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AEW Dynamite Results (03/10/2021)


March 10, 2021, Jacksonville, Florida

Commentators: Jim Ross, Tony Schiavone & Excalibur

Rey Fenix (with PAC) vs. Matt Jackson (with Nick Jackson)

Bell rings and the two lock up. Shots to ribs by Fenix, but Matt wrenches the rm. REy rolls through on the mat to wrench Matt’s arm in return. Matt flips it into a snapmare. Crisp dropkick by Fenix. SCU are shown sitting in the crowd. Matt wants a hand lock up and Rey goes for it. Matt kicks him in the gut and pie faces. Rey makes him pay with an overhand chop. Fancy springboard armdrag by Fenix. He then dives on top of Matt to the outside before doing such several more times. PAC and Nick observe on. Rey arm bumps with The Bastard before going back in the ring.

Buzzkiller by Rey. Matt rolls on his back to get a two count. Matt kicks Rey crisp, laying him against the bottom rope. The two get to their feet and Rey corners Matt. The two chop back and forth on the top and Rey goes for a leaping Frankensteiner but Matt turns it into a stellar sit-out powerbomb. Rey rolls to the outside.

Matt plows Rey into the apron and springboard sentons on top of Rey for a two count. Double axe handle to the back of Rey who then stomps and shoves his knee into the back of Fenix. Rey chops but Matt turns the momentum of a wheelbarrow into a facebuster to down Fenix.

Matt goes for a powerbomb, but Rey rolls through. Matt continues that momentum into a sharpshooter. Matt elbows Rey in the back and delivers a shot to the mush of Fenix. A leaping spinning savate kick by Rey as he follows that up with a springboard missile dropkick. Rey tries to hoist Matt up but his back gives out. Rey, however, leaps from the ground to catch Matt with a cutter. Referee Rick Knox begins his ten count and the two answer by trading shots. Airplane submission turned into a sit-out buster gets a near fall for Fenix.

Matt attempts to suplex Rey onto the entryway, but Rey shakes free. He goes to run the tightrope to kick Matt but him moves and catches Rey with a destroyer back into the ring. Matt then piledrives him onto the apron. Knox counts and Rey just answers at nine. Matt leaps off with a beauty of an elbow drop from up top. 1-2-kickout.

Matt cranks back on the sharpshooter once more, but Rey crawls and causes Jackson to lose his footing. Rey charges Matt for a dropkick but hits Nick instead so Matt slides out and superkicks PAC. Back in the ring, the competitors fight it out. Matt hits two superkicks, but Rey kips up with an enziguri.

The two meet each other face to face and trade some shots. They both superkick one another in the leg. Matt goes for a tombstone piledriver, but Rey Fenix reverses it for a Thunder Driver and it’s good enough for the 1-2-3.

WINNER: Rey Fenix

Eddie Kingston is sitting with Mox. He explains what happened. The anxiety took over as the moment took him back to his days in a prison cell. That’s what happened go ahead and make fun of him. Eddie thinks Kenny was playing tricks while Mox thinks Omega had plans to legit blow him up. Mox mentions how awful that bomb was. He and Eddie bust one another’s balls over some sips of whisky. Mox certainly has his drinking buddy back.

Cody Rhodes (with Arn Anderson) vs. Seth Gargis

Before the match, Cody leaps in the crowd to hand his weightlifting belt to a fan. He enters and the bell rings. Cody shows his power by putting Gargis in a powerslam. Cody locks in the figure four and Gargis submits.

WINNER: Cody Rhodes

There’s a faulty mic and Cody tosses Schiavone a fresh one. Tony asks him about his shoulder. Cody doesn’t want to talk about that and doesn’t even get a chance to as Penta El Zero Miedo interrupts on the mic from the Spanish commentary team. He says he’s a better wrestler than him. If Cody’s the prince of pro wrestling, then he’s the lord of lucha libre. Penta begins to speak in English. At Revolution, you lost. He then tells Alex to tell Cody is lucky he didn’t hurt his arm even more or else he wouldn’t be able to pick up his newborn baby girl. That fires Cody up and he runs into the crowd to fight with Penta.

