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AEW Dynamite Results (04/14/2021)


April 14, 2021, Jacksonville, Florida

Commentators: Jim Ross, Tony Schiavone & Excalibur

The Young Bucks start off the show in the vignette. They said they simply chose friendship. They’re no longer just a club of friends, but Don Callis was right. Matt says they haven’t felt the same since coming to AEW. Matt’s no longer content. He think it’s time to bring back the old Young Bucks. Better yet, he thinks it’s time to bring back a newer, better version of themselves.

Mike Tyson introduces himself to the world backstage, but is interrupted by MJF. He tries to remind Mike that Jericho is his enemy. Mike doesn’t seem to be having it and it’s Max who presents him with a blank check. Tyson immediately rips it up. MJF: “I’ll remember that, Mike. I’ll remember that.”

AEW World Tag Team Championships

Death Triangle (Rey Fenix & PAC) vs. The Young Bucks (c) (with Don Callis)

Matt and PAC start it off. They trade wrist locks nd continue to go back and forth with arm wrenches and such. Headlock takedowns and the two stand nose to nose. Matt tags in Nick. PAC tags in Rey. Some wild athleticism going down before Nick lariats him down. Several major tag teams are shown observing from the crowd. Tag to Matt.

Rey turns a double team into a hurricanrana and it sets PAC up for a major outside dive. A hard shot reels Matt and Rey body slams him before tagging in PAC to set up a series of kicks by the Death Triangle. Pinning combo by Rey gets a two count. Matt sweeps the leg of Rey as he’s on the top rope and The Bucks clear PAC of the apron. Face buster by Nick on Rey for a moment to gloat. The Bucks continue to isolate Rey, but he does make a hot tag to PAC. A flurry of kicks to Matt before hitting a brain buster. Two count.

PAC slams Matt’s mug on opposite sides of the turnbuckle. Jim Ross compares PAC to the late Dynamite Kid who continues to deliver chest kicks to Matt. That’s until Nick pulls him out of the ring and The Bucks gang up on him before attacking Rey. They deliver stereo apron powerbombs on their opponents.

PAC is now the one isolated. Rising knee strike from Nick Jackson in their corner as it’s Matt who tags in. He taunts a handspring, but then just walks over and back rakes The Bastard. We go to break.

Back from it, PAC is still isolated, but he’s able send both brothers out of the ring. PAC goes to tag, but Nick pulls Fenix off the apron. Crowd boos The Bucks heavily. Matt mockingly cries in the ring for his actions, but a lariat from PAC turns him inside out and opens a window of opportunity. Both men make tags and it’s Rey who makes plenty of the offense. Major springboard arm drag on the brothers and a double cutter gets a near fall.

Wheelbarrow double foot stomp and then a blue thunder bomb by PAC gets a near fall. PAC soon hits a German on Matt. He goes for a second nd Rey helps him out with a kick to Matt’s head. Rey dives on Nick and PAC bridges: 1-2-kickout.

Matt is laid out. PAC goes for a Black Arrow but Nick saves him. He gets taken down with a rebound destroyer by Nick Jackson. Soon, PAC and Matt slug it out and find themselves on the pron. Their partners pull both men down and give their foes reverse ranas. Rey then hits a cutter on the outside.

Rey sends Matt back in the ring and PAC makes his way back too. Matt is propped up top and Fenix makes the tag. PAC superplexes Matt and Rey Fenix hits a frog splash: 1-2-no! Rey tags in PAC and he hits a Black Arrow! 1-2-Nick shoves Rey into the pin and breaks it up. Nick drags Matt over and tags himself in. PC catches him with a boot in the corner and goes for his slingshot German, but Rey tags himself in. Matt catches Rey with a superkick and unmasks him! Rey quickly covers up and doesn’t see a stereo superkick to his face as Nick rolls him up for the 1-2-3!

WINNERS and STILL AEW World Tag Team Champions: The Young Bucks

Adam Page is backstage with The Dark Order. Marvez asks him about being number one ranked for the AEW World Title and his former friend in Kenny Omega. Page is more focused on John Silver’s recovery status and then some southwest egg rolls. He walks off as John continues his “rehab.”

Marvez returns with Inner Circle and Mike Tyson. Jericho says they decided to change their ways and make some phone calls to make amends. First person he called was Mike Tyson. Now thankfully, Mike has had their backs last week. He doesn’t expect Tyson to lean his way and Tyson makes as much clear: he’s gonna call it right down the middle.

Red Velvet vs. Jade Cargill

The bell rings and Red lays in some rights, but a pump kick downs her. A spinning axe kick evens the odds and Red dumps Jade out. Velvet does a tope suicida on Jade. Jade soon recovers and tosses her into the barricade. She then gives her a fallaway slam into Red’s friends at ringside. Velvet just barely beats the count as Jade gives her stalling suplex back in the ring.

Back from break, Jade collides with the ring post after being super-kicked. Collisions mid-ring before Red lariats Jade down and then nails her with a face buster. Standing moonsault. Kick out at two.

Velvet goes for a top rope moonsault, but Jade rolls out of the way and hits her Jaded finisher for the W.

WINNER: Jade Cargill

Britt Baker has n update on the women’s rankings. She says she has two wins more than Red Velvet now. She’s going to move up to the #2 spot.

Anthony Agogo (with The Factory) vs. Cole Karter

Collar elbow starts it off. Waist locks traded. Karter arm drags him down but a gut shot downs Cole completely. Ref calls for the bell.

