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Adam Cole Wins Men's Owen Hart Memorial Tournament

Owen Hart Foundation Men’s Tournament Finals: Adam Cole vs. Samoa Joe

Mike Chioda is the referee for this special match. The fans chant “Owen” as the two competitors feel each other out. Joe powers Cole into the corner as the feeling-out process continues. The powerhouse drills Cole with a series of punches. He rocks Cole with a kick to the head and maintains the advantage. Joe trucks over Cole with a back elbow, sending him out of the ring. Cole blasts Joe with a superkick and slams him arm-first into the apron. He sends the ROH World Television Champion shoulder-first into the ring post and takes control of the bout. Joe fires back with some strikes, but Cole kicks his arm and wrenches it in the ropes. Joe counters the Panama Sunrise and slams Cole knee-first into the mat.

Cole kicks the wounded arm again, but Joe floors him with an STO. “The Samoan Submission Machine” takes control with a flurry of offense and gets a two count with a senton. Cole rocks Joe with a kick and gets a two count with a backstabber. He locks in a Crossface, but Joe reaches the ropes. Joe powerbombs Cole for a two count and locks in the STF, but Cole gets out of it by putting his foot on the rope. Bobby Fish comes to ringside and snaps Joe’s arm over the ropes. Joe goes for the rear-naked choke, but Fish distracts him again, so he can’t lock it in. Cole kicks Joe and hits The Boom for the win.

Winner: Adam Cole


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