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Acey Romero Talks About Arriving In IMPACT Wrestling On Press Pass Podcast

Acey Romero will be the special guest on the IMPACT Wrestling Press Pass Podcast on Thursday, November 21, starting at 2pm ET.

The 401-pound behemoth hailing from Saco, Maine delivered quite the debut moment at Bound For Glory on October 20 in Chicago. He sailed from the top of a 10-foot ladder through a table on the floor.

Acey Baby, as he is often known, earned an IMPACT contract the night before BFG at All Glory – and he didn’t disappoint at the company’s biggest event of the year. Acey joins host Ross Forman to discuss everything IMPACT Wrestling, including his daredevil debut and more.

Acey has been a wrestling fan since he was 4 years-old.

Topics To Discuss:

Wears a size 6XL t-shirt;

Emotions at BFG;

Has been kicked out of all-you-can-eat buffets in 4 states;

Was an all-state choir singer in high school;

Has appeared on the TV Show Ridiculousness;

Actor Jamie Foxx once Tweeted about Acey’s famed in-ring Pounce;

Championship aspirations;

Short-term IMPACT goals;

Long-term IMPACT goals; and

His in-ring mix of power and agility.

Pertinent information:

WHO: Acey Romero

WHEN: Thursday, November 21, starting at 2pm Eastern Time


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