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AEW Dynamite Preview (Nov. 6, 2019)

Tonight (Nov. 6) All Elite Wrestling comes our way from the Bojangles Coliseum in Charlotte, North Carolina. Last week SCU were crowned the first ever AEW tag team champions, Hikaru Shida beat new comer Shanna, Jon Moxley expressed his deep displeasure with AEW and Kenny Omega and Cody and Jericho signed their Full Gear contract.

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Cody makes a career announcementKenny Omega & Hangman Page versus Chris Jericho (c) & Sammy GuevaraPAC versus Trent?

Last week AEW ended with a surprisingly “civil” contract signing between Le Champion, Chris Jericho and Cody Rhodes. Civil, that is until Jericho sent his Inner Circle goons to brutally attack Dustin Rhodes outside the arena. Cody was already fired up for this match (he punched out a freaking window), but now Jericho has made it a family affair!

How does this attack and Jericho’s blatant disrespect play into Cody’s “career” announcement? Will it effect this Saturdays match? On his twitter Cody said, “I will be uninterrupted and have the chance to make my career announcement. I hope it resonates with the fans, because it matters a great deal to me.”

So this is basically a place holder match to show off as many people featured on Full Gear as possible and, frankly, it doesn’t matter who wins here. AEW is still struggling to figure out how to feature as much wrestling on the two hour show while progressing story lines outside of the ring and this match seems like the perfect opportunity for shenanigans to move four story lines along all at once.

Last week Moxley gave a crazed promo voicing his displeasure with AEW management and Omega. He’s operating at PEAK MOX and there is no way he is simply going to keep his hands off Omega until Saturday. If Mox interferes their lights out feud gets a spotlight and Adam Page can have a moment of “I am very good and people -like Moxley and PAC - need to stop underestimating me” while helping out his tag partner. All the while Jericho can bask in the “disrespect” that everyone is ignoring Le Champion and join the fray! Cue the Inner Circle coming to Jericho’s aid and followed by the Young Bucks targeting their PPV opponents.

There is no way that PAC is pleased that his opponent is a wrestler that last week was dressed up as a cartoon character in a terrible wig. Don’t get me wrong, Trent (and the Best Friends) are fantastic wrestlers, but they also operate as comedy wrestlers in AEW. You know who doesn’t have a sense of humor? PAC.

Hoping that PAC destroys Trent and gives a promo addressing Page after his match. PAC cuts great promos and this feud could use a little life blood as it’s currently banking too much on events that happened months ago.

An evergreen question in professional wrestling it seems. No women’s match has been announced for tonight’s show and no women’s match has been announced for the main card of Full Gear.

Thankfully Britt Baker and Bea Priestly was announced for the pre-show this week on AEW After Dark, but that’s not enough! Of course, I am pleased as punch that they are finally following up on this story line and Britt absolutely killed that video package promo (“That means I can rip your jaw off!”), but where is Riho? You know, the champion!

Are they really just going to throw together a main card championship match on the show right before the PPV? It certainly seems they are. So much for change.

Currently we are sitting at four announced matches on the main card - Jericho/Cody, Young Bucks/Santana & Ortiz, Moxley/Omega and PAC/Page. Additionally, there has been one announcement for the pre-show Buy In featuring Britt Baker and Bea Priestly.

That’s simply not enough matches for their first post TV debut PPV and it’s certainly not enough to entice new viewers to pay more than $10 for the show. Tonight AEW needs to not only announce some new matches for their PPV, but they have to get us hype with virtually no build up. A tall order. Hopefully, we’ll see a women’s championship match announcement as well as some follow up to the Inner Circles attack on Dustin at the very least.

What are some match announcements you’d like to see?


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