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AEW Dynamite Results (01/18/2023)

All Elite Wrestling will deliver a star-studded card with the January 18 episode of AEW Dynamite.

Bryan Danielson will face Bandido on the show, and Top Flight will take on the Young Bucks. Plus, Darby Allin will defend the TNT Championship against KUSHIDA, Ricky Starks will battle Jake Hager, Willow Nightingale will clash with Toni Storm, and more.

The results are as follows:

An on-screen graphic acknowledges the passing of ROH Tag Team Champion Jay Briscoe.

AEW All-Atlantic Championship: Orange Cassidy (c) vs. Jay Lethal

Jeff Jarret, Sonjay Dutt, and Satnam Singh were banned from ringside before the show. The bell rings, and Jarrett, Singh, and Dutt come through the crowd. They take a seat, clearly planning on watching the match from the front row. Cassidy and Lethal take the fight to each other. Danhausen sneaks up on Jarrett and demands to see their tickets. Trent Beretta and Chuck Taylor are also sitting in the crowd. Cassidy dives onto Lethal on the outside. Lethal gains the upper hand and grounds the champion. He continues to control the action as he drives Cassidy into the apron. Lethal sends Cassidy heads-first into the ring post. Lethal does the Jarrett strut and taunts the crowd. He maintains the advantage, but Cassidy evades multiple elbow drops by rolling out of the way. The champion rallies and hits a Stun-dog Millionaire. Lethal catches Orange with the Lethal Combination. Cassidy walks away from the Lethal Injection, but Lethal hits a second attempt. Dutt and Jarrett argue with the Best Freinds. Danhausen steals Jarrett’s guitar and starts playing. Orange drills Lethal with an Orange Punch for the win.

Winner and still AEW All-Atlantic Champion: Orange Cassidy

The Best Friends celebrate with Cassidy. Singh enters the ring and goes to double chokeslam Beretta and Taylor, but Dutt stops him. Dutt also stops Jarrett from hitting Cassidy with his guitar, as Dutt would get fired if he did. Dutt finally convinces his group to walk away.

A video package hypes up Darby Allin’s match with KUSHIDA.

The Young Bucks (Matt & Nick Jackson) vs. Top Flight (Dante & Darius Martin)

Nick and Dante start the bout and feel each other out. They trade fast-paced counters. Nick eats a roundhouse kick and tags Matt. The Bucks evade a double-team and take control by teaming up on Darius. Matt and Nick isolate Dante and squash a rally attempt. They hit a double-team move on Dante, who perseveres and tags Darius. With a flurry of offense, Darius gains momentum and gains the upper hand. He dives onto Nick on the outside. Darius gets a two count with a diving crossbody. Dante dives onto Nick on the outside. Darius and Dante hit an acrobatic powerbomb, but Nick breaks up the pin. The Bucks take control again, and Nick gets a Destroyer for a two count. Matt and Nick hit a Doomsday Destroyer for another two count. The Bucks go for a double-team move, but Darius rolls Matt up for the upset win.

Winners: Top Flight (Dante & Darius Martin)

The Acclaimed are scheduled to speak, but The Gunns come out instead. They say they are the best tag team in the world. The Gunns recall how The Acclaimed embarrassed them last week. The duo claimed that they made The Acclaimed popular, as they even gave them their dad. The Acclaimed came out, and The Gunns try to stop them from rapping, but Caster powers through. Caster says they only got jobs because their dad works there. The two teams brawl, and Billy Gunn breaks it up. Billy says he’s tired of this, and he tells The Acclaimed to act like champions. Billy says they’re going to hash it out next week.

In an interview with Renee Paquette, Hangman Page says he feels fine in the aftermath of his win over Jon Moxley. Page says he did what he said he would do by knocking Moxley out cold to win the match, and he’d happily do it again. Hangman hints at having tough conversations and mending fences. When asked, Paquette says Moxley will dust himself off and get back up.

Ricky Starks vs. Jake Hager (with the Jericho Appreciation Society)

Hager overpowers Starks early on and mocks his signature pose. He puts his hat on, but Starks fights back. He puts the hat on and goes for a rope-walk arm drag. Hager pulls him down, but Starks counters a slam. Starks slips through the turnbuckles when Hager tries to slam him into the ring post. Hager slams Starks into the barricade. Matt Menard kicks Starks when he’s down. Hager continues to control the action. Starks rallies and evades a powerbomb. He attacks Menard and Angelo Parker. Starks hits a springboard crossbody and plants Hager with a tornado DDT. Hager accidentally collides with Parker, and Starks gets the win with a Spear.

Winner: Ricky Starks

Starks escapes when the JAS tries to attack him after the match.

A video package recaps Adam Cole’s return. In some new comments, he vows to run over anyone who gets in his way.

