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AEW Dynamite Live Results 1/29

The show opens with Jon Moxley coming down through his hometown crowd.

The show opened up with Jon Moxley talking about how he is going to beat Chris Jericho for the AEW championship at Revolution on February 29th. Moxley calls Jericho out and outcomes Jericho with the Inner Circle who have their own entrance video and music.

Jericho brings out another five extras that are supposed to be thugs from the Bronx courtesy of Santana and Ortiz. Moxley jumps into a 10 on One Dog-pile and somehow escapes with his body in one piece.

The Young Bucks vs. Butcher & Blade

MJF was on commentary. Jim Ross called him Matthew. a back-and-forth match up showcasing a power game by the heels wow the Young Bucks did what they do best. The Young Bucks would wind up getting the win and would avoid a post-match attack because Kenny Omega and Adam Page would come to their rescue. Adam would actually give Matt Jackson his beer to hold before delivering The Buckshot Lariat

WINNER: The Young Bucks

Nyla Rose vs.Big Swole

Nyla dominated the first part of the match but the crowd was 100% behind Swole. swole would try to mount a comeback but Nyla would hit a pretty sloppy spear and deliver a sit-out powerbomb for the victory.

WINNER: Nyla Rose.

Cody vs. Kip Sabian

there was a lot in this match about Arn Anderson interfering and eventually being kicked out by the referee. Penelope Ford with a hit a hurricanrana on Cody Rhodes and Joey Janela would sneak up on his ex-girlfriend and her new beau while they were trying to kiss.

Cody Rhodes would end up hitting the Cody Cutter and several consecutive Cross-Rhodes for the victory.


The Elite were backstage and an 8-man tag was made for next week putting them against Butcher & Blade and the Lucha Bros.

Britt Baker was out and she cut a promo on Jim Ross for not being able to get anybody’s name right and for constantly focusing on how she’s a dentist. She firmly planted herself as a heel in this segment.

SCU vs. Hybrid-2

SCU pays tribute to Kobe Bryant with their gear. A pretty competitive back-and-forth match up. SCU would get the victory with the SCU Later. the commentary team remarked that the rematch rule is in effect and they would eventually get a tag team championship opportunity.


After the match, The Dark Order appears and tell Christopher Daniels that they will now be targeting all of his loved ones including the other members of SCU.

A PAC vignette aired targeting Jon Moxley and Kenny Omega. Specifically, PAC said things were going to change starting next week.

Inner Circle vs. Private Party & Darby Allin

A lot of this match showed off the cohesiveness of the Inner Circle as this is one of the first times all five members were in and around ringside during the match.

The ending came when Chris Jericho nailed Isaiah Cassidy with the Judas effect elbow. After the match, the Inner Circle beat up Darby Allin, with Sammy Guevara smashing his throat into his skateboard. Jon Moxley would come out to make the save and run off the Inner Circle to send the show off the air.

This concludes this weeks episode of AEW Dynamite live from Cleveland, Ohio.


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