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AEW Dynamite Live Results (06/12/2024)

Will Ospreay defends the International Championship against Rey Fenix in one of two title matches set for tonight’s AEW Dynamite.

Fenix earned the shot after winning a number one contender’s four-way on last week’s Dynamite.

In the other title bout, Mercedes Mone defends the TBS Championship against CMLL’s Zeuxis — a frequent tag team partner for Stephanie Vaquer, Mone’s Forbidden Door opponent.

Dustin Rhodes vs. Jack Perry in another qualifying bout for the Forbidden Door ladder match to crown a new TNT Champion is also set.

Rush will be in action on the show against an opponent to be named as his feud with MJF continues to build.

Private Party’s Isiah Kassidy & Marq Quen will be the guests on TV Time with Chris Jericho, and there will be a promo segment from AEW World Champion Swerve Strickland.

Orange Cassidy, Kyle O’Reilly & ROH World Champion Mark Briscoe vs. Roderick Strong, Konosuke Takeshita & ROH TV Champion Kyle Fletcher is also on tap.

AEW Dynamite comes on the air with Excalibur welcoming us alongside Tony Schiavone & Taz, as the music for AEW World Champion Swerve Strickland hits and he makes his way to the ring with Prince Nana.

Strickland asks if the fans are ready for Forbidden Door in a few weeks and puts over the main event featuring Will Ospreay & himself for the AEW World Title. Strickland said two absolute killers, before correcting himself, saying just one killer, as Ospreay hasn’t developed that instinct just yet. Strickland saw an assassin against Kenny Omega, Konosuke Takeshita & Bryan Danielson, but not at Double or Nothing, he didn’t see that instinct. Strickland said he’s gotten the nickname Killshot for a reason, if you don’t pull the trigger, he sure as hell will. Strickland still respects Ospreay and how he’s a fighting champion, unlike some EVPs, who have yet to defend their titles since winning them.

Kazuchika Okada walks on stage telling Strickland to stop, as he’s joined by The Young Bucks & Jack Perry. Okada asks whose house, it’s Okada’s house now, bitch. Nicholas talks about how dominant The Elite have been, taking out Kenny Omega, helped break Eddie Kingston’s leg and in Anarchy in the Arena, destroyed Team AEW. Half the roster is gone because of The Elite and it feels good. All the trolls and bots doubt them, even the wrestlers in the back don’t think they’re violent enough. They challenge AEW’s best in the most violent match possible, Blood & Guts. Matthew said this is where Strickland comes into the picture. They step in the ring and said despite getting off on the wrong foot, they think he’s cool and young, just like them. Matthew asks if Strickland wants to Change the World, as Blood & Guts is 5 on 5, so they want him to be their 5th man. Matthew presents Strickland with his Young Bucks shoes, which he declines, saying he doesn’t wear size 9, nor does he wear pearl necklaces. Nana tosses the shoes into the crowd, as The Elite said the injury bug just landed on Strickland. They go to attack when The Acclaimed & Daddy Ass make the save. I guess this is a tease for Blood & Guts? The Acclaimed & Billy Gunn being involved in that match just seems odd to me at the moment.

Before things get going, Assistant to the EVP Christopher Daniels walks out on stage and said he usually loves a good brawl, but since the opening contest is the Ladder Match qualifier, he needs everyone out of the ring and to the back. The crowd boos this, as Jack Perry isn’t dressed to wrestle, as Dustin Rhodes makes his entrance.

Jack Perry defeated Dustin Rhodes in a TNT Title Qualifying Match

(No matter the opponent or length of match, Dustin Rhodes ability to get the crowd into it is absolutely unmatched. Perry was obviously taking this one and having him smear Rhodes’ blood on his chest post-match was a good visual for the heel.)

Perry attacked right at the bell, but Rhodes battles back with a lariat. The match spilled to the outside, where Perry sent Rhodes into the steps and post, tried to piledrive him onto the exposed concrete, but Rhodes, who is already bleeding, hit a backdrop to go to commercial.

Back from break, Perry had thrown a chair into the ring, which is still there and mocked a V-Trigger pose, but took too long and ran into a snap powerslam. Rhodes lit up Perry with strikes and signature bulldog before delivering 10 corner punches. Rhodes connected on Shattered Dreams, as referee Aubrey finally took the chair from the ring, as Rhodes followed it up with a Flip, Flop and Fly. Rhodes hit the Cross Rhodes, but Perry barely kicked out. Crowd loudly behind Rhodes, who was sent into an exposed corner buckle, as back out to the floor, Perry hit a DDT on the concrete. Rhodes broke the count, shoved ref Aubrey away from helping him up, allowing Perry to hit a low kick and charging knee for the win, as Rhodes flipped him off before doing so.