We cut to Orange Cassidy and Chuck Taylor in an arcade. Taylor wants one more match as he notes Orange didn’t put any coins in the arcade. Orange had an idea which Chuck conveys:: arcade games around the ring and they put Miro and Kip’s heads through all of them. “And then we break you,” adds Orange.

Sting talk with Tony Schiavone about his successful win at AEW Revolution

Tony Schiavone introduces Sting. Sting comes out and calls Darby a dangerous man. He takes risks. A lot of the time it isn’t even calculated. You combine that with Sting and they get a win. Out comes Lance Archer. He says he’s gonna take his time, he expresses he doesn’t need a ladder match to prove his worth and says that he wants more opportunity. He leaves and the interview pretty much ends after that.

Ethan Page vs. Lee Johnson (with QT Marshall)

Both Johnson and Page cut their own respective promos before getting down to business. Page stays on the offense to Johnson. We’re getting NBA audio over the match for some reason. A definite technical issue.

Back from break, the audio is still happening. Lee and Page go back and forth and find themselves on the top turnbuckle. Page vaults him off the top with a bodyslam and then leaps through the ropes with a cutter. Lee lands on his leg awkwardly and favors it, but Ethan Page boots him in the face. Lee rolls to the outside as QT watches on. Page picks Lee up and lands The Ego’s Edge for the finish.

WINNER: “All Ego” Ethan Page

Post-match, Page adds further attack to Lee and QT does nothing. Dustin Rhodes run out as QT walks off.

We cut to Alex Marvez backstage as he checks in to see what Hangman has been spending Matt’s money on. Hangman wheels in on a tractor before saying he bought six bottles of whiskey, all of Dwight Yoakham on vinyl and I believe a new horse and this tractor here. The Dark Order comes in and all hitch a ride with him.

Christian Cage AEW Dynamite Debut

Tony Schiavone begins to hype up Christian Cage when broom ladies come out before the World Champion Kenny Omega appears along with Don Callis and The Good Brothers. Kenny is sporting a festive shirt. Callis has the mic. Callis says you’re not going to get to hear from the new signee of AEW, because Kenny and The Good Brothers decided to take this time. He says he stands next to “The King Of The Deathmatch” Kenny Omega.

Callis said everything went according to plan. Omega said not everything and Callis noted the snafu that went down. He is not going to confirm or deny any involvement, but he relishes in the idea that he took away from what the fan’s moment. They took away Mox’s heroic demise, they took away Eddie Kingston’s star-making moments. They made them look like a pair of idiots. Kenny is getting goosebumps of the idea of vaporizing Jon Moxley in that ring, but at least they embarrassed them. Those were indeed memories created, but out comes an angry Eddie. Callis tries to talk to him. He had him in IMPACT Wrestling working for him. He saw the talent. He saw the star-maker in him. He had to fire him. Why? He did the same thing he’s done his whole life. He found a way to screw it up. Just like Sunday when he laid their and they laughed and laughed. That was his moment and they took it away. Because Don likes him he’s gonna give him ten seconds to leave. A countdown clock commences. Kenny and Don recreate the embarrassing moment for Eddie who stares on.

Kenny continues to instigate and Eddie slugs him. The Good Brothers go in for a beat down, but out comes Mox. He and eddie clear house. A brawl ensues. The music hits and out comes Christian. He stands on stage as Kenny gets to his feet in the ring. Christian enters the squared circle. They stand face to face. Kenny goes for a handshake, but Christian doesn’t accept. Omega goes for a sucker punch, but Christian ducks it and sets him up for an Unprettier. Callis drags Kenny to safety, but Christian stands in the ring and grabs the AEW World Title.

Britt Baker (with Rebel), Nyla Rose (with Vickie Guerrero) and Maki Itoh vs. Thunder Rosa, Ryo Misunami & Hikaru Shida

Itoh comes out and a brawl breaks out, but she continues singing nonetheless. Finally the bell rings and she and Shida start it off before Ryo takes over with her chops. She taunts again and then Thunder Rosa gets the tag. Nyla does too and she trades shots. Nyla covers for a pin attempt and we go picture-in-picture.

