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AEW Collision Live Results (06/08/2024)

Fresh off their International Title #1 Contendership 4-way match on "Dynamite", Kyle O'Reilly will face Orange Cassidy. Cassidy is also reeling from all his friends (except Rocky Romero, for now) turning on him and being recruited by Don Callis.

Speaking of former Best Friends competing on National Best Friends Day, Kris Statlander will be in action for the first time since turning on both Cassidy and Willow Nightingale. She will take her anger out on Robyn Renegade. Women's action will continue when "Timeless" Toni Storm takes on Lady Frost. Last night on "Rampage", Storm was forced to shake the hand of her "Forbidden Door" opponent, Mina Shirakawa to appease Mariah May. 

Wheeler Yuta returned to action on Wednesday after five months. He picked up the victory for Blackpool Combat Club. He and Claudio Castagnoli will team up against FTR. 

Coming off a loss last week to Castagnoli, Johnny TV looks to get a victory over Dustin Rhodes. Rising international star, Tate Mayfairs, will make his AEW debut. He will face Daniel Garcia, who is determined to prove himself as one of AEW's young stars.

Claudio Castagnoli and Wheeler Yuta vs. FTR

We are welcomed by Tony Schiavone and Nigel McGuinness as Claudio Castagnoli and Wheeler Yuta make their way to the ring to face FTR.

Wheeler versus Wheeler start off the match. Cash took Yuta to the mat almost immediately. Both men exchanged holds before Yuta followed with two armbars. Bald versus Bald tagged in to "Bald!" chants. They were in a lockup before Harwood was backed into a corner. Castagnoli rubbed Harwood's head and then his own.

The two exchanged holds. Castagnoli pushed Harwood into the ropes and Harwood slapped him. Castagnoli uppercutted him to the mat and he rolled out of the ring. Harwood backed Castagnoli into the corner and slapped him loudly in the chest. In the opposite corner, Harwood chopped out of the corner. Catagnoli slammed him down and tagged in Yuta. Yuta and Harwood exchanged chops. Yuta with a scoop slam and sitdown senton. Harwood had Yuta by the ropes and Cash pushed him and made him hit his head on the mat, which infuriated Castagnoli.

Cash tagged in and exchanged chops with Yuta. Cash followed with a dropkick to the head. Dax tagged in. With Yuta under the ropes, they seesawed him so he'd hit the ropes. Yuta responded with an enzuiguri. Castagnoli uppercutted Harwood and went for the Big Swing, but Cash punched him. All four men fought on the outside.

Cash broke up the Big Swing again and tried to roll up Castagnoli. Castagnoli and Dax put their opponents in sharp shooters and slapped each other in the face. They broke the holds and exchanged blows. All four men went at it.

After the break, Castagnoli suplexed Harwood from the top rope and followed with an uppercut. Cash pulled Dax's arms over the ropes, so Yuta leapfrogged over Dax to knock Cash off the apron. Harwood hit Castagnoli with a spinebuster. Harwood put Castagnoli on the turnbuckle and superplexed him. Cash splashed Castagnoli, who got his legs up. Yuta did the same and Harwood got his legs up.

Harwood hit Yuta with a lariat over the top rope. Castagnoli did the same to Cash. Castagnoli went for the pin, but Cash kicked out. Harwood reversed out a pumphandle slam. Castagnoli hit the Big Swing on Cash and Yuta drop kicked Cash in the head. Dax broke up the pin.

Castagnoli uppercutted Harwood out of the ring before uppercutting Wheeler. Cash rolled up Castagnoli and Castagnoli also went for a quick pinfall. FTR hit the Shatter Machine, but Castagnoli got his shoulder up. Harwoood tried to use Castagnoli's move against him, but Castagnoli reversed out into the sharp shooter. Harwood did the same thing to Yuta and he flipped off Castagnoli. Castagnoli hit a pumphandle slam on Harwood. Yuta did a tope on Harwood. Cash did a piledriver on Castagnoli, but Castagnoli rolled out. One minute remains.

Castagnoli uppercutted Cash off the turnbuckle and then suplexed him. Castagnoli covered Cash, but he got his shoulder up. Castagnoli with a crossface, but the bell rang to end the match. The match ends in a draw.