-Highlights of the Orange Cassidy & Kyle O’Reilly match was shown from Collision and the Don Callis Family attacking both men post-match. We go backstage to Renee Paquette with Cassidy, O’Reilly & Mark Briscoe, who said they can compete on Saturday and team tonight because they’re pros. Cassidy said it looks like there’s a few people who might have his back, but there’s one he knows does, as Willow Nightingale walks in. Briscoe said the word of the day is conglomeration, as he hilariously runs down their opponents tonight as only Mark Briscoe can.

Rush defeated Deonn Rusman

(Rusman, a local guy that was trained at the Black & Brave school in Davenport and wrestles for Scott County Wrestling in Iowa, didn’t stand a chance here, as Rush had a statement win tonight. In a few short weeks, they’ve done a good job building his match next week against MJF.)

Rush fired off a Superman Punch at the bell and violently threw Rusman repeatedly into the barricade outside. Back inside, Rush kept up the attack, quickly hitting the Bulls Horns for the victory. Post match, Rush took the microphone, told the fans to shut up, called them weak and was going to hit another Bulls Horns when MJF’s music hit and the crowd exploded.

MJF, his fists taped, runs to the ring and immediately a slugfest ensues. Security tries to intervene, but both men lay them all out. Christopher Daniels tries to keep the peace, but fails miserably, as they collide again, this time with MJF biting the head of Rush, who pulled MJF to the floor. MJF reversed a whip and launched Rush into the fans. The brawl continues all over the arena, spilling backstage, where MJF shot a double leg and slammed Rush through a table. Finally, wrestlers and more security come in to separate, as Excalibur said he was just informed that next week, no commercial interruptions, MJF vs. Rush on Dynamite to start the show.

Roderick Strong, Kyle Fletcher & Konosuke Takeshita (w/The Kingdom & Don Callis) vs. Orange Cassidy, Mark Briscoe & Kyle O’Reilly

(Party match of the evening, as there was a whole lot of action in this one. I was surprised at the finish and who got pinned, but I assume it will be leading to possibly a program on ROH down the line.)

Trent Beretta is standing behind Callis, who joined commentary for this match. After a fast start by Fletcher & O’Reilly, Briscoe & Takeshita slugged it out until Cassidy leapt off the top for a cross body, but Takeshita caught him and pummeled him. Fletcher tagged in, but Cassidy hit a double hurricanrana and the match broke down quick with dives, leaving Cassidy alone to hit a springboard somersault dive onto the pile before staring down Beretta. This distraction allowed Takeshita to waffle Cassidy with a punch and keep control over break.

Back from break, O’Reilly made the hot tag, but Strong quickly bailed before having to face him. O’Reilly fought off Fletcher & Takeshita, who collided and we got a double dragon screw in the process. Strong tried to sneak attack, as Briscoe made the save to fight off Fletcher and deliver Redneck Kung-Fu to Strong, who blocked the Crane Kick, but not the Pele Kick. Blind tag from Cassidy, as Briscoe hit a Blockbuster on the floor before throwing Fletcher in to eat a top rope DDT from Cassidy for two. The match broke down with everyone hitting a high impact move before it was Takeshita spinning out of a Jay Driller into a Blue Thunder Bomb.

Cassidy hit a spinning DDT, stundog Millionaire and high low with O’Reilly on Fletcher. Cassidy went up top again, but Strong distracted enough for Fletcher to hit a top buckle brainbuster. During this, Briscoe made the blind tag, hit a Froggy Bow, but Strong broke the count up. The ref tried to separate Strong & O’Reilly, as his back was turned, allowing Takeshita to fly in with a Power Drive Knee and Fletcher with the piledriver to get the surprising win on Briscoe.

Post match, Beretta attacked Cassidy, while Fletcher & Takeshita beat down Briscoe and The Kingdom held back O’Reilly from going after Strong.. Willow Nightingale’s music hit, but Kris Statlander threw her out of the tunnel with Stokely Hathaway screaming for Nightingale to wake her ass up. The next time she sticks her nose in their business, they won’t be dragging her to the stage, they’ll drag her to the ER.

-Renee Paquette is backstage with Rey Fenix, preparing for the main event, as she said Fenix told her earlier that Ospreay is great, but Fenix is 1 of 1.

