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AEW Dynamite Results (05/12/2021)

Tonight on AEW Dynamite, Darby Allin has a tall order ahead of him as he defends his TNT Title against Miro, Jon Moxley opens the “Forbidden Door” to Yuji Nagata as he defends his IWGP United States Title, The Young Bucks set to break up SCU and Orange Cassidy and PAC compete to see who challenges Kenny Omega at Double or Nothing!


May 12, 2o21, Jacksonville, FL, Daily’s Place

Commentary: Jim Ross, Tony Schiavone & Excalibur

IWGP United States Championship

Yuji Nagata vs. Jon Moxley (c) (with Eddie Kingston)

Nagata comes out first and Moxley comes out to “Wild Thing” for some Rick Vaughn vibes. Bell rings and forearm shivers are traded. Kitchen sink and big boot by Nagata which causes Mox to powder. Rocky Romero is shown clapping at ringside. Mox hits a diving knee strike off the apron and he gets back in the ring. Not long until Yuji does the same. Two men stand head to head as Mox lays in some corner lariats before laying Nagata out and dropping an elbow for a pin attempt. Mox tees off with kicks as Nagata asks for more. Mox downs him for two

Nagata catches Mox leaping off top and he gives Mox his own versions of some kicks before hitting an exploder suplex for two. More forearms, but Yuji fakes with a dropkick to hit one from the basement. Some mighty harsh leg strikes by Nagata and Mox wants more. The two trade shots center ring. Mox avoids a high boot to hit a German suplex. Big lariat for a near fall.

Mox goes for a piledriver, but Nagata flips him over. Running knees in the corner by Yuji. Exploder avalanche by Nagata. Mox flips him the bird. Big knee strike. Very near fall.

Mox has Nagata in a sleeper, but Nagata counters with his Shiro May armbreaker, but Mox makes it to the ropes. Shots traded again. JR notes that Nagata was one of Antonio Inoki’s favorites. Enziguri by Nagata, Mox hits a sliding lariat for two. Bulldog choke by Mox, but Nagata gets free and shots traded once again. Quick knee strikes by Mox who hits a Paradigm Shift. 1-2-3.

WINNER and STILL IWGP United States Champion: Jon Moxley

Post-match, Nagata and Mox share some mad respect with one another.

Ortiz of Inner Circle says Max showed his true colors at Blood and Guts as he threw Jericho off the cage and then had Santana arrested for using a fork, Hager, Sammy and Ortiz want a rematch or else tonight’s coronation will turn into a funeral.

Cody Rhodes says he has never not been proud to be an American and then addresses Anthony Agogo. He has run down and verbally anihillated the United States and the irony is that he is afforded the rights we all are as United States citizens. Cody says there’s anger in every pocket, but our empathy outweighs are anger. He doesn’t mean to disparage anyone from across the pond and credits Doug Williams and PAC. He then cites a Willie Nelson song. Well Cody stopped singing with Agogo’s liver shot. Cody credits Bruno Sammartino for holding the world title for eight years, he credits Shad Khan for making a name of himself and talks about the history of Georgia. He mentions the upcoming birth of his baby girl of both races. He didn’t lay under that Union Jack flag, he got back up. He challenges Agogo at Double Or Nothing, but he won’t be going against “The American Nightmare.” At Double or Nothing it will be Anthony Agogo vs. “The American Dream” Cody Rhodes.

AEW Tag Team Championships

SCU vs. The Young Bucks (c)

Don Callis joins commentary. Kaz and Nick start it off. The two dudes slap one another and Nick bails. Kaz gives chase and catches him with a savate kick before tagging in CD. Double team by SCU. Slingshot elbow drop by Daniels followed by a slingshot elbow from Kaz. Two count.

The Bucks soon take the battle to the outside as they send both SCU members into the barricade. They set up Daniels on the apron for a flipping senton and we cut to break.

