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AEW Dynamite Live Results 2/26

Just days before AEW Revolution, Kenny Omega settles the score with The Bastard, PAC! Will there be anything left of The Cleaner to tag with Hangman?

30-Minute Iron Man match: PAC vs. Kenny Omega

At about the halfway mark both men were still scoreless. The Young Bucks are out at the side of Kenny Omega, who they will face along with Adam page on Sunday.At the 15:15 mark, Kenny Omega attempted a top rope One-Winged Angel and with counter with a reverse rana. A V-Trigger only scored a 2 count for Omega. PAC would end up forfeiting the first point to Kenny after he nailed him in the midsection with a chair. There was a 15-second rest. The score would be tired following a Black Arrow and the clock would stop at 13:21. We get our first picture and picture break.

PAC – 1 Kenny Omega – 1

Back from break, the referee gets sidelined with a suicide dive. PAC puts Kenny Omega through a table with a shooting star press, but both men get in before the count of ten.

Further down the line, PAC would eat several V triggers in succession but counter the One Wing It angel with another reverse Rana. Two very long scrap grabs at the Bitter End would take us into overtime.

Aubrey Edwards had to run out to vitiate overtime because referee Paul Turner was taken out by PAC. A One-Winged Angel would give Kenny Omega the victory in overtime.

Kenny Omega WINS (2- 1)

After the match, PAC was interviewed by Tony Schiavone. PAC would ask Tony whether or not he thought he was a joke, which brought out orange Cassidy who got beat up by PAC.

Jurrasic Express vs. Inner Circle

A pair of suicide Dives takes us to a commercial break. Taz is currently on commentary. back from break, the action goes back and forth. A triple team effort if down both Ortiz and Sammy Guevara. Guevara would try to cheat to get the upper hand but Darby Allen would come out and take away the sock filled with baseballs. jungle boy would get the pin with a hurricanrana.

Best Friends vs. Butcher & Blade

Butcher & Blade started out strong but the match quickly broke down. Somewhere in the middle, Bunny and Orange Cassidy that ended With Cassidy wearing the bunny ears. best friends would get the wind with Storm Zero.

WINNER: Best Friends

After the match, it’s announced that PAC will face Cassidy at AEW Revolution.

Big Swole vs. Hikaru Shida vs. Shanna vs. Yuka Sakazaki

Sakazaki played the scrappy underdog in the match with the other three women targeting her. the crowd was hot for Swole. There are many different 10-4 attempts in succession. Shida eventually picks up the victory with her finisher.


We cut to a pre-taped segment where Jim Ross is discussing the tag team championship match It becomes very heated and very emotional with hangman trying to say that he left the group months ago and Matt and Nick Jackson telling him he wasn’t allowed to leave after everything they did for him saying that they basically made him a star. Adam would leave when his drink was finished.

The final segment of the night was the weigh-in for the championship match on Sunday. It was hosted by WCW legend Gary Michael Cappetta. Jon Moxley weighed in at 234.

Jericho would permanently stall and never officially way in because Jon Moxley would attack him. Dustin Rhodes would come out and attack Jake Hager. Darby Allin and Sammy Guevara would also brawl. The show would go off the air with a massive fracas.

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