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Abyss On If He Has Re-Signed w/ Impact As A Performer Or Producer

Photo Credit Impact Wrestling


Listen Here:

WrestleZone Radio has just released an exclusive interview with newly re-signed Impact Wrestling star Abyss!

WrestleZone has provided several transcribed quotes from Abyss’ interview below.

On whether his new Impact Wrestling contract is a wrestling contract or a producer contract:

Abyss: It’s going to be both. I will continue my roles as an agent, a producer and a talent as well. You’ll still see some of Abyss, and maybe his esteemed brother Joseph Park, but my duties will also be heavily involved backstage agenting, producing and helping the young talent out. I am really excited about that.

On what his strengths are as a producer backstage in Impact:

Abyss: I think that I am probably a little more of an agent when it comes to the wrestling side of things. The promo side of stuff has been split up. Jimmy Jacobs handles a lot of the promo stuff and he is so strong at it. He handles a lot of that and I handle a lot of the action. I focus on the matches and a lot of the in-ring or backstage segments that have physicality. I focus more on that, on the wrestling side of things.

On if he is feeling a new wave of momentum behind Impact Wrestling following their stellar Slammiversary PPV:

Abyss: It feels great. I have been here through it all, since the beginning and it’s been a long time since we’ve had the kind of buzz that Slammiversary produced for us. The roster went out there and just tore it down. The whole thing top to bottom was just great. Pentagon v Sami Callihan, LAX and the OGz, Austin v Moose… top to bottom they all just left it in the ring. You can see that everyone is just physically and mentally exhausted.

I’ve been here a long time and we haven’t had that kind of buzz coming out of a PPV in a long, long time. It’s exciting stuff. It’s positive and we really think we can follow it up going into the fall and onto Bound For Glory in October. We are really excited. It’s no secret that the company has taken it’s licks over the years and to have something positive come out now… to have the people that didn’t traditionally give us credit or positive feedback… they are giving us that feedback now. It’s something to really build off of now and we definitely don’t want to rest on it. We want to produce quality television and keep it strong.

On working more intimate venues for Impact Wrestling TV and PPVs:

Abyss: For years Orlando was a great home for us. It really was. Universal Studios was a great home but like anything, I don’t care what you are producing, if you do it in the same building long enough no matter what you do it’s going to become a challenge. It definitely became a challenge for us to put on our TV where we were getting that positive, great feedback. The crowd was just kind of burned out.

To move it around now, smartly, to move it around to venues like we had in Toronto for Slammiversary that was a small, intimate venue but boy it was packed. You can feel the atmosphere just coming through your television screen as you watched it. It’s not a terribly large venue but it’s a beautiful venue. That’s what we are focused on and that’s what you are going to see over the next year. We will be doing TV in some different places, we’ve already announced New York for Bound For Glory in October, we’ll definitely be moving around the country and keeping it fresh.

The presentation is so important, when you watch the show and you are seeing people sitting on their hands during one of the hottest stories you’re telling it just doesn’t come across your TV and translate. That’s one thing we are really doing well and fixing is just going to different venues and trying to keep it fresh. Fresh crowds, fresh reactions and I think it definitely translates through your TV screen. If you watch something that the people on TV are excited about I think it translates through your screen and enhances the viewers’ pleasure. I and the company are excited about that.

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