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AEW Collision Live Results (09/02/2023)

This week’s episode of AEW Collision kicks off with a statement from Tony Khan. Khan says he had to make one of the toughest choices of his career: terminating CM Punk for cause. Tony says this stems from the backstage incident that took place at All In last Sunday.

Khan says the incident was regrettable, and it endangered innocent people backstage. Tony says he’s been going to wrestling shows for 30 years and producing them for four years. But he never felt his life was in danger until last Sunday.

Tony says he feels no one should feel that way at work and he had to make a very difficult decision. Khan says the decision was a unanimous recommendation by AEW’s Discipline Committee as well as outside legal counsel.

Khan apologizes to any fans or anyone else who is upset by this.

Tony Schiavone is in the ring and brings out Ricky Starks and Big Bill. Schiavone asks Starks if he’s out of his mind for asking for a strap match against a 70-year-old man in Ricky Steamboat. Starks says he finds himself back at square one. Starks says every time he climbs up the hill he gets dragged back down, but he always gets better. Ricky says he’s tired of having to start over.

Starks says you can’t put a lid on a burning pot because he will overflow. Starks says he’s tired of having to start over. Ricky puts over Big Bill for starting over and beating addiction, and he believes Bill can do whatever he wants. Starks says he believes in him, and he believes in himself.

Ricky Starks will face “The Dragon” at AEW All Out

Ricky says he’s tired, frustrated, and angry. Starks says he wants to cry, but he’s a man about it. Starks says he’ll do what he needs to do. Ricky says it’s funny that he sat at home and watched All In because he whooped Steamboat. Starks says he’ll be damned if he lets another opportunity slip through his fingers. Starks again challenges Steamboat for a match at All Out.

Ricky says he wants an answer from The Dragon right now. Steamboat comes out and says what happened between them didn’t result in him complaining on social media. Steamboat says he hears Starks on social media say he wants a strap match with The Dragon.

The Dragon says he got ahold of AEW Legal to set up a strap match between Starks and The Dragon at All Out. Starks signs the contract, and Steamboat brings out The Dragon he was referring to… Bryan Danielson is back!

Danielson signs the contract, and the match is official for All Out tomorrow.

Jon Moxley is backstage. He hypes up his match against Orange Cassidy tomorrow at AEW All Out for the International Championship.

The Acclaimed and Daddy Ass defeated Daniel Garcia, Daddy Magic, and Cool Hand Ang to retain the AEW World Trios Titles

Max Caster hits the Mic Drop on Daddy Magic to score the pinfall victory for his team.

Will Dark Order win Ring of Honor gold at AEW All Out?

Dark Order is backstage. John Silver says Adam Cole used to be their best friend, but he threw it away to team with MJF. Silver calls him Budge. Alex Reynolds says he helped train MJF and he couldn’t be prouder of him. Reynolds says he told MJF that in order to succeed, he needed to do whatever it takes. Reynolds realizes looking back that he didn’t take his own advice.

Alex Reynolds says they will do whatever it takes to win tomorrow because they have to.

Ricky Starks and Big Bill are backstage. Starks says every obstacle that’s put in front of him he knocks it out of the park and beating Bryan Danielson tomorrow will be no different.

Aussie Open defeated Komander and Nick Wayne

Aussie Open hits Coriolis on Nick Wayne to score the pinfall victory.

Tony Schiavone interviews Nick Wayne after the match and tells him that he has a great career ahead of him. Wayne says he’s frustrated that he lost the match, but he’s even more frustrated that Darby Allin forgave AR Fox for what he did to him.

A history lesson from Darby Allin

This brings out Darby Allin, Allin says he’ll explain why he forgave AR Fox. Allin talks about what happened between him and Nick Wayne’s father. Allin says they got in a big fight and he burned a bridge and before they could make up Buddy Wayne passed away.

Darby says he wishes he could have made things right. Allin says Fox is one of his trainers too and that’s why he had to let it go and that’s why he forgave him so fast. Allin says he hopes Wayne will find it in his heart to let it go as well.

Darby says he’s fighting for the TNT Championship at All Out and it would be an honor if Nick Wayne would be in his corner for that match. Before Wayne can respond, Christian Cage and Luchasaurus come out.

Father of the year Christian Cage appears on AEW Collision

Cage says it was rude of him to speak so much about Wayne’s father last week when he didn’t ask what his mom’s name was. Cage says he should slide into her DMs and see if he can change that. Christian gets on Allin for not talking to Nick Wayne’s parents for two years.

