team Championship: Fenix & Pentagon (champs) vs LAX

Cain Velasquez, Psycho Clown, & Brian Cage vs Texano, Rey Escorpion, & Taurus

It looks like work visas for luchadores on AAA’s roster haven’t gone through yet. Given that AAA is using Impact’s promoter’s license, I’d expect Impact talent to fill out the rest of the card.

As for storylines to the bouts, there has not been much buildup. The main event is a rematch from Triplemania XXVII. Both championship matches rely on heat built during feuds in Impact. The trios bout is for featuring Cain Velasquez in his second lucha libre match after winning his debut.

There have only been two TV tapings since Dr. Wagner Jr. lost his hair at Triplemania XXVII. In Saltillo, Wagner planned to retire but was then goaded out of it by Blue Demon Jr. In Puebla, Wagner got a modicum of revenge by bashing Blue Demon with a hammer.

Their rematch was initially mask vs hair again, but the FITE TV description lists it as no disqualification. That’s a much smarter move. It gives Wagner a chance to even the score without Blue Demon losing his mask on a medium-level event.

Cain Velasquez has been making the media rounds to promote the show.

However, I’m most interested in a feud for Cain that will unfortunately not be on the show. Killer Kross!

Once again, Kross is taking matters into his own hands with an awesome promo that sells the shit out of a future confrontation between himself and Cain. Hopefully, we’ll get that match one day down the line.

As for predictions for Invading NY, I expect either Blue Demon Jr. to keep his mask or Dr. Wagner Jr. to win if no mask is on the line, Cain’s team to be triumphant, and both champs to retain. One issue with those picks is that AAA also has an upcoming show in Los Angeles on October 13. If they want to give fans a reason to be interested in the Los Angeles show, then something noteworthy has to occur at the New York show. With that in mind, it wouldn’t surprise me if Taya took the Reina de Reinas Championship from Tessa and they did the rematch in Los Angeles. I guess the same could be said for LAX against the Lucha Bros, but that feels a little too similar to the Lucha Bros’ feud with the Young Bucks when they hot potatoed the titles.

Update: Aerostar and Drago are in New York. It only makes sense for them to be on the card.

Update 2: Luchablog posted a list of confirmed luchadores in New York today.


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