Winner: Time limit draw

Harwood asked for five more minutes. Brandon Cutler came out on behalf of the EVPs with a contract saying the time limit is 20 minutes. Castagnoli put Cutler in the Big Swing. FTR put him in the Shatter Machine.

Kris Statlander vs. Robyn Renegade

Statlander has a new entrance video and theme music. She's accompanied to the ring by Stokely Hathaway while Robyn Renegade waits in the ring.

They start with a lockup. Statlander uppercut Renegade in the corner and then shoulder tackled her in the other corner. She then sent Renegade into the turnbuckle. Statlander kicked her and then took her out with a lariat. Statlander ran to the opposite corner and picked up Renegade on her shoulders. Renegade got in a few punches, but Statlander won with Saturday Night Fever.

Winner: Kris Statlander

Hathaway announced that Statlander is entering the women's Owen Cup tournament.

Johnny TV vs. Dustin Rhodes

Johnny TV is accompanied by Taya Valkyrie. Johnny and Rhodes circle each other and lock up before Rhodes backed Johnny in the corner. Rhodes took Johnny down. Johnny and Rhodes jump over one another.

On the outside, Rhodes put his arm around Valkyrie and bit the air at her, which made her scream. Johnny came to check on her and Rhodes hit him with a cannonball from the apron. Rhodes put Johnny in the ring and backed Valkyrie around the ring. Johnny did a tope on Rhodes. Rhodes was laid over the steps while Valkyrie stood on his back and kissed her husband.

After the break, Rhodes and Johnny exchanged blows. Johnny kicked him in the midsection and Rhodes did the same and hit a bulldog. He followed with two lariats. In the corner, Johnny kicked Rhodes, but Rhodes put him in a Spanish fly for two. Rhodes picked Johnny up for a vertical suplex, but Johnny reversed out and did a swinging neckbreaker for two.

Johnny put Rhodes over his shoulders, but he grabbed the ropes. Rhodes followed with a Code Red. Rhodes put Johnny in the corner and placed his legs on either side of the ropes. While Valkyrie distracted the ref, Rhodes kicked Johnny in the yam bags. Rhodes followed with a Cross Rhodes, but Valkyrie put Johnny's foot on the rope. Rhodes stared her down and stopped her from slapping him. She was banned from ringside. Johnny with a thrust kick. Johnny dragged him to the other side of the ring and hit him with forearms. Johnny went for the Starship Pain, but Rhodes rolled out of the way. Rhodes followed with a flying bulldog and another Cross Rhodes for the win.

Winner: Dustin Rhodes

Following the match, Rhodes called out Jack Perry. He said they missed him and then Perry turned on the man who gave them a job. Rhodes cut his own version of a "Hard Times" promo. 

Timeless Toni Storm vs. Lady Frost

Premiere Athletes vs. Dante Leon and Trent Jordy

Premiere Athletes' opponents were already in the ring and got double teamed as soon as the bell rang. They destroyed them in less than a minute.

Winner: Premiere Athletes

"Timeless" Toni Storm vs. Lady Frost

Storm was accompanied by Luther and Mariah May. Storm took Frost down with an armdrag. Storm and Frost locked up and Frost blocked the armdrag. Frost got an armdrag and surprised Storm. Frost went for her arm again, but Storm worked her arm. Storm bounced off the rope and Frost told her to freeze and Storm posed. Frost did a handstand and hurricanrana. Frost did a moonsault from the apron.

After the break, Storm went to a hip attack, but Frost rolled out of the way. She followed up and hit it for two. Storm put her in a waistlock. Frost rolled up Storm. Frost did a cartwheel and picked up Storm. She pinned her for two. Frost went up top, but Storm pulled her into a backbreaker. Frost went for another pin, but Storm followed with standup powerbomb. Frost with another cartwheel, but Storm reversed into a Stormbreaker.

Winner: Toni Storm

After the match, Storm talked to May and told her not to worry about her match with Shirakawa. She said she never had anyone look at for her. She demanded that May be put in the Owen Cup tournament and promised to be with her every step of the way.

