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AEW Collision Live Results (05/11/2024)

Welcome to Indy Pro Wrestling's coverage of AEW Collision on May 11, 2024, coming to you live from the Rogers Arena in Vancouver, British Columbia!

Blackpool Combat Club vs. Top Flight

We are greeted on commentary by Tony Schiavone and Nigel McGuinness as Bryan Danielson and Claudio Castagnoli make their way to the ring. Top Flight were accompanied by Action Andretti, but he left them at the top of the ramp.

Danielson and Darius start off by circling the ring as the fans chant AEW! Darius takes down Danielson quickly. Danielson reverses, but Darius gets to his feet. They exchange holds. Dante tags in as they keep Danielson in the corner. Danielson backs Dante into the BCC corner to tag in Castagnoli, who chopped Dante.

Top Flight double team Castagnoli in the corner. Castagnoli makes Dante pay with European uppercuts in the corner. Castagnoli places him over the rope so that Danielson can stomp him. Danielson puts Darius in the Romero Special before Castagnoli tags in. Castagnoli and Darius exchange blows.

After the break, Danielson punished Darius with kicks to the chest. Darius got to his feet and they exchanged blows. In the corner, Danielson chopped Darius repeatedly. In the opposite corner, Darius kicked him in the back of the head.

Dante and Castagnoli tag in simultaneously. Dante lands multiple forearms. Top Flight double team him again. Dante did a tope con hilo on Danielson on the outside. Dante with a frogsplash for two. Castagnoli puts Dante in the Giant Swing and puts him in a Sharpshooter. Darius did a flatliner to break up the hold. Darius exchanges blows with Danielson and Castagnoli. Dante with a DDT on Castagnoli. Darius with a tope suicida on Danielson. Dante did a springboard from the top rope onto Castagnoli. Danielson hit Dante with a Busiaku knee. Castagnoli with an uppercut that flipped Darius inside out and pinned him.

Winner: Blackpool Combat Club

Lee Moriarty vs. Will Ospreay

Ospreay came to the ring first. Moriarity was accompanied by Shane Taylor. Roderick Strong made his way to commentary with Matt Taven and Mike Bennett.

Ospreay took Moriarty to the mat and then to the rope. They exchange holds early on. Ospreay went over Moriarty's head with his leg and Moriarty just barely got out of the way. More holds and submission moves with cuts to commentary. Moriarty rolled out of the ring allowing Danielson to do a crossbody on the outside.

Ospreay took Moriarty from the top rope. Moriarty took Ospreay down and nearly got the win. Moriarty focused on Ospreay fingers and took a forearm chop. Moriarty was on the receiving end of a Cheeky Nandos. Ospreay followed with a torture rack. He set up for an OsCutter, but Taylor was on the apron. Ospreay superkicked Taylor. Ospreay went for another OsCutter, but Moriarty caught him. Moriarty put him in an arm bar. Looking right at Strong, Ospreay hit a Stormbreaker to pin Moriarty.

After the match, Strong was on the apron talking trash. Taylor took Ospreay out from behind and then knocked him out. The Undisputed Kingdom stood over Ospreay with their gold.

Winner: Will Ospreay

The Embassy vs. Evan Rivers and The Voros Twins

Evan Rivers and The Voros Twins were already in the ring. Cage went after Rivers. Gates of Agony double teamed The Voros Twins. Gates of Agony decimated Rivers. Cage hit a powerbomb for the win. 

After the match, Cage told Schiavone that Swerve Strickland and Prince Nana are selfish and that's why they took out the AEW World Champion. 

Swerve pulled Toa Liona out of the ring with a chain. Kaun ran to the apron and missed. Swerve took out each member of The Embassy. He used the chain to choke Kaun on the outside. Liona took Swerve out and said Nana's name in the camera. Liona came running around the ring and met a cinderblock that Swerve was holding. Swerve put Liona's head on the steel steps and hit him with a chair while Cage looked on. 

Swerve challenged Cage for Dynamite next week in Washington.

Winner: The Embassy

Daniel Garcia comes to the ring with KM already in the ring and Daddy Magic on commentary.

KM got Garcia to the corner immediately and landed some chops. Garcia pushed him out of the corner, but KM took him down and "danced". KM put Garcia back in the corner and slammed his face on the turnbuckle. Garcia punched him across the ring and got KM in the opposite corner.

Garcia got in 10 punches and put his crotch in KM's face. Garcia slammed KM to the mat and put KM in the dragon sleeper for the win.

