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AEW Dynamite: Fyter Fest Night Two Results (07/21/21)


July 21, 2021, Dallas Ft. Worth Metroplex, Garland, TX

Commentary: Jim Ross, Tony Schiavone and Excalibur

First Labour of Jericho

Chris Jericho vs. Shawn Spears (with Tully Blanchard)

Shawn immediately has the chair while MJF joins commentary. Jericho makes Shawn drop the chair with some shots. Jericho grabs the chair (not allowed to use it mind you) and Spears kicks him in the gut, but Chris takes him out on the apron. The fight goes out there he throws Shawn into the barricade and grabs a ringside camera to pan around at the fans. “AE-Dub” chants.

Later on, Jericho goes for his patented springboard dropkick but Spears shoots a chair to Chris’ head mid-air. Jericho does get back on offense and soon ascends the turnbuckle, but Spears catches him up top for a super belly-to-belly. He has Jericho’s left arm draped around the ring post and smacks it with the chair.

Back in the ring, Jericho takes Spears down with two shoulder tackles. Double axe handle from up top and the crowd pops. He sets Spears up top and does a ten punch from up high before flourishing it with a Frankensteiner. A hard shot by Spears downs Chris for a near fall. Spears catches Jericho with a sit-out powerbomb for another two count. He gives Chris a chair shot and struts a bit. He tees Jericho up with a chair, but Chris turns it into a Walls of Jericho. Tully hops on the apron to distract. It works and Shawn taps. Sammy comes down to regulate and scares Tully off, Shawn catches Chris in the skull with a chair and hits his C4 finisher: 1-2-no!

Shawn wedges a chair in the corner, he picks Jericho up for another C4 before stacking the chair on Jericho’s back. Chris escapes, shoves Shawn into the adjacent side that has another chair wedged in it. Spears smacks off that and Jericho smacks him with the Judas Effect for the finish.

WINNER: Chris Jericho

MJF is irate and says if Jericho has anyone else interfere, the deal is off. Well next week, MJF has the Second Labour for Chris: A No DQ match against Nick Gage.

We see Miro after the break. He says there will be no champion after him.

Doc Gallows (with Karl Anderson) vs. “The Elite Hunter” Frankie Kazarian

Bell rings and Kaz immediately lays it in. Hard chops to Doc and comes leaping off with a shotgun dropkick, but a big boot downs him. Doc decks him in the corner with some jabs before slamming him hard in the opposite side. He gets sent to the outside and it allows Karl Anderson to come in with a lariat. We head to break.

Back from it, Kaz is locked in a headlock, but he strikes back. Doc misses twice and Kaz collides with him. Big belly to back by Kaz before hitting his patented leg drop for two. “Frankie” chants. Kaz goes for the crossface chicken wing. Anderson meddles in his business and it eventually allows Gallows to hit his bomb finisher and it’s good enough for the three count.

WINNER: Doc Gallows

Post-match, The Good Brothers hit a Magic Killer on Kaz as Omega and Callis walk on the stage. Callis wants all these cowboys in Texas to watch what happens when you mess with The Elite. Kenny tells Kaz to welcome to his humble abode. For months he’s been a thorn in their side. “The Elite Hunter”” has now become “The Elite hunted.” Suddenly out comes Hangman Adam Page with beer in hand. “Cowboy shit” chants ensue. Don gets on the mic. He says it’s four on one. Is he that stupid or is he just drunk? Page fights all men, but the numbers game got him. Out comes Dark Order to even the odds and Kenny flees. Silver and Reynolds attack Karl before Hangman nails him with a Buckshot Lariat.

Brian Cage is backstage and a clip is shown to him revealing that Ricky Starks will celebrate his FTW Title win next week in Charlotte. That works out, you know why? He loves celebrations.

Wheeler Yuta (with Orange Cassidy) vs. Darby Allin (with Sting)

Darby’s ribs are taped up as him and Yuta get technical with some mat work. Dropkick from the corner by Darby. He goes to suplex Wheeler, but a kick to the ribs stops that and hangs him over the top rope, focusing on the ribs. Two count.

