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AEW Dynamite Results (02/16/2022)


February 16, 2022, Nashville, TN

Commentary: Jim Ross, Tony Schiavone & Excalibur

CM Punk starts off sitting in the ring and recites his infamous “straight edge” catchphrase. He talks about his legacy with the young wrestlers and then mentions MJF. He says Max tries to walk, talk and think like him, but when he beat him in his hometown, he thought he’d be mad. Instead, he’s proud of him. MJF fancies himself Piper in Portland, Bret in Calgary and Punk in Chicago, but he’s just shitty little Max in shitty little Long Island. Now thanks to the assist from Jon Moxley last week, he gets to pick the time, place and match for MJF. He picks Revolution in Orlando, but what about the situation? Maybe a cage? No, Wardlow can likely climb and Max can still run. He wants MJF to learn some lessons. He picks a Piper special: a dog collar match. He tells MJF to come out here cause he has something to tell him and he wants to look directly in his eyes when he says it.

MJF comes out on stage and Punk presents the photo of a young MJF with Punk. CM Punk says March 6 the canvas will be painted with his blood.

Tony Schiavone reveals a tag team battle royal will take place at AEW Revolution and Jungle Boy notes he’s great at tag teams and battle royals.

Bryan Danielson vs. Lee Moriarity

Danielson paintbrushes Lee across the mouth. Lee picks the leg and begins twisting but Bryan returns the favor. Romero special by Danielson. Dragon Sleeper bridge by Danielson. Moriarty attempts the Border City stretch, but Danielson makes the ropes. Lee sweeps Bryan’s leg and hits an elbow. Lee hits an uppercut and sends Danielson to the outside. Bryan ties Lee up in the ropes for some chest kicks. Big time knee strike from Danielson to Lee as we head to break.

Back from it, Lee and Moriarity duke it out while both locked up. LaBell Lock to Lee but Moriarity gets to the ropes. Bryan boots at Lee but Moriarty suplexes him away. The two trade European uppercuts. The two come to striking stalemates and after a capture suplex, Danielson finds himself in the Border City stretch. Shoulder capture suplex by Bryan. Danielson hits his running knee. He then waves off Rick Knox. Danielson grabs Lee by the arms and stomps away Moriarty. Triangle sleeper and Danielson flexes. Lee is out.

WINNER: Bryan Danielson

Danielson gets on the mic to say he wanted to teach Lee a lesson in violence. Did he pass or did he fail? That reaction is why he doesn’t trust the American public with anything. He grabbed the mic because he wants an answer from Jon Moxley. “Wild Thing” hits and out comes Mox. Massive “Moxley” chants. He says a little over a decade he was a lot like Moriarity. He was young, angry and poor and he had nothing to lose. So he got to face The American Dragon at an indy show. Tracey Smothers had to vamp because Bryan’s fight was delayed. Mox came up short in that match, but now he wanted it more. Over the years, Mox kept coming up short. As a matter of fact, he has never beaten Bryan Danielson. When Bryan showed up, it finally felt like he could get to face him, but Bryan doesn’t want to fight, he wants to join forces. Mox admits that it would be pretty cool. Not only the destruction that they could cause, but the dynasty they could create. He actually couldn’t think of one good reason to say “no.” Then he got to wonder – is the only reason Bryan wants to team with Mox so he doesn’t have to stand across the ring from him. If that’s the case, then he’s already beaten Bryan Danielson. Mox proposes the question: does Bryan want to team up so the monster they can create or that Mox doesn’t defeat him? Mox isn’t going to give an answer, he says he doesn’t stand by someone’s side until he bleeds with him first.

We see a video package of Keith Lee. He finds it fitting he was the first to qualify for the the Face Of Revolution match. He signals his intent to go after the TNT Title.

Face Of The Revolution Qualifying Match

Wardlow vs. Max Caster (with Anthony Bowens)

Bowens grabs a boot of Wardlow early in the match for Caster to get the early advantage. After the break, Wardlow gets hit with the chain behind the ref’s back and nails a Mic Drop. 1-2-kick out! Wardlow suddenly nails a powerbomb. 2 . 3. 1-2-3.

WINNER: Wardlow

Immediately, Anthony Bowens attacks Wardlow from behind, but Wardlow catches him with a powerbomb.

Tony is with Mercedes Martinez and Britt Baker. Mercedes says no rules, no excuses, and Britt adds no losses. In comes Cobra Kai actor Martin Kove to say if she loses show her no mercy.