Shida suplexes her partner Ryo into the corner allowing her boots to hit the mid-section of Britt.

Rosa and Britt duke it out. Hard lariats by Rosa before she dumps Baker out. Rosa does a corkscrew crossbody on top of everyone involved. Rosa gets her leg grabbed by Vickie and it allows Itoh to capitalize, but Rosa soon catches her with her Thunder Rosa Driver and gets the win.

WINNERS: Thunder Rosa, Hikaru Shida and Ryo Misunami

Post-match, Britt attacks Rosa and locks her in the Lockjaw.

Backstage, Matt is with Private Party. He says he needs to bring more money in. Page stole his money like some bizarro Robin Hood. Hardy reveals that he signed Butcher, Blade and Bunny to the Hardy Compound Empire.

TNT Championship

Scorpio Sky vs. Darby Allin

Bell rings. Darby goes for a fist bump and Sky obliges before locking up. The two reset. Snapmare to headlock by Darby. Back to their feet, drop toe hold by Sky leads to a hammerlock by Allin. Some pin attempts go down as Sky takes a moment to collect himself. They circle one another and Darby has a waist lock that he won’t release. Sky struggles and makes it to the ropes. Sky turns it into his own waist lock before slamming Darby down. Darby frees himself and the action goes to the outside. Darby lands awkwardly on his ankle. Sky keeps him down before putting Darby in a backbreaker and cranking down over the knee until we go to picture in picture.

Back from break, Sky has Darby locked in an abdominal stretch. Darby soon counters a sunset flip for a near fall. Sky nails Darby with a powerful right hand. Scorpio looks to hit him again, but Darby flips over for his patented stunner. Two count. Darby nails a Code Red for a near fall. “This is awesome” chants. Darby soon gets nailed by a big boot. Sky goes for three Germans, but Darby blocks the third. Sky sends Darby hard into the corner.

Sy leaps up for a springboard, but Darby shoves him off. Darby attempts a tope and Sky catches him with a cutter out of the ring. He gets Darby back on the canvas and covers: 1-2-no. Sky hits a fisherman’s buster for another two.

Darby goes for Coffin Drop but Sky catches him with a sit-out powerbomb instead, he gets a two count. Sky goes for a TKO but Darby reverses it into a small package: 1-2-3.

WINNER and STILL TNT Champion: Darby Allin

Post-match, Darby pats Sky on the shoulder as a sign of respect, but Scorpio trips him up for a leg lock on Darby’s bad ankle and won’t let go. The officials come out to break it up and as Sky relents he looks at his hands and smiles.

Inner Circle War Council

We go to the Inner Circle War Council in the ring after break. Jericho says The Inner Circle has been in decline over the last month, but that’s easily remedied because they are so smart. Jericho teases the possibility of a new member. MJF isn’t for that, but says maybe it’s time to kick someone out. Suddenly, out comes Sammy Guevara.

Jericho asks Sammy what he’s doing here. Sammy says he knows that Jericho isn’t happy with him, but he wants to show him something. He presents the big screen. He shows MJF backstage with Jake Hager, Santana and Ortiz. Maz conspires to turn on Jericho and IC seems down. When Max goes to execute the plan in the ring, the trio turn back on MJF. Jericho reveals that they talk to one another daily. He shoves Max down and fires him. Jericho wants to give him an old school Inner Circle beatdown. MJF begs him off and says he doesn’t want to take over the IC, because he was too busy building his own. THe lights go out and we see Wardlow, Shawn Spears, Tully and FTR. Santana and Ortiz are handcuffed as Wardlow drops Jericho hard on his knee. FTR picks S&O up for piledrivers as Tully leaps off to drop them on their heads. Max then hits Jericho with the Dynamite Diamond. He stares down at Jericho as Chris is busted open. MJF nails Chris with his own bat. They carry Jericho t the stage and Wardlow powerbombs him off the stage. The new faction stand over him as the show ends.

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