WINNER: Anthony Agogo

Miro hasn’t heard from Kip Sabian since Arcade Anarchy. He recommends all champions in AEW pull a Kip and run and hide.

Dax Harwood vs. Chris Jericho With Special Ringside Enforcer: Mike Tyson

The two pepper one another with shots, but two shots send Dax out for a powder. Jericho immediately grabs chair and Tyson pulls it away. Dax provokes Tyson before grabbing a bat. Tyson grabs that. Jericho sends Dax into the barricade. They brawl in the crowd.

Back in the ring, Dax takes control, but Jericho levels it out with a series of lariats in the corner before clotheslining him center ring. He bails and goes to the medical table for Doc Sampson to check on his stitches, but then hits Jericho with a mic and then a pen. Chris downs Dax and then grabs a camera as we get a first person view of his attack.

Back in the ring once more is brief as Dax sends him hard into the ring post as Tyson and Dax jaw jack. We go to picture-in-picture.

Jericho and Dax chop one another down but Chris catches him with a double axe handle before hitting his patented face buster and then his Lionsault for a two count. Chris kicks Dax in the gut, but Dax fires back with some harsh elbows. Big clothesline by Chris. Two count. Dax gets a near fall of his own with a springboard powerbomb!

Jericho gets Dax in a Lion tamer, but Cash meddles. Tyson interferes but in comes Sammy G into even the odds. Dax hits a massive brain buster on Jericho and gets a very near fall. Inner Circle and The Pinnacle brawl it out on stage. Cash grabs the bat to interfere but Tyson KOs him. Chris then catches Dax with a Judas Effect and then gets the pinfall win.

WINNER: Chris Jericho

Post-match, Chris Jericho officially makes Tyson an ancillary member of Inner Circle.

Don Callis is with The new Elite. When The Bucks came back, it wasn’t the end of the story. It is just the beginning. Kenny was sick of these non-sport fans to be just like them. Well they don’t want to be. The Bucks say they are back and the tag division has been put on notice. All their challengers have a BTE Trigger with their damn names on it. Don Callis says for everyone to be prepared to be surprised again. Don Callis literally superkicks the camera man.

Thunder Rosa doesn’t just want the AEW Women’s World Title, she wants the NWA Women’s Worlds Title too. She’s here to take over the world.

Amber Nova vs. Kris Statlander (with Orange Cassidy & BFs)

Kris bops referee Paul Turner before dropping her down at the ropes. Kris and Nova go back and forth and then Statlander gorilla presses her. Flipping senton on Nova. A running elbow and then a running knee strike to Nova. Big roundhouse kick to Nova. She hits her Super Nova piledriver for the W.

WINNER: Kris Statlander

Ricky Starks is getting impatient at waiting for Christian Cage’s answer to joining Team Taz. Taz recommends that Starks stays backstage as they try to seal the deal with Christian. The other Cage in Brian agrees to that suggestion, but Taz also says it’s probably best if Brian stays put as well as he Hobbs, and Hook handle matters. Tony Schiavone speaks with Christian next.

Christian notes how it’s a huge thrill to stand next to Tony Schiavone for the first time. Cage is in gear and ready to wrestle tonight, but out comes Taz, Hobbs and Hook. “What is the deal, bro? Are you in or out?” Christian says Team Taz is a bit of a dumpster fire. He came here to win championships. His answer is no. Taz calls him a shit bag. He just made the biggest mistake of his life. He never liked him, he never liked his stupid buddy who carried him and Cage has the audacity to wear his colors and turn him down. Cage and Hobbs go at it but it’s Powerhouse who downs him. Cage goes for the Killswitch, but Hook hops on the apron and allows Hobbs to lay him out. He attacks him on the outside. Hobbs steps on Christian’s head as he’s laid over the steel steps.

TNT Championship Falls Count Anywhere Match

Matt Hardy vs. Darby Allin (c)

Hardy immediately grabs a chair. Darby avoids the swing but Matt does catch him mid-air in a Coffin Drop springboard. Matt continues to use the chair as they spill to the outside. Darby’s back is bleeding as Matt sends him back into the ring.

Hardy continues to utilize the chair. He jabs Darby in the abs with it, but Darby palm strikes back. Hardy hits a neck breaker and gets a two count.

Matt regains control with more chair shots. He lays Allin’s head on the chair and goes to give him a Twist of Fate. Darby literally turns it around and tees off on Matt with the chair. Suddenly, the HFO come in and assault Allin. Dark Order come to aid Darby and so does Sting. He attacks Private Party and lariats them out of the ring.

Back from break, Darby is send careening over the barricade by Matt as Sting handles Private Party in the ring. Enter Ethan Page and Scorpio Sky but who cuts them off at the pass, but Lance Archer. Archer delivers a Black Out to Isiah in synergy with Sting. Darby and Matt brawl on stage and Matt hangs a chair on Darby’s head and hits a Twist of Fate on the stage. 1-2-kickout!

Darby and Mat brawl backstage past Tony Khan. Matt sends Allin sliding across the table. He sets up a ladder. Darby is on the table. Matt hits his leg drop through the table. Matt covers: 1-2-kick out!

Matt carries him back outside into the arena. On the stage, Darby crawls and Matt talks trash. Matt gives him some hard shots nd he goes to powerbomb him off the stage, but Darby low blows him. Darby grabs Sting’s bat. Matt retreats towards commentary. Darby beats him down with the bat. He clears the table and places Matt on the table. He then begins to scale the massive pillar and Coffin Drops on top of Matt! 1-2-3.

WINNER and STILL TNT Champion: Darby Allin

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