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AEW Dark Elevation Results (08/22/2022)

All Elite Wrestling will deliver an action-packed show with the August 22 episode of AEW Dark: Elevation.

Anna Jay A.S. (w/ Daddy Magic Matt Menard and Cool Hand Angelo Parker) vs. Nikki Victory

The bell rings and Jay delivers a shoulder tackle to Victory. She follows it up with an uppercit and several right hands in the corner. She hits a kick to her face before locking in the Queen Slayer for the win.

Winner: Anna Jay A.S.

Ruby Soho and Ortiz vs. Queen Aminata and Mickey Midas

Soho and Aminata begin the action. The bell rings and the two lock up. Soho delivers a kick followed by a back heel trip. Midas tags in and Ortiz enters the ring. Midas delivers a few right hands followed by an insiguri. Ortiz delivers a clothesline, followed by a powerbomb. Soho runs in and delivers an assisted splash. Aminata slaps Ortiz, but Soh takes her down. Midas tries to sneak up on Soho, but Soho delivers the No Future and Ortiz followers it up with the Fisherman's Bomb for the win.

Winners: Ruby Soho and Ortiz

Dante Martin vs. Jackson Drake

The bell rings and Martin offers Drake his hand. Drake fakes him out before Martin delivers an arm drag. Drake delivers a kick to Martin's head, followed by a Fisherman's Buster. He goes for a pin, but Martin kicks out. Drake delivers a kick to Martin's midsection, but Martin reverses it into a vertical suplex. He delivers a couple of elbow strikes, followed by an insiguri. He delivers a diving crossbody, then goes for a pin but Drake kicks out. The crowd cheers Martin on as Martin delivers a half and half side slam for the win.

Winner: Dante Martin

Serena Deeb vs. Megan Meyers

The bell rings and the two lock up. They exchange submissions before Deeb knocks her to the mat. Deeb goes after Meyers arm before knocking her to the mat again and locking in a leg and back crossface submission. The referee forces her to break it before she slaps Meyers. Meyers fires back with some forearms, but Deeb comes back with a clothesline and an uppercut. She delivers a few chops, followed by a kick to her knee and a Dragon Screw off the ropes. Deeb hits a Twisting Neckbreaker before locking in the Serenity Lock for the win.

Winner: Serena Deeb

Dark Order (John Silver, Alex Reynolds and Preston 10 Vance) vs. D'Mone Solavino, Alexander Apollo and RC Dupree

Dupree and Silver begin the action. The bell rings and the two lock up. Silver delivers a shoulder tackle and follows it up with an uppercut. Silver tag in 10 and he hits his signature Delayed Vertical Suplex. Reynolds and Apollo tag in. Reynolds delivers a double stomp to Apollo's back before Apollo delivers a right hand to Reynold's midsection. Solavino tags in adn beats him down. Dupree tags back in as Reynolds makes the tag to 10. 10 cleans house before delivering a Pump Kick to Dupree. Silver tags in and delivers an insiguri to Dupree. 10 delivers the Discus Clothesline as Silver pins him for the win.

Winners: Dark Order

Julia Hart vs. Hayley Shadows

The bell rings and Hart stares down Shadows. Hart sends Shadows to the mat before sending her head first into the top turnbuckle. She fires off elbows on Shadows before Shadows returns the favor. Hart delivers a clothesline, then whips her into the corner and delivers a running back elbow. She drags Shadows to the center of the ring before locking in the Rings of Saturn for the win.

Winner: Julia Hart

Tony Nese and Josh Woods (w/ Smart Mark Sterling) vs. Andrea Guercio and Logan James

Nese and James begin the action. The bell rings and the two lock up. Nese shows off his biceps before delivering a kick to his midsection. He whips James into the corner, following it up with a bodyslam. Woods tags in and delivers a backdrop. He delivers a knee to James' midsection before Guercio tags in. Guercio hits a few kicks, but Woods comes back with a Gut Wrench. He goes for a pin, but James breaks it up. Woods sends James to the outside and delivers a neck breaker bodyslam combination for the win..

Winners: Tony Nese and Josh Woods 

Death Triangle (w/ Alex Abrahantes) vs. Rosario Grillo, Manscout and Dean Alexander

PAC and Manscout begin the action. The bell rings and the two lock up. They exchange submissions before PAC delivers a bodyslam. Penta tags in and delivers a kick to ManScout's groin. Alexander tags in and delivers a Slingblade. Fenix tags in and the two double team on Alexander. Fenix delivers a chop, followed by a Hook Kick. PAC tags back in and delivers a series of kicks. Grillo tags in as Penta tags back in and Penta delivers the Fear Factor to Grillo for the win.

Winners: Death Triangle


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