He’s got an octopus hold on Darby and jabs his elbow into his ribs. Darby bites the rope for the break. He frees himself. Yuta hits a German with a bridge for two. Darby plants Yuta up top. Superplex from Darby.

At ringside, Orange and Sting trade shin kicks. Very casual. Wheeler gets a near fall, but Darby does connect with his Coffin Drop for the finish.

WINNER: Darby Allin

Post-match, The Blade attacks Orange Cassidy and Sting takes exception.

A video package is shown promoting the main event tonight between Jon Moxley and Lance Archer.

AEW shows that Hikuleo is in the audience.

AEW Women’s World Championship

Nyla Rose (with Vickie Guerrero) vs. Britt Baker (c) (with Rebel)

Collar and elbow. Nyla knocks Britt down. Boos occur. Britt focuses on Nyla’s left arm while the Native Beast is grounded. Britt rolls her up for a near fall. Britt hammers Rose with some shots, but a Gorilla press levels her and then sentons on top. She slams the back of Britt’s head into the mat. Nyla goes for her guillotine knee finish, but Rebel pulls Britt to safety. Nyla still connects with a shot in some fashion and we go to picture in picture.

Back from it, Nyla nails a massive uranage before bending Britt’s back over her knee. Nyla promotes a cannonball in the corner and Britt evades. She soon slides Nyla into a backslide for a near fall. DDT to Nyla. Kick out at two. Britt gets the glove fro Rebel. Nyla gets u and goes for a chokeslam, but Britt rolls her up for a two count. Britt once more goes for her Lockjaw, but Nyla turns it into a DVD. She then nails Britt with her guillotine knee: 1-2-no!

“DMD” chants. Britt hits a swinging neckbreaker. Two kicks to the jaw of Nyla, two count. Nyla chokeslams Britt for a two count of her own. Britt hits a crucifix bomb for a near fall and another crucifix for another two. Britt nails a curb stomp. She hits a second one too. Two count.

Nyla nails Britt with a forearm shiver. Rebel distracts the ref as Britt gets tossed the belt. She tries the Eddie trick but Nyla turns the tables and hits her Beast Bomb. Britt kicks out! She manages to get Nyla in the Lockjaw and Nyla fights, but ultimately taps.

WINNER and STILL AEW Women’s World Champion: Britt Baker

There was a press conference held earlier in the day for next week’s tag match between Santana and Ortiz vs. FTR. FTR says they respect S&O as wrestlers, but not as men. Santana reveals pictures and documents belonging to his mother. Dax says all he cares about is God, pro wrestling and family and they’re gonna take Santana and Ortiz out.

Tony Schiavone introduces Andrade El Idolo to the Forth Worth crowd. Andrade comes out with his associate. Andrade tells the crowd “tranquilo.” He has a surprise for everyone. The associate speaks with Tony who introduces Andrade’s new executive consultant: Chavo Guerrero. Big “Chavo” chants. He says “Wow, you remember!” Of course you do because this is Dallas, TX! He hears AEW is the place to be. What a great time to be a wrestling fan. With all due respect to those talented men and women in the back, Chavo doesn’t see anyone as talented as Andrade. Out comes Death Triangle with Alex Abrahantes. PAC says last week he heard their names in Andrade’s mouth. He says let it be known that Death Triangle hide from no one. Andrade thanks them for coming. They may be good, but Andrade is great. He speaks Spanish to them. “I am elite superstar.” Chavo explains it to PAC. He says they’re all talented, but when he looks at their waist, it’s not shiny enough, but they want to change it. Andrade has a question. He asks Fenix and Penta why he works for PAC. Now you work for Andrade El Idolo. PAC’s not sure what planet they’re on, but Death Triangle is a team. Fenix backs that up with PAC. They say they are the real face of the Latinos. Penta gets on and speaks in Spanish. Alex tells him that Penta sys why would they join a group with Andrade when he’s not even on their level. Andrade taunts them as the officials come out (a little late) to keep them separated.