Back from the break, SCU go for the BME but Nick shoves him off. Kaz still downs tThe Buck, but Nick does catch Kaz with springboard facebuster. Daniels’ head was driven into the ring post and Daniels is bleeding heavily. Kaz knocks Matt down fr a very near fall and CD is all kinds of crimson. Kaz is isolated. Kaz has both the Bucks in the pinning combo, and then rolls Matt up in a small package for a very visual three count, but Gallows hops on the apron. Kaz hits a Styles Clash on Matt, but Nick makes the massive save. Bucks soon get a near fall on Kaz, but CD comes in for the save. Angel’s Wings on Nick. Daniels gets speared. He goes for an Angel’s Wings on Matt, but he reverses that. Matt does the HBK “I’m sorry, I love you” to CD before super-kicking him. CD kicks out. CD hits a BME and Nick makes the save. Cutler hits CD with a spray and Matt takes advantage, but the CD kicks out still. BTE Trigger eventually downs CD for the 1-2-3.

WINNERS and STILL AEW Tag Team Champions: The Young Bucks

Kaz is astounded at the loss as they cut to Mox and Kingston destroying The Elite’s locker room in anger.

Back from break we see SCU embracing before we cut to Christian Cage. He tells Taz to send one of his members next week to sign an open contract. He also reveals that he’s throwing his hat in the ring for the Casino Battle Royale. Enter Matt Sydal who says he has the same plan. Christian makes a joke at his “slip-up” from last year and Matt brushes it off. He tells Christian that he happened to sign that open contract so it’s him and Cage next week.

AEW Eliminator Match

Orange Cassidy (with Best Friends) vs. PAC (with Death Triangle)

Orange puts his shades on PAC. PAC crunches them up like Goro. He hits a Beach Break on PAC. Two count. Cassidy pockets his hands to dive onto PAC on the outside before pulling out a pair of back-up shades. We go to break.

Back from break, the two men are brawling on the outside as PAC sends OC into the barricade several times. PAC drives his knee into Orange’s throat before hitting a shotgun dropkick in the ring from up top. PAC hits a second one from the opposite corner. OC is laid out perfectly for the Black Arrow, but OC gets to his feet before getting hit with a third shotgun dropkick to the back. Two count.

Orange rolls away from a Black Arrow, but PAC comes over to stomp on him. This time, Orange rolls in under the corner to avoid PAC. Orange rolls him up for a two count. Big Liger Bomb by PAC for a near fall. Aubrey checks on Orange who might legit be hurt. He takes a moment to casually roll out of the ring as PAC boots him out and we go to break.

Back from it, Orange is being tended to by the ringside staff and Don Callis come out to cut a promo. Kenny nails PAC behind with the belt and is laid out. Aubrey counts to ten and there is a no contest.

Callis celebrates and says they have Double or Nothing off. Tony Schiavone interrupts the two, but Kenny interrupts him to put on Orange’s old Ray Bans. He reveals that Kenny will face both PAC and Orange Cassidy in a three-way match at Double or Nothing. Kenny is irate and unhinged.

The Elite are in their locker room and Gallows is upset about the tornado that went through. The Bucks cut a promo on The Varsity Blonds who happen to be the top contenders for the belts and they’ll be facing them next week.

Adam Page is fine that he dropped in the AEW Rankings, noting that it took three guys to take him out. Maybe Brian Cage didn’t beat him, but Taz did. He challenges Cage just “one-on-one” in the ring. “It’s Double Or Nothing.” John Silver and Dark Order are impressed with the delivery.