After break, Tony Schiavone introduces Hangman Adam Page. Tony asks him how he’s doing after his violent Texas Death Match. Out comes Adam Cole. He patronizingly congratulates the champ before sternly telling Tony to leave the ring. Hangman notes how it must feel for Cole to have seen his friends build his empire. Cole then states Hangman hasn’t associated with any of his colleagues in months and what kind of friend does that make him? Hangman says he’s never been the best person, but it could be Cole’s mistake coming into this ring. Cole says anytime Hangman stood in the ring in the past: Hangman was known as the other Adam. That prompts Page to ready himself for a fight. Cole settles him down and tells him how much admiration he has for Hangman and when he does get the opportunity to wrestle him, it will be pleasure. He extends a hand and Adam shakes it. Cole leaves the ring with a grin on his face before Bobby Fish and Kyle O’Reilly attack him from behind. Security comes out to restore order and Dark Order come out to save Hangman. 10 beats security around to send some shock across the Undisputed Era’s faces.

Chris Jericho & Jake Hager vs. Santana & Ortiz

Eddie Kingston returns to support Santana & Ortiz. It’s Santana and Jericho starting the fight off. Santana hits a dropkick off the top rope to the back of Jericho before Santana tags in Ortiz for a double team DDT. Ortiz hits a fisherman’s suplex on Jericho for a two count. Tag to Hager and they hit a double shoulder tackle on Ortiz. Hager is overall dominant to Ortiz and hits a Hager Bomb for a two count. We go to break.

Back from it, Santana gets a hot tag against Hager. Jericho nails a Codebreaker. Hager hits his patented slam for a near fall. The fight and chaos goes to the outside that takes out Hager.. Santana and Ortiz hit a Street Sweeper on Jericho. 1-2-kick out. Santana goes for a Poetry In Motion cannonball, but Jericho catches him in a Walls of Jericho. Santana struggles and makes it to the ropes. Kingston gets on the apron and Jericho slugs him. Jericho goes for a Judas Effect but Santana and Ortiz avoid it for a double team strike and the 1-2-3.

WINNERS: Santana & Ortiz

Jericho goes after Eddie, but officials hold the two back.

Cole and ReDRagon are with the Young Bucks. Cole asks about their whereabouts, and The Young Bucks said going after Hangman is like beating a dead horse. Both team vy for their spot in the tag team battle royal as they leave Hangman the sole member in the picture.

No Disqualification Match

Mercedes Martinez vs. Thunder Rosa

Rosa doesn’t wait for the ring to get into the fight. Weapons are used quickly as Rosa pulls out a table from underneath the ring. Mercedes throws her into the steel steps. Rosa fires back by sending her back first into the barricade with kind of a scary fall. The fight goes into the crowd and Rosa leaps off a steel railing with a cross body as we go to break.

Back from it, Mercedes hits a fisherman’s buster on Rosa through a leaning table to the outside. Mercedes props Rosa up in the corner and hoists her on the shoulders for a DVD attempt. Rosa turns it into a Frankensteiner. Rosa puts a trash can over Martinez and nails her patented running dropkick. Rosa drags Martinez over to the corner and climbs up top, but Martinez hits her while up top. Spider German suplex by Mercedes.

Mercedes falls major harsh onto Rosa (she slipped) and it gets a two count. There’s a pile of chairs set up as Merceds goes for a powerbomb, but TR turns it into a crucifix bomb. Rosa hits a Fire Thunder Drive on the chairs. 1-2-3.

WINNER: Thunder Rosa

Post-match, Thunder Rosa gives Mercedes a show of respect after the match and out comes Britt, Jamie Hayter and Rebel. Britt walks up Martin Kove and her sensei tells him to finish her. They attack her and Britt implores Mercedes to finish her. Mercedes hesitates and gets ambushed by Britt’s gang.

We see a video package featuring the House of Black. Malakai is playing with tarot cards as we get a knock on the door.

We see a video hyping Jay White and his match against Trent Beretta.

TNT Championship

Darby Allin (with Sting) vs. Sammy Guevara (c)

Darby offers a handshake and Sammy takes it before the match. Lock up and reset. Big time dueling chants. This is back and forth athleticism as Sammy kicks Darby up top. Darby elbows Sammy away from a Spanish Fly attempt, but Sammy nails a buckle bomb that sends Darby harshly to the outside floor. Sammy gets Darby back in the ring for a two count.

Back from it, it’s Darby back in control with two coffin splashes in the corner and then a coffin splash on Sammy’s knee. “Darby” chants. Darby focuses on Sammy’s knee. Sammy however, hits a Spanish fly. Darby soon regains control and locks in a figure four. Sammy reverses it but Darby rolls it back over. Sammy and Darby exchange slaps and the figure four breaks. Sammy goes for a GTH but Darby shakes for a Last Supper pin. Two count. Stunner. Sammy goes outside and Darby topes, but Sammy nails a cutter. “A-E-Dub” chants.

Darby gets Sammy down for a Coffin Drop attempt, but Assistant Jose hops on the apron. Sting pulls Jose off. Andrade hits Darby with a tablet. Sammy nails a GTH on Darby to get the win.

WINNER and STILL TNT Champion: Sammy Guevara

Post-match, Matt Hardy runs down to the ring to attack Darby. Sammy chases Matt off until Andrade hits him from behind. Sting comes in to make sure the chicanery ends and so does the show.

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