Next week Christian and Jurassic Express want to end the HFO for good in multi-man tag action.

QT Marshall wants an apology next week from Cody and next week in Charlotte, he’ll get one.

The Blade (with The Bunny) vs. Orange Cassidy

Cassidy doesn’t come out of the entrance and Blade believes he won, but Orange climbs in from behind. He waits for Blade to turn and he takes it to him. “Cassidy” chants. Blade gets control, but Orange mounts and hammers back. Blade feigns a knee injury as Bunny tends to him. This takes a bit as Blade creeps around to kick Cassidy. He goes for a suplex, but Orange hits a Stundog Millionaire. “Freshly squeezed” chants. Blade catches Orange up top to hit a gutwrench bomb on the top turnbuckle and we head to break.

Back from break, Orange smashes Blade’s head into the turnbuckle from the apron before hitting a high cross body and his spinning DDT for a near fall. Bunny gets on the apron, but Statlander comes out to even the odds. Orange goes to dive on The Blade, but he pulls Statlander in front of him. Orange makes Blade collide with Bunny. Orange goes for the Beach Break on the outside, but can’t do it. In the ring he goes for another DDT but Blade blocks it. He hangs him over the ropes and hits a corkscrew tombstone for a very near fall for a round of applause. Blade goes for the Doctor Bomb, but Orange shakes free for a Beach Break attempt. No on the first attempt, yes on the second. Blade kicks out. Bunny presents Blade with the brass knuckles. He swings and misses twice. Orange connects with his Orange Crush for the W.

WINNER: Orange Cassidy

Post-match, Orange puts on the brass knucks and nails Blade with another Orange Punch.

Backstage, Alex Marvez is with Chris Jericho. Jericho reveals himself as The Painmaker for next week against Nick Gage.

It’s revealed that Malakai Black will take on Cody Rhodes on August 4.

IWGP United States Championship

Jon Moxley (c) vs. Lance Archer (with Jake Roberts)

The two men don’t wait. Jon goes for a Kendo and takes it to Archer. Shots are traded between one another. A massive pounce by Archer before hitting a rolling senton from the apron. He takes the Kendo to Mox. Mox tackles Archer through the barricade. They brawl in the crowd. Archer pie faces Mox over a gate. They fight further up in the stands. Archer tosses a security guard into Mox. Back in the ring, Mox goes for a tope, but Jake warns Archer who catches Mox with a forearm. Archer pulls up the floor mat as Mox hits a Paradigm Shift on the concrete. Archer is out as the ref begins his ten count. Archer answers the call, but he’s bleeding and Mox makes it worse with a fork to the forehead.

Back from break, Mox leaps off top by stomping on a chair wedged over Archer’s leg. Rick Knox counts Archer down. He answers and slugs a trash can lid into the mush of Mox. “This is awesome” chants. The two men trade a series of punches. Mox tells Lance he ain’t shit and bites him. Lariats. Lance soon fires back with a Bossman slam. Knox counts Mox who answers the count. Archer sets up two chairs for a Blackout, he attempts it, but Mox drops down with a low blow to some surprising boos. Mox turns the chair edges inward and gets chokeslammed on top of them. Archer sizes him up and boots him in the corner. Crowd goes nuts but Archer gets nailed with a Paradigm Shift. He gets up at five and flips Mox off with two fingers. He jabs the fork repeatedly into the forehead of Archer. Mox pulls out barbed wire on a set of boards which are on a pair of tables. Mox goes for a Paradigm shift into it, but Archer presents the fork and jabs him repeatedly before chokeslamming Mox into the barbed wire. Mox can’t answer the call and we have a new champ!

WINNER and NEW IWGP United States Champion: Lance Archer

Post-match Archer has a stare-down with Hikuleo to close the show. The two big men will battle next week.


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