-A video package for Shingo Takagi is shown, saying he’s ready for the Owen Hart Tournament this year.

-Christopher Daniels is backstage and said next week, Tony Khan made it official that The Young Bucks & Kazuchika Okada will compete in Eliminator Matches. The Bucks will have no outside interference in their match, as well as Okada, but we never find out who their opponents will be.

Samoa Joe & HOOK (w/Katsuyori Shibata) defeated The Premier Athletes (Tony Nese & Ari Daivari w/Smart Mark Sterling)

Joe & HOOK are about to make their entrance and said he had a theory about why Taz loves orange so much, it’s because he’s a Syracuse fan, which HOOK said was incorrect. They walk through the tunnel and attack Nese & Daivari on stage, as Shibata had a camera with him, which Joe was playing to. The match officially began, as Nese & Daivari were able to make quick tags against HOOK in the corner, as Sterling tripped HOOK, but was clobbered by Shibata for his troubles. Joe slapped on the Coquina Clutch on Nese while still on the apron, as HOOK applied REDRUM to Daivari and Shibata had one on Sterling. Everyone passed out and Joe & HOOK win, standing tall with Shibata, as commentary put over how this could be a new trio to reckon with.

-A video package for Stephanie Vaquer is shown talking about Mercedes coming for the title that was supposed to be hers to begin with. However, the belt is Vaquer’s and not going anywhere and at Forbidden Door, she will become the first TBS & NJPW Strong Women’s double champion.

Mercedes Mone defeated Zeuxis to retain the TBS Title

(Back and forth battle, as Zeuxis got a whole lot of offense and near falls, even in defeat. Despite that, Mone still looked good and I assume her next match will be against Vaquer at Forbidden Door.)

Zeuxis is the co-holder of the CMLL Women’s Tag Team Champions with Stephanie Vaquer and we’re told if Zeuxis wins tonight, the match at Forbidden Door will only be for the NJPW Strong Women’s Title. Zeuxis mocked the CEO dance early on, but Mone just got enough of a déjà vu head scissors for two. Mone hit the rope walk arm drag, but Zeuxis met her with a roll up pin attempt for two of her own. Roundhouse kick dropped Mone, as both ladies went to the floor, where Mone hit a step-up arm drag off the commentary table. Back inside, Zeuxis battled back with a quick dropkick and wild dive to the floor, taking things to commercial, where Zeuxis ripped up a Mone sign ringside.

Back from break, Mone fought out of multiple pin attempts until Zeuxis wanted the finish, but Mone flipped out of a fireman’s carry into a hurricanrana pin for two. Mone fought out of the corner, hit a sunset flip, but Zeuxis rolled through into a Meteora for another near fall. Bad camera angle, as Mone hit a bulldog and the corner double knees before hitting a Meteora of her own for two. Three Amigos attempt by Mone, who hit two of the three, as Zeuxis countered into a double arm underhook lungblower. Zeuxis missed a moonsault, allowing Mone to hit the Mone Maker for the victory.

-An excellent video package on Mina Shirakawa is shown on her history in Stardom and partnership with Mariah May and Club Venus. We then go backstage to Renee Paquette is Timeless Toni Storm, who is petting May, who thanks Storm for entering her in the Owen Hart Tournament. May said she has good news, Mina is coming back next week and wants a contract signing, which May will host. Paquette reminds Storm of her match this week on Rampage against Alex Windsor.

Private Party Guest on TV Time With the Learning Tree

The Big Redwood Big Bill introduces The Socrates of Pro Wrestler, The Guru of Giving Back, The Michael Jordan of Michael Jordan’s, Chris Jericho, who plugs his new Learning Tree shirt that came out 15 minutes ago and is already a top selling shirt. Jericho told the Iowa crowd how to properly grow corn, which he ate earlier and was a little rough for him, brother. Bryan Keith said if you want to grow lame ass corn, you better respect Chris Jericho. They bring out Private Party, as Bill was dancing to their entrance. Jericho reminds folks if they’re going to do shots, they better have a designated driver.

Jericho puts over Zay & Quen, but said one thing they haven’t been doing, is winning matches. Jericho talked about being trained by Stu Hart in the Dungeon and how to wrestle properly, saying how Zay & Quen climb the ropes is not properly done. Zay asks Jericho to teach them and said some people might call him the Caitlin Clark of AEW. Jericho said he’ll climb the ropes like Owen Hart taught him, foot by foot, until Zay swept out the legs and sent Bill & Keith to the outside, following with dives. Zay & Quen hit Swanton & Shooting Star Presses on Jericho before bailing as Keith & Bill hit the ring.