Backstage, Chris Jericho and the Jericho Appreciation Society are fired up. Jericho says he has requested a tag team match for next week, where he and Sammy Guevara will face Starks and Andretti. Daniel Garcia says he wants to be Jericho’s partner. Guevara agrees to give Garcia the spot if he beats Andretti on Rampage.

Bryan Danielson vs. Bandido

Bandido and Danielson feel each other out. Bandido goes for his signature taunt. and Danielson kicks his arm away. Danielson takes Bandido to the mat and briefly gains an advantage. Bandido takes control and puts Danielson in the Surfboard position. They continue to go back and forth, and Danielson evades a Texas Cloverleaf. The match is a stalemate as both men get back to their feet. Danielson kicks Bandido and goes for a monkey flip, but Bandido lands on his feet. Bandido slams Danielson with a hip toss. He traps Danielson in the Muta Lock, but Danielson escapes. Bandido dives onto him on the outside twice. Danielson perseveres and gains the upper hand. He chops Bandido and drills him with more stiff strikes. Bandido gets a two count with a roll-up. He slams Danielson face-first to the mat.

They trade blows. Bandido catches Danielson with a thrust kick and hits a corkscrew dive. Bandido gets a two count with a stalling suplex. Danielson blocks a splash and traps him in the LeBell Lock. He transitions to an arm bar, but Bandido reaches the ropes. Danielson drills Bandido with some kicks. Bandido nails Danielson with the X-Knee. Danielson evades the 21-Plex. Bandido rolls him up for a two count. Bandido hits Danielson with a series of strikes. Danielson dumps Bandido to the outside and hits his running knee off the apron. The two stars battle on the ropes. Bandido hits a moonsault slam. He gets a near fall with the 21-plex. Danielson and Bandido keep trading strikes. Danielson counters a Brainbuster into the LeBell Lock, but Bandido powers his way out. Danielson hits the running knee for the win.

Winner: Bryan Danielson

In a taped message, MJF appears on the video screen and says he hears what everyone is saying about him. He says it feels like people have forgotten about who he is and how he won the title. MJF tells Danielson that he’s only been dealing with the Max that enjoys fun, but at Revolution, he doesn’t want to see who he’ll be when they clash at Revolution. He warns Danielson that he’ll see the monster behind the mask.

A video package recaps the dissension between Saraya, Toni Storm, and Hikaru Shida. Storm says the “homegrown talent” don’t known what they know. Saraya tells Shida to stay in the back.

The broadcast team announces that Brian Cage will face Bryan Danielson next week. MJF approaches Cage backstage and gives him an envelope full of money; he tells Cage to break Danielson’s arm. Cage grabs MJF after he slaps the powerhouse, but cooler heads prevail. MJF tells Cage to use his anger next week.

Willow Nightingale vs. Toni Sorm (with Saraya)

The two women lock up and feel each other out. Willow gains an early advantage. Toni slaps Willow and dumps her to the floor with a hip attack. Hikaru Shida comes down to ringside and puts her kendo stick down. Storm slams Willow into the barricade. Back in the ring, Storm controls the match and grounds Willow. The fan-favorite keeps fighting. She drops Storm with a spinebuster for a two count. Storm his a hip attack and drops Willow with a DDT. Willow hits the Pounce and the cannonball for a two count. Saraya argues with the referee, and Storm rolls Willow up for the win.

Winner: Toni Storm

Saraya attacks Willow after the match, and Storm joins in until Ruby Soho makes the save.

In an interview, Konosuke Takeshita discusses his match with Bryan Danielson and calls MJF an asshole.

TNT Championship: Darby Allin (c) (with Sting) vs. KUSHIDA (with Kevin Knight and The DKC)

Darby and KUSHIDA trade fast-paced offense as they feel each other out. Allin takes KUSHIDA to the mat, but the challenger turns it around and goes for an arm-bar before Allin reaches the ropes. The match spills out of the ring, and Allin slams KUSHIDA into the barricade. Back in the ring, the challenger takes Allin down and targets his arm. Allin hits a Code Red for a two count. The champion dives onto DKC and Knight at ringside.

KUSHIDA hits a cross arm-breaker on the floor. He controls the action and continues to target Allin’s arm. The champion rallies, but KUSHIDA drops him with a crossbody. Allin plants KUSHIDA with a Scorpion Death Drop. KUSHIDA knocks Allin to the outside and hits a diving knee strike on Allin’s bad shoulder. Allin and KUSHIDA brawl at ringside. The champion gains the upper hand and goes for a diving dropkick. KUSHIDA reverses into a dropkick into an arm-bar on the outside. KUSHIDA releases the hold and rolls back into the ring. KUSHIDA slams Darbyb off the top rope and goes for the Hoverboard Lock. At ringside, Sting gets in Knight’s face, and Allin gets the win with the Last Supper.

Winner and still TNT Champion: TNT Champion: Darby Allin

Allin and KUSHIDA shake hands after the match. KUSHIDA seemingly challenged Allin to a rematch.


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