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AEW Countdown To Revolution TNT Special Report

Countdown to Revolution is a hype special on TNT for this Saturday's PPV.

The first section was a recap of the Cody vs MJF feud. It told the story of how Cody took MJF under his wing and had brief interviews with people like DDP, Tony Schiavone, Arn Anderson, and Excalibur. It goes into the Attack by MJF at the November PPV, putting over MJF as a heel. It then hypes their match for Saturday.

The next recap is Mox vs Jericho. They have sound bites from Mox and Jericho, and they recap the build to the match. The longest interview is with Taz, who justifies everything Mox has done. JR explains Mox's disadvantage and we get a training montage with Mox.

The next recap is Omega and Page vs the Young Bucks. The story they push is that these four men built their careers together and were best friends. No, not the Best Friends, but best friends. They also build up Page and Omega by saying to be great tag team wrestlers, you have to be a great singles wrestlers. They then push that Page doesn't want to be part of the Elite anymore. The segment ends with Page getting mad that Omega was asked if he is worried about Page at all. Omega says he was going to say that he was not, but maybe he should be. Then ending with Omega says “Goddam right I am.” I liked this segment for showing how long it's been building and making us question just how Page and Omega will implode.

The next segment is the buildup for Dustin Rhodes vs Jake Hager. They push Dustin as the AEW's living legend. They then push the Jake Hager is a two sport badass, and that Dustin has never liked him. They then give the highlights of Dustin's arm being broken. One this I liked was that Hager stayed silent and other people put him over and spoke for him through interviews.

The hype for Nyla Rose vs Kris Statlander is up next, and they show Rose as an unstoppable force and a lot of highlights from her win over Riho. Then they hype Statlander as a rising competitor and that it will be speed against power. It shows that this match came together quickly, but they have a lot of action footage of the two.

Next is more build for Cody vs MJF, and they pick up where Cody laid down his challenge and MJF answered him with his stipulations and they show each stipulation and how Cody went through them. All of the people giving sound bites said it will be a fight, not a wrestling match.

The show ends with another segment on Jericho vs Mox. We get a mix of sound bites from Mox and Jericho, and people explaining that these are two best guys in the company. Finally, we get a video of Mox training to specifically counteract Jericho's moves. A really effective contrast of Jericho talking while Mox is training.

If you are a regular viewer of AEW, there is nothing new here worth watching, but if you are a new viewer or want a build up to Saturday, this is a well-produced hype special that mixes match footage with sound bites to get you up to speed.


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