-A video package on Tetsuya Naito challenging Jon Moxley for the AEW World Title at Forbidden Door is shown. Naito challenged Moxley after his victory over EVIL at Dominion last weekend.

-The Bang Bang Gang are backstage talking about the one-year anniversary of Collision this weekend and talk about the House of Black. They turn the lights on and off as Juice Robinson issued a challenge this Saturday, saying the Collision Cowboys will kick their asses.

Daniel Garcia defeated Nick Comoroto (w/Jacoby Watts)

Matt Menard is on commentary here as Excalibur calls him Garcia’s hype man. Will Ospreay is watching backstage, as Garcia hit a corner boot, floated over a gorilla press attempt and hit a Saito suplex. MJF is also watching backstage, as Garcia sank in a guillotine and hit an Impaler DDT for the quick win.

-Renee Paquette tries to ask Ospreay his thoughts on Garcia, but said he can’t wrap his head around that right now, with everything he’s got going on. He’s got a main event next and also a contract to give, showing that the contract Strickland gave Nana to present to Ospreay last week was indeed delivered.

-PAC is backstage and said it’s been loss after loss in his triumphant return to the company. It’s humiliating, as he’s supposed to be a Bastard, when he feels like a bitch. Good news is, that ends now, as he’s angry again, which is when he’s his very best. PAC is entering the Owen Hart Cup, something he’ll win and go on to win the AEW World Title at Wembley Stadium. He’ll be damned someone his caliber won’t have his Wembley moment or win the AEW Title. PAC also reminds Bang Bang Billy Gunn he remembers what they did to Death Triangle. I honestly forgot and would’ve liked a reminder.

-During the main event plugs of upcoming matches, Excalibur informs us that Blood & Guts will take place July 24, from the Bridgestone Arena in Nashville, TN.

Will Ospreay defeated Rey Fenix to retain the AEW International Title

(One hell of a main event featuring two of the most athletic performers in the game. The finish not only had Ospreay standing tall, but sent a message to Strickland, who called out Ospreay earlier in the show for his lack of killer instinct.)

Ospreay presented the Forbidden Door contract to Swerve Strickland, who was sitting ringside before the match. This should surprise no one, but the pace these two set out the gate was insane, as a wild series of counters led to an early stalemate. Fenix hit a snap hurricanrana that sent Ospreay to the floor, tried a rope walk kick on the apron, but Ospreay blocked. Both men tried dives, but were cut off, as Fenix hit another snap hurricanrana on the floor and high Frog Splash back inside for two to take things to commercial.

Back from break, Fenix had an Octopus Hold locked in, but Ospreay slammed him down. Pip, Pip, Cheerio connects for Ospreay, but Fenix cut him off in the ropes with a spinning kick. Fenix tried a springboard hurricanrana off the top, but Ospreay landed on his feet, as Excalibur brings up the 2016 Battle of Los Angeles in PWG between these two. Ospreay tried a spinning DDT, but Fenix escaped, avoided Hidden Blade, only for Ospreay hit a wild spinning Air Raid Crash for two, as we go to another picture in picture break.

Fenix turned an Octopus Hold into a nasty Crucifix Bomb for a near fall and hit a backflip out of the corner into a German Suplex for two. Both men counter the others finisher, as Ospreay hit the wall walk enzugiri, but Fenix avoided the first Oscutter attempt, but not the second that hit flush for two. Fenix countered Hidden Blade into a rolling hurricanrana, as a thrust kick connected, but as he went for antoher rolling cuter, Ospreay hit a mid-air Hidden Blade. Ospreay went up top, stared down Strickland, telling him it’s his house before hitting a Swerve Stomp and Hidden Blade to win it.

Post match, Strickland came into the ring and Ospreay wanted a handshake. Strickland said he still thinks this is a damn game, but this is his career he’s playing with. Strickland calls Ospreay an immature little child and said he can’t hold both worlds on his shoulders, as Ospreay was shoved, but during the shove, Ospreay grabbed the AEW World Title in the process and put it on his shoulder with the International Title. Ospreay stared down Strickland, who ripped the AEW Title from him and said he’s lucky they’re still friends, as anyone else, Strickland would’ve put them in the grave. An intense stare down, as Prince Nana danced up the ramp with Strickland to end the show.


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