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AEW Dark Results 3/24

AEW Dark comes to us with what will probably be its most unique episode ever (until next week).

Taz and Excalibur are on commentary and welcome us to tonight’s show.

Jake Hager vs Joe Alonzo

Hager is accompanied to the ring by the Spanish God, Sammy Guevara.  Go behind by Hager, he forearms Alonzo in the corner.  Alonzo throws a dropkick to Hager’s knee and goes for a rollup but Hager nails a German Suplex. Hager with a knee in the corner.  Guevara with a cheap shot.  Hager with a knee lift, Alonzo kicks off a Hager charge and goes to the 2nd rope.  Hager catches him on the dive and drives him into the group.  Head and arm choke by Hager and Alonzo has no choice but to tap out.

WINNER: Jake Hager

Jon Cruz & Matt Sells w/Skylar Moore vs. QT Marshall & Dustin Rhodes w/Brandi Rhodes

Dustin and Cruz lock up.  Deep arm drag by The Natural after the two evade each other.  Arm twist by Dustin, tags in Marshall. Arm twist by Marshall, Cruz punches out and tags in Sells.  QT with a big right hand, tags in Dustin, who hits knee lift.  2 count by Dustin after a Marshall senton.  Marshall tags in and he and Dustin hit a double Russian Leg Sweep for 2.  QT with a forearm.  Sells sends QT into the ropes where Cruz hits him with a knee.  QT just brushes it off and punches Cruz off the apron.  Palm strike by Sells for 2.  Sells with kicks and tags in Cruz.  They tag in and out with a top rope axehandle on QT’s arm.  Knee lift and cutter by Sells for 2.  Cruz tags in but QT with a backbreaker/facedrop on Sells, he gets the tag to Dustin.  Clotheslines and a big uppercut by Dustin.  Bulldog on Cruz and snap powerslam to an interfering Sells.  QT tags in.  Dustin with a backbreaker over the shoulder, QT leaps and takes Cruz down face first and scores the pin.

WINNERS: Dustin Rhodes & QT Marshall

Shawn Spears & Robert Anthony (w/Tully Blanchard) vs SCU (Frankie Kazarian & Christopher Daniels)

Spears and Kaz start off.  Anthony tags in, eager to show what he’s got.  Lockup, wrist lock and arm wringer by Anthony.  Kaz flips out of it and hits 2 arm drags and an arm bar of his own.  Anthonyto his feet, Kazarian brings him down again.  Anthony with an arm twist and gets the tag to Spears.  Deep arm drag by Kaz, he tags in Daniels.  Drop kick by Daniels.  Spears bullies him into the corner and nails some chops.  Bodyslam by Spears.  Back elbow by Spears, Kazarian tags himself in.  Spinning reverse kick by Kaz.  Kazarian and Daniels with a clothesline/sidekick/stomp combo on Spears for 2.  Daniels tags in.  Snap mare and an over the top leg drop by Daniels.  As SCU goes for a double team, Anthony pulls Kazarian out of the ring and throws him into the barrier.

NOTE: For the second AEW show in a row, the lack of crowd in almost completely unnoticeable.  Excellent job by the AEW production team.

Spinebuster by Spears.  Spears throws Daniels to the outside and Anthony works him over.  Anthony tags in and hits a tilt-a-whil on Daniels.  Big forearm by Anthony, Daniels to the outside.  Spears with a belly to back on Daniels on the apron.  Spears goes to the ringside area and cheers himself on.  Daniels back in the ring and Anthony works him over.  He goes to tag Spears but Spears is talking to Blanchard.  3 bodyslams by Anthony for 2.  Reverse chinlock by Anthony.  Spears tags in.  Inside cradle by Daniels for 2.  Rollup by Daniels for 2.  Daniels chops a charging Spears.  

Anthony and Kazarian both tag in.  Frankie with eblows and a dropkick for 2.  Spears and Anthony almost collide, Anthony stops himself and Kaz rolls him up for 2.  Body slam and a leg drop off the rope by Kazarian.  Spears makes the save but KAz gets out of the way and he nails his partner.  Anthony with a rolling death valley driver for 2.  Spears and Anthony go for a double suplex, Daniels pulls Kazarian down from it.  Anthony accidentally hits Spears as Spears couldn’t hold Kazarian.  Leg sweep/clothesline combo by SCU on Anthony, Spears ponders leaving.  Anthony with a double clothesline takes down SCU.  Spears tells Anthony he screwed up and walks off.  SCU with the Best Meltzer Ever and score the pin.  HELL of a showing for Anthony, however.


Spears with the C-4 to Anthony in a post match attack.

Suge D vs Superbad Kip Sabian w/Penelope Ford

Suge with a rollip for 2.  Monkey Flip by Suge.  Suge stomps Kips foot but Kip with a big slap.  Ford with a cheap shot while Kip has the refs attention.  Sabian with stomps and a boot in the corner.  Ford chokes Suge on the bottom rope.  Kip throws Suge into the corner and hits 2 running knees for 2.  Chops and elbows by Sabian.  Suge gets sent to the apron but he meets a charging Sabian with a roundhouse kick. Sabian with a springboard kick and a draping DDT for 2.  Suge then proves VERY elusive and nails Kip with a right hand.  Schoolboy takedown by Suge followed by a discus forearm for 2.  Suge to the top but Sabian kicks him off.  Russian Leg Sweep into the Octopus by Sabian and Suge D has to tap.

WINNER: Kip Sabian

Brandon Cutler vs Colt Cabana

Colt with a armdrag, he plays to the huge crowd.  Colt with a headlock switch, he flips Cutler over.  Cutler offers his wrist and Colt takes him down.  Colt tries his headlock switch but this time Cutler scores the takedown.  They evade each other until Cutler hits an armdrag.  Cutler with a rollup for 1.  They lock up and make it to the corner, Cutler punches Cabana to the ground before Colt can mock him.  Upkick by Cabana followed by a flying headscissors.  Cabana to the outside and Cutler with a tope suicida.  Springboard dive by Cutler completely misses when Cabana steps aside to talk to the referee.  Cabana with an elbow and the Superman Splash for the pin.

WINNER: Colt Cabana

Corey Hollis & Mike Reed vs.  The Concrete Rose Sonny Kiss & Bad Boy Joey Janela

Hollis and Janela start off.  Lockup, Janela with a wrist lock, Hollis reverses it, Janela does the same.  Kiss tags in and grabs an armbar.  Janela immediately tags back in and hits an elbow off the top.  Kiss tags back in.  Springboard slap by Kiss.  Kiss with a snap mare and tags in Janela.  Janela throws Hollis into Kiss, who grabs a headscissors and repeatedly shoves Hollis’ face into his derriere.  Janela with a German Suplex.  Hollis with a chop, Kiss with a kick.  Reed interferes with a kneelft and gets tagged in.  Reed with some ground and pound.  Reed works Kiss over in the corner.  Short clothesline by Reed, Kiss with forearms, Reed with a legsweep, Hollis tags in and hits a headbutt.  Rear chinlock by Hollis.  Hollis with a Pele kick off the 2nd rope for 2.  Reed tags in and goes for a suplex.  Kiss flips out of it and makes the tag.  Janela with a cross body.  Jawbreaker and clothesline by the Bad Boy.  Death Valley Driver on Reed.  Kiss tags in and hits a sommersault legdrop on Reed, who is draped on the ropes in his corner.  Janela with an elbowdrop on Reed and Kiss with a split legdrop for the pin.

WINNERS: Joey Janela and Sonny Kiss


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