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AAA Triplemania Featuring The Stars Of IMPACT Wrestling

Photo Credit AAA Lucha Libre

The details of how this match was slapped together are unclear. Props to AAA for using, “The F*n Machine,” in the official announcement.

Fenix actually earned his way in real time earlier this month. I presumed all the episodes would be shown prior to Triplemania. I was wrong. I think there are 7 to 9 episodes, possibly more, in the can before continuity to Triplemania on TV and the AAA YouTube channel. I reckoned that the AAA vs Elite episodes were going to be shown after Triplemania to buy editing time before TV and YouTube posting. Wrong again. There is no point in waiting to report the bout until after Triplemania goes live to match the YouTube schedule, so here we are.

The logos under each competitor are interesting. I would have expected Jeff Jarrett to rep Global Force Wrestling (GFW). His tights and lawsuits match that name. Fenix is all over the place (AAA, CMLL, MLW, Lucha Underground, and others). Cage is AAA, Lucha Underground, Impact, and the independents. I suppose Rich Swann is the most legit with the Impact association, but he might be cruising the indies too for all I know.

The Mega Championship bout joins Lady Shani against Faby Apache in mask vs hair and Pentagon Jr. putting up his mask in a four-way Poker de Ases match as the feature fights at Triplemania XXVI. Crazy things tend to happen at the AAA marquee event.

Last year was free on Twitch. It has yet to be officially announced, but I imagine Twitch is the likely carrier again this year. The TV tapings have been airing live on Twitch.

Is the card so far enough for you to view Triplemania on August 25? Do you think Jeff Jarrett will escape with the AAA Mega Championship despite the odds? Which luchador of the four will have the flashiest spot?


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