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AEW Dynamite Results (06/07/2023)

All Elite Wrestling will deliver a star-studded show with the June 7 episode of AEW Dynamite.

Among other matches, Orange Cassidy will defend the AEW International Championship against Swerve Strickland. Plus, Kris Statlander will put the TBS Championship on the line against Anna Jay A.S. Elsewhere on the show, fans will hear from AEW World Champion MJF.

AEW International Championship: Orange Cassidy (c) vs. Swerve Strickland (with Mogul Embassy)

Strickland and Cassidy feel each other out early on. They’re evenly matched as they trade counters. Cassidy sends Swerve to the outside. Strickland lures Cassidy to the outside and slams him into the barricade. Back in the ring, both men spill over the ropes, and Cassidy hits a hurricanrana. Cassidy dives onto Swerve and gets him back into ring. He hits a diving crossbody, but Swerve drops him with a stiff shot to the face. Cassidy fires back, and both men are down. A distraction from Prince Nana helps Strickland gain the upper hand.

Swerve grounds Cassidy. The champion rallies and slams Swerve for a two-count. Strickland hits a Death Valley Driver on the apron. Cassidy hits a diving DDT off the apron and onto the floor. He gets a two-count with a diving DDT. Nana distracts Cassidy, who moves, which causes Strickland to accidentally knock him off the apron. Cassidy gets a two-count with the Beach Break. Swerve spikes Cassidy with a brainbuster on the floor. Cassidy gets a two-count with a crucifix pin attempt. Swerve drills him with a kick and hits the Swerve Stomp for a near fall. They trade pin attempts, and Cassidy scores the win.

Winner and still AEW International Champion: Orange Cassidy

Mogul Embassy attacks Cassidy. The lights go out, and when they come back on, Sting and Darby Allin are standing tall in the ring.

A video package highlights the feud between Jay White and Ricky Starks.

A brief video package replays Bryan Danielson’s challenge to Kazuchika Okada.

Blackpool Combat Club (Jon Moxley, Claudio Castagnoli & Wheeler Yuta) vs. CHAOS (Trent Beretta, Chuck Taylor & Rocky Romero)

CHAOS takes the fight to Blackpool Combat Club while they’re still making their entrance. Trent superplexes Yuta. Taylor keeps up the attack with a piledriver. Claudio stomps Taylor, and the BCC takes control. Romero dives onto Moxley at ringside. Taylor dives onto Castagnoli. Blackpool Combat Club gains the advantage again and isolates Taylor. Yuta dumps Taylor with a German suplex. Beretta tags in and takes Moxley down with a Spear. He suplexes Moxley and drills him with some strikes. Romero hits a diving crossbody. The match breaks down and bodies start flying.

Romero and Beretta double-team Moxley. Beretta gets a two-count with the Storm Zero on Moxley. Romero traps Moxley with an arm-bar. Claudio drills Beretta with an uppercut. Moxley makes Romero tap out to the rear-naked choke.

Winners: Blackpool Combat Club (Jon Moxley, Claudio Castagnoli & Wheeler Yuta)

Yuta keeps attacking Taylor after the match.

Hangman Page and the Young Bucks are backstage, and Hangman says next week’s show will be in Washington D.C., the site of the first Dynamite. Hangman challenges the Blackpool Combat Club to a trios match.

In-Ring Segment: MJF

MJF comes to the ring for a promo and insults the crowd. The AEW World Champion takes some shots at Colorado and calls it boring. He says he knows all about being bored because there’s no competition for him in AEW. MJF says nobody is on his level. Adam Cole interrupts. MJF cuts off his second “Boom” and says he’s excited to have some worthy competition. He tells Cole he’s a big fan. MJF cites the way CM