• Carlos Astorga

AEW Dynamite Results (01/12/2022)

Photo Credit AEW

Tonight on AEW Dynamite, CM Punk has to take on Wardlow in singles action and Sammy Guevara defends the interim TNT Championship against Daniel Garcia.


January 12, 2022, PNC Arena, Raleigh, NC

Commentary: Jim Ross, Tony Schiavone & Excalibur

Adam Cole comes out with Bobby Fish & Kyle O’Reilly. He has story time. He runs over his AEW accolades before putting over his RedDragon buds. He says it’s a “new era” in AEW. Suddenly out come the Young Bucks. Matt Jackson says thanks for the invite. Kyle O’Reilly said they didn’t need their help against the “Super Friends” on Rampage. Matt says they’re right, but he has to make one thing clear. This is their company and they’re the longest reigning Tag Team Champions and they plan to get their belts back. Funny, RedDragon has the same New Year’s Resolution and Bobby Fish says nothing is going to stand in their way, that includes the Young Bucks. Adam Cole plays peacemaker about friendly competition before running down Best Friends. Out they come with Orange Cassidy having the mic in hand. Orange’s plan wasn’t to talk, but fight. Best Friends brawl with the Super Kliq. Orange tosses Cutler and it allows Cole to hit a low blow on Cassidy. Out comes Kris Statlander. Out comes Britt Baker and she hits Kris from behind. Curb stomp to Statlander. Cole superkicks and Booms OC. Cole and Britt kiss as Super Kliq pose together.

CM Punk vs. Wardlow

Punk slides out to seemingly pursue MJF, but Wardlow steps in his way. Back to the ring we go. Wardlow shoves Punk in the corner and we reset. Side headlock from Punk takes Wardlow to a knee. Big shoulder tackle by Wardlow. Wardlow gets Punk down with attacks in the corner. Wardlow attempts to powerbomb symphony Punk, but the latter ultimately has to recoup at ringside as we head to commercial. Wardlow sends Punk into the corner chest first, Bret Hart style (as JR notes). “CM Punk” chants, but Wardlow sends Punk off to the canvas after a tornado DDT attempt. Wardlow goes for a powerbomb but Punk flips into a roundhouse kick. He does a series of strikes before hitting a springboard clothesline. “CM Punk” chants once more. Punk hits his running knee strike in the corner, but Wardlow powerbombs him. He hits a second one. Wardlow takes his time. He hits a third powerbomb. Four. Five. Wardlow puts his foot on Punk’s chest and is about to get the win, but MJF stops it. He wants more. Punk grabs Wardlow by the singlet and nails him again with a powerbomb. MJF wants another. Powerbomb number seven. Punk indicates to Aubrey on the apron that he’s good to go with a thumbs up. MJF wants Wardlow to powerbomb Punk through the medical table at ringside. Wardlow obliges. MJF celebrates on the apron. Punk somehow makes the count at nine. MJF yells at Wardlow to powerbomb him again. Wardlow sets him up, but Punk turns it into a small package: 1-2-3.


MJF is irate as he shoves and pokes at Wardlow. Wardlow grabs MJF by the hand and Shawn Spears intervenes. He settles him down and Wardlow leaves in a fury. Aubrey Edwards checks on Punk who is down at ringside.

Powerhouse Hobbs (with Ricky Starks) vs. Dante Martin

Hobbs attacks Martin before he gets to the ring. Dante shows some of his speed and flight, but a spinebuster on the outside certainly turns the tide. Hobbs shows his power in the ring with a vert suplex front slam. Hobbs goes for a torture rack, but Martin escapes. This is very much like Wardlow dominating Punk as commentary sells Dante’s struggles. Martin gets sent to the outside as Starks takes some stomps on Dante heading into picture-in-picture.

Back from the break, Dante slugs Hobbs hard. Hobbs gets Dante in a torture rack, but Dante escapes with a dropkick running before hitting a highly elevated shotgun dropkick from up top. Dante nails a springboard corkscrew crossbody to Hobbs on the outside. Hobbs attempts to get in the ring, but Dante hits him with a running dropkick. Hobbs does manage to nails a running body press as Starks watches on. Ricky gets on the apron, but out comes Jay Lethal. Hobbs is distracted and Dante hits his moonsault springboard for the 1-2-3.

WINNER: Dante Martin

Chris Jericho is cutting a promo about the greatness of the Inner Circle. He talks about Sammy Guevara beating Daniel Garcia tonight. Eddie Kingston comes in and questions Jericho. Lots of tension as Santana, Ortiz and Hager walk off. Jericho notes he’ll be at ringside for Sammy. Eddie can come too, but Jericho will kick anyone’s ass that tries to interfere. Possibly even Eddie’s.

A furious MJF walks out and says CM Punk got the upset win over an oaf. Next week he’s going to give everyone what they want: CM Punk vs. Shawn Spears.

Adam Cole and Britt Baker officially challenge Orange Cassidy and Kris Statlander next week as all of the Super Kliq run down “Landon Butler.”

Hangman Page comes out. He says he has wrestled one of the best in the world for his belt for a total of around 90 minutes and Big Platinum is still his. He says 90 minutes is not enough. It’s a new year and a new set of records. Now he needs a new challenger. Out