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AEW Dynamite Live Results 3/25

Live on-going results for this weeks Dynamite

The show starts off with Tony Schiavone, Cody Rhodes, and Kenny Omega on commentary hyping up the rest of the action for the night. Kenny was very nice to say that Tony has always been one of the elite.

Cody vs Jimmy Havoc will start off the action for the evening. That leaves Tony and Kenny on commentary together. Brief audio issues for Cody’s entrance. Brandi Rhodes is announcing duty again. Kenny Omega says he’s having a lot of fun and the friends and family vibe reminds him of his backyard days. Maxwell Jacob Friedman and others are showing in a remote area backstage continuing their gambling antics from last week.

Cody vs Jimmy Havoc

The action starts quickly with both men trading pinfall attempts. There was a large portion of Jimmy Havoc wearing down Cody Rhodes. Cody would regain control and hit a suicide dive to the outside. There are no wrestlers actually in the outside area like last week.

Havoc would hit a Japanese arm drag sending Cody flying back first into the turnbuckle. Rhodes would dump Jimmy Havoc to the outside and send him flying back into the ring with a running clothesline. Kenny Omega had a great line about him practicing social distancing.

Jimmy Havoc would work on the arm of Cody and Kenny Omega would say that both he and Cody have issues with their hands. an Acid Rainmaker only got a two-count. Later, a pair of CrossRhodes would get the win for Cody.

After the match, a Jake the Snake Roberts vignette would play over the Tron. Jake said they didn’t sign Lance Archer immediately because they’re afraid of him. Jake just wants Cody to agree to a match with Archer. This sends us into our first commercial break of the evening.

Back from commercial, Cody addressed the Jake Roberts promo, saying that he came across as bitter. Cody would also say that he doesn’t want to come across as a whiny baby face but if Lance Archer wants to start, Lance Archer doesn’t start with him. Cody would then say Lance Archer can debut next week if he wants to. A Darby Allin promo played addressing his opponent for the evening, Kip Sabian. Darby Allin vs. Kip Sabian Both men locked up in Darby Allin takes control with a side headlock. A quick pin attempt by Darby is escaped by Kip. Darby maintains control in the beginning. And Kip Sabian would take control with a kick to the midsection. Cody on commentary did a good job of putting over both men over saying he had a lot of trouble putting away both but Kip Sabian gave him the most trouble. There was a weird moment where commentary thought we were going to Commercial and then began addressing the crowd on FITE even though the TNT feed stayed for about 90 seconds before cutting away abruptly. Back from commercial break, Penelope Ford is stomping away on Cody on the outside. Momentum would shift back and forth as Darby Allin with hit his stone cold stunner variation but Kip Sabian would quickly regain control. Penelope Ford would willingly get involved several times. Later on, Darby Allen would win very abruptly with a very unique pinning combination which is called The Last Supper. WINNER: Darby Allin.

Another commercial break takes place. Quick observation, Cody Rhodes is really enjoying bringing up old school references on commentary. I’m glad that is not a part of the drinking game that was released on social media because there would be plenty of people at home completely wasted at this point. Jake Hager vs. Chico Adams You can see this match in the dictionary as the definition of the word “squash.” Head and Arm Triangle put Adams to sleep quickly. Maybe next time, Chico!

WINNER: Jake Hager Jon Moxley came running down to the ring with his title belt in tow. Cody called the belt “Big Platinum!” Moxley hit a quick Paradigm Shift DDT but Jake came up and grabbed an ankle lock real quick. Ultimately, Moxley would run off the former Jack Swagger.

Backstage: Jon Moxley cut a promo saying he’s cleared to compete and he shows up wherever the hell he wants. Moxley challenged Jake Hager to an AEW. Championship Match saying that he would leave him carted out on a stretcher or he would die trying.

Brodie Lee vs. QT Marshall A dominating performance by the former Luke Harper. Lots of high offense including a Brain Buster and a tope. a Discus Lariat puts QT away.

WINNER: Brodie Lee

Vanguard One provided an update on Nick Jackson. It appears The Young Buck is at 61%

AAA Mega Championship: Sammy Guevara vs. Kenny Omega

A great three-segment matchup that featured everything from Sammy Guevara making out with a hand-drawn poster of Brandi Rhodes. Brandi Rhodes would eventually slap him later on in the matchup.

Kenny Omega would eventually win with the One-Winged Angel after several vicious V-Triggers.

WINNER & STILL CHAMPION – Kenny Omega Chris Jericho came out to confront Matt Hardy. Vanguard 1 came out to confront Chris and Jericho offered the Drone a spot in the Inner Circle faction.

Matt Hardy appeared with a teleportation effect. Oh, the fun things you can do in an empty arena. Matt hits the ring. “Maker of Pain, you knew I’d come.” Matt Hardy began. Jericho calls him very impressive. Matt says he joined with The Elite because he is repaying a debt. Chris Jericho says he is the one that can resurrect Matt Hardy’s career. Jericho says it’s his show and offers Matt Hardy a spot in his team. Matt Hardy declines and Matt takes Jericho down with a single punch. Sammy comes to save Jericho and that leads Kenny and Cody to leave commentary to save Matt Hardy. The Show Goes off the air with Matt Hardy controlling the Pyro in the arena to scare away Chris Jericho and Sammy Guevara.


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