Daniel Garcia vs. Tate Mayfairs

Garcia and Mayfairs locked up, but Garcia got him to the mat. Garcia staddled him and put him in a side headlocked. They did submission moves. Garcia and Mayfairs exchanged holds in the corner. Mayfairs put his knee into Garcia's neck and showboated. He flipped down into a handstand. Garcia leveled him with lariat. He threw him into the rope and shoulder tackled Mayfairs. Mayfairs threw Garcia into the turnbuckle and then hit him with a crossbody. Mayfairs punched Garcia in the head several times.

Mayfairs started to the dance and Garcia punched him in the gut. Mayfair got in several punches. Garcia kneed him in the midsection. Garcia with three swinging neckbreakers. Garcia slapped him in the neck and suplexed him. Garcia followed with a dropkick into the turnbuckle. Garcia hit the Red Cross for the win.

Winner: Daniel Garcia

Orange Cassidy vs. Kyle O'Reilly

The Undisputed Kingdom were watching from the crowd to support O'Reilly. O'Reilly and Cassidy exchanged armdrags. O'Reilly put him in a headlock, but Cassidy crawled out. Cassidy doesn't seem to want to wrestle. O'Reilly sat in the ring and tried to persuade Cassidy to come at him. When Cassidy finally sat down across from him, O'Reilly kicked him and they did mat based flips. O'Reilly went for the double wristlock, but Cassidy got to the ropes.

O'Reilly put him in a side headlock and then ran up his back. Cassidy with an armdrag. They exchanged submission holds and rolled each other up for one. O'Reilly had Cassidy pinned, but Cassidy put his foot up on the rope.

After the break, Cassidy had KOR in a side headlock. KOR rolled him up for one. Cassidy took KOR down and put him in another headlock. They exchanged holds and KOR put him in a full nelson headlock. Cassidy bridged over KOR. KOR put him in a double wristlock again. KOR stopped Cassidy from putting his hands in his pockets. KOR put him in a double underhook and Cassidy slid to the ground and put his hands in his pockets. KOR kicked him in the chest to make him pull his hands out. O'Reilly did a leg sweep.

O'Reilly kicked Cassidy in the back and then focused on his arm. Cassidy took O'Reilly to the corner and slammed his head into the turnbuckles. O'Reilly pulled Cassidy's arm over the rope to snap it. KOR did a dragonscrew over the rope. O'Reilly on the outside wrenched his knee over the apron twice and punched him in the face. O'Reilly was distracted by Undisputed Kingdom when Cassidy punched him several times. KOR did a dragonscrew leg whip and made Cassidy hit the barricade twice. Cassidy got back in the ring. KOR did a dragonscrew on the rope.

After the break, KOR kicked Cassidy in the different places. Cassidy encouraged him to keep doing it and then put him in an armdrag. Cassidy kicked O'Reilly's arm out from under him. Cassidy did a tope suicida. Back in the ring, Cassidy went up top for a crossbody. KOR rolled him into a double wristlock. KOR kicked Cassidy in the elbow. Cassidy with a thrust kick. He went for it again, but was caught. KOR with a snap German suplex. Cassidy with one of his own. KOR did another one and Cassidy answered with one. Both men fell down to the mat.

Cassidy and KOR exchanged kicks that progressively got harder. KOR kicked him in the chest and Cassidy was going for Slumdog Millionaire, but O'Reilly went for an armbar, but Cassidy's arms were locked. O'Reilly put him in an ankle lock. Cassidy slammed him down. Cassidy went for a kick, but O'Reilly ducked. O'Reilly connected with a running forearm. Cassidy kicked him to the mat and went for a Superman Punch. O'Reilly counters into an armbar and then a double wristlock. O'Reilly put his own hand in Cassidy's pocket to keep him in a rear naked choke. Cassidy headbutted his way out and kneed O'Reily in the head twice

Cassidy hit a Beach Break for two. Cassidy went for another Orange Punch, but O'Reilly with an axe kick. Cassidy took him down with the Orange Punch for the win.

Winner: Orange Cassidy

Trent Beretta and Kyle Fletcher attacked Cassidy while Don Callis watched. O'Reilly ran back to help him. Both men were attacked. Statlander told Beretta to stop and then shook his hand. Statlander picked him up by the hair, but Willow Nightingale made the save. She checked on Cassidy and helped both men to their feet. 


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