Winner: Daniel Garcia

Dax Harwood vs. Tommy Billington

Harwood was accompanied by Cash Wheeler. Billington got his own entrance.

The men circled each other and Harwood made the first move, but Billington moved. Billington got Harwood in the corner. Harwood attempted another takedown. Billington did a wristlock. Harwood used a side headlock to take him down. Harwood followed with a shoulder tackle. Billington headbutted Harwood multiple times. Harwood put Billington in a hammerlock.

Billington attempted multiple shoulder tackles and finally took him down. Harwood rolled out for a breather. Harwood did a few shoulder tackles and took him down with a back elbow. In the corner, Billington got out with knife edge chops. Harwood took him down with a standing clothesline. Harwood followed with a snap suplex. Billington took Harwood over the top rope with a crossbody.

After the break, Billington dove on Harwood on the outside. He followed with a shotgun dropkick. Billington hit a clothesline and an elbow drop for two. Harwood put him on the turnbuckle and chopped him. Billington hit repeated headbutts and a forearm to knocked Harwood down. Billington took too long and Harwood superplexed him to the mat.

Harwood went up top, but Billington got way. Harwood with two German suplexes. Billington with two of his own. Harwood with a back elbow. Billington rolled him up. Harwood rolled through. Billington nearly rolled up Harwood.

Billington on Harwood's shoulders, but Harwood flipped him around to powerbomb him for the win.

Winner: Dax Harwood

Thunder Rosa vs. Robyn Renegade

Renegade lunged towards Rosa before locking up. Rosa took Renegade to the mat and Renegade returned the favor. They take turns forcing each other in the corner. Rosa went up top. She kicked Renegade in the chest, did an arm drag and a dropkick. Rose chopped her against the ropes and put her in the corner. Renegade reversed and slapped Rosa in the ropes. Renegade went outside. She put Rosa in the barricade.

After the break, Renegade sent Rosa to the corner. Renegade double stomped the former champion. Rosa socked Renegade and hit a running lariat and followed with a lung blower. Rosa drop kicked her against the ropes.

Rosa took wrist control and hit her in the chest. Renegade took Rosa down. Renegade went for a moonsault, but Rosa rolled out. Rosa put Renegade in the camel clutch for the win.

Winner: Thunder Rosa

Kyle O'Reilly vs. Adam Copeland

Copeland and O'Reilly locked up with O'Reilly going to a knee. Copeland put O'Reilly in a double wristlock. Copeland put O'Reilly in a side headlock and O'Reilly put him in a top wristlock. O'Reilly took Copeland down to the mat with a submission move. O'Reilly with a side headlock takeover. O'Reilly fought off an over the headlock. O'Reilly kneed Copeland in his side.

Copeland threw KOR into the turnbuckle. Copeland did a gut buster before throwing KOR into the corner. Copeland punched his opponent in the back several times before his shoulder in his mid-section. O'Reilly went for a standing guillotine, but Copeland caught him and dropped him onto the ropes. Copeland knocked him to the floor.

After the break, Copeland and KOR were on the top ropes and Copeland knocked him down. O'Reilly put Copeland in an armbar and nearly pinned him. Copeland put O'Reilly in the crossface. O'Reilly finally made it to the rope.

Both men are back on their feet and they exchanged blows. KOR with a lariat, but can't cover Copeland. O'Reily hit several knee shots, followed by a hammerlock and a leg sweep. O'Reilly with a belly to back and put Copeland in a leg lock. Copeland with a rope break.

O'Reilly kicked Copeland's legs out from under him. On the apron, O'Reilly pulled Copeland's arm down. O'Reilly from the top rope to put a knee in Copeland's back. KOR put him in the Fujiwara armbar. Copeland took him down with a rear chinlock.

The men exchange blows. KOR got in kicks and forearms. Copeland went for a spear, but KOR jumped over him. Copeland put him in a rear naked choke. O'Reilly with another armbar. Copeland to his feet and he kept stomping KOR in the gut. Copeland with a knee to KOR's midsection.

Both men went to the top, O'Reilly dropped down with Copeland and hit his arm. Copeland took forearm shots. O'Reilly hit with a gut shot that took him to his knees. Copeland went for the Spear, but KOR intercepts. He nearly got Copeland to tap. Copeland with a DDT. Copeland hits the spear this time and gets the win.

Winner: Adam Copeland


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