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Ace Austin And Trey Miguel Advance Into The Finals Of The #1 Contender's Tournament On IMPACT

Ace Austin and Trey Miguel have advanced into the finals of the No. 1 Contender’s tournament!

With names such as Sami Callihan, Madman Fulton, Michael Elgin, and Ken Shamrock in the eight-man tournament, the former X-Division Champion (who is a replacement for Ken Shamrock) and The Rascalz member wouldn’t be names that many would have predicted into the finals.

However, Austin proved why he was the X-Division Champion for a lengthy period of time as the 23-year-old outsmarted the Impact veteran in the first tournament match-up. Not surprisingly, Hernandez got the best of Austin with his strength and speed; however, Austin used dirty tactics such a low blow, to get the advantage over Hernandez.

Austin’s speed actually helped the Impact star get the win last night as the former X-Division Champion managed to counter the Border Toss twice and connected with The Fold to get the three count.

The same story replayed in the second semi-final match between Trey Miguel and Michael Elgin, with the speed vs. agility game helping either talent get the advantage at one point during the match-up.

This was a fantastic back-and-forth match that saw Elgin and Miguel pull out all the stops to get the victory; however, former Impact World Champion Sami Callihan played some mind games with Elgin, which ended up costing him the bout. Trey rolled Elgin into a Jack knife pin and got the three count.

Miguel and Austin are no strangers to one another, with the former X-Division Champion undefeated when it comes to singles encounters between the two men. Can The Rascalz member finally beat Ace Austin and become the new contender for the Impact World title?


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