Cage wants to know if Wayne is Allin’s personal pity project. Cage says he doesn’t pretend to be something that he’s not. Christian reminds Allin that they’re in Chicago and people can smell a loser a mile away. Cage says after tomorrow he and Luchasaurus will still be the faces of TNT, now and forever.

An unaired clip from Dynamite plays of Claudio Castagnoli beating up Wheeler Yuta backstage while he cuts a promo on Eddie Kingston. We then hear from Kingston and Shibata who tell Castagnoli that they will have to deal with them tomorrow at the pay-per-view.

AEW Women’s Champion Saraya and Ruby Soho are backstage. Saraya says she’s awesome and she won in London, but now she’s stuck in Chicago. Soho says Kris Statlander has never defeated her and it’s not about to start tomorrow. Soho says she will bring another piece of gold to The Outcasts. Lexy Nair presses on about issues with Toni Storm and gets grief from it by Saraya and Soho.

Dennis Rodman will be in the corner of The Acclaimed at AEW All Out

Tony Schiavone is in the ring and brings out NBA Hall of Famer Dennis Rodman. Schiavone asks what he’s doing in AEW and out comes Jeff Jarrett & company. Jarrett tries to get Rodman to join his family. Rodman says this is his first time in Chicago in 13 years.

Sonjay Dutt tries to convince Rodman to join, and Rodman throws him down. The rest of the group surrounds Rodman, and this brings out The Acclaimed. They offer to defend their trios titles against them right now. Daddy Ass says there’s no way he’s wrestling twice in one night, so he suggests they do it tomorrow at All Out and Dennis Rodman will be in their corner.

A video package plays to introduce the AEW Collision audience to Shane Taylor ahead of his big match against Samoa Joe tomorrow at AEW All Out.

Samoa Joe is backstage. Joe says that this week being turbulent would be an understatement. Joe says in times of turmoil the jackals come out to feast. Samoa Joe says Shane Taylor thinks something great is going to happen tomorrow night, but Joe wants to give him a reality check.

AEW Collision has featured a lot of promos hyping tomorrow’s All Out pay-per-view

Joe says he has a simple tale about hopes and wishes. Joe says Taylor hopes he will go out and recapture the ROH World Television Championship, but he instead will wish that Joe stops hitting him. Samoa Joe says he will make an example of Shane Taylor tomorrow at All Out.

The Outcasts defeated Britt Baker, Hikaru Shida, and TBS Champion Kris Statlander

Saraya sprays Britt Baker in the eyes, and Ruby Soho hits her with No Future to score the pinfall victory for her team.

Adam Cole is backstage. Cole cuts a promo on John Silver And Alex Reynolds ahead of their tag match tomorrow at All Out. MJF isn’t there, but he gave Cole things to say, but he only says some of it.

TBS Kris Statlander is backstage. Statlander tries to talk about the bag of tricks that Ruby Soho will attempt to use to beat her tomorrow. The champ is confronted by Soho and Saraya, and the three women have a screaming match with each other.

Powerhouse Hobbs defeated GPA

Powerhouse Hobbs hits a spinebuster to win a quick squash match.

Miro comes out and the two men brawl. Hobbs eventually escapes through the crowd.

A women’s trios match is announced for All Out Zero Hour which will feature Ring of Honor Women’s World Champion Athena, Mercedes Martinez, and Diamante against Hikaru Shida, Willow Nightingale, and Skye Blue.

It’s also announced that the Trios title match tomorrow will also take place on Zero Hour.

A video package plays hyping tomorrow’s match between Kenny Omega and Konosuke Takeshita.

Orange Cassidy doesn’t want to talk, but the’s doing it anyway.

Orange Cassidy is backstage and says he doesn’t want to be talking right now. Based on the way tonight’s show has gone, how can you blame him? Cassidy says tomorrow is everything he’s worked for. Orange touches upon his history in Chicago against opponents like PAC and Will Ospreay. Cassidy says Moxley is the best and that Mox picked up AEW when it was down and put it all on his shoulders.

Cassidy said he’s gonna take the weight off Moxley’s shoulders tomorrow and put it on his when he beats him tomorrow.

Jay White (w/ Bullet Club Gold) defeated Dax Harwood (w/ Cash Wheeler)

Jay White hits the Bladerunner on Dax Harwood to score the pinfall victory.

Bullet Club Gold attacked FTR after the match. The Young Bucks come out and chase off Bullet Club Gold. The Bucks offer a handshake to FTR, but they decline. Matt and Nick shake each other’s hands instead as AEW Collision goes off the air.


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