MJF comes out to the “Pinnacle Coronation” with a crown on. He says he told everyone that he’s going to take Chris Jericho’s spot and now he’s the greatest of all time. He tells everyone to bow to the Pinnacle. He puts over Shawn Spears and declines The Inner Circle’s rematch. Tully gets on the mic. He said IC took everything they had and they quit. When you quit, you stinkin’ quit. He has bought all of The Pinnacle Rolexes. Suddenly a horn honks. MJF ain’t pleased and the IC comes rolling in on a mini-trunk with a Bubbly banner. Jericho pops up from behind it. Jericho inquires about a rematch once more “Yes or no?” Once again, MJF’s answer is no. Clarify please? “N-O.” Inner Circle hoses Pinnacle down with The Bubbly Austin beer truck style. MJF is soaked and irate. He gives Jericho a rematch for DON: Stadium Stampede. If they lose, Inner Circle has to break up: “FOREVER!” No answer yet from Inner Circle.

JR is sat with Britt Baker earlier in the day. He cites Britt’s face injury from last year. Ever since then she’s been the baddest bitch on the block. It’s poetic that the monster Shida created is going to kill her.

JR brings up a photo shoot with Tony Khan that Britt crashed as she and Shida were pulled apart. She says that Forbes magazine should have a photo with the future champion. She guarantees a win at AEW Double or Nothing.

Thunder Rosa vs. Jazmin Allure

Allure has flashes of offense against Rosa, but TR takes it to her. She hits a running senton, but pulls Allure up and wags a finger. Shoulder breaker and Thunder Driver for the 1-2-3.

WINNER: Thunder Rosa

Serena Deeb will take on Red Velvet next week. She returns to defend her NWA Women’s Worlds Title.

Earlier in the day, Tony Schiavone is standing by with Jade Cargill. He notes Mark Sterling pitched an offer to manage her, but Jade makes it clear she handles her own business (aka: still a free agent). “I’m that bitch.”

There’s a video of Darby Allin driving around in Seattle. He likes coming here because it reminds him where he came from. He’s walking around a run down skate park. He doesn’t buy what Miro is selling. At the end of the day, Darby knows exactly who he is, does Miro? Miro isn’t taking this belt from him. He’ll have to admit he’s one of the toughest men he’s ever stepped into the ring with.

TNT Championship

Miro vs. Darby Allin (c) (with Sting)

Before the bell even rings, Miro drags Darby in for a beatdown. He demands the official to ring the bell. Darby rolls to the outside. Miro tosses him and then tosses him into the barricade. Brawl spills into the crowd and Miro vaults Darby back over the barricade to ringside. Finally, we’re back in the ring. Ref Paul Turner checks in on Darby and Miro charges in with the knee. Turner asks Darby again and tells him to ring the bell. He immediately gets kicked once it does. Cover, 1-2-no!

On the outside again, Darby hits Miro with two shotgun dropkicks. Darby slides off Miro to shove him into the ring post. Tope cannoball by Darby. He leaps off to the outside for a Coffin Drop, but Miro catches him into a German onto the floor. We go to break.

During the break, Ethan Page and Scorpio Sky attack Sting. Back in the ring, Miro is in control. Bearhug by Miro. Darby fights back with a sleeper choke. Miro is fading but just makes it to the ropes. Darby has his belt in hand. Cross arm strikes by Allin. Sleeper on the outside. Miro reaches to hit Allin with the TNT Title, but ref pulls it out of reach. Miro is fading once more but collides into the stage wall to break the hold.

Sting is back at ringside s we go back to the ring. Miro elbows Darby’s shoulder harshly. He slams Darby into the ropes. Darby fist bumps Sting while he’s down. Darby stands up slaps Miro. He back tackles Miro and hits two stunners. Darby goes for the Coffin Drop. Miro catches him, goes for suplex, Darby lands on his feet and rolls him up for a near fall. Code Red by Darby for another near fall. Darby has Miro in a Fujiwa armbar, but Miro rolls free and cinches in the game over. Darby fades and the ref calls for the bell.

WINNER and NEW AEW TNT Champion: Miro

Post-match, Ethan Page and Sky attack Sting once more and Lance Archer with Jake Roberts shows up on stage to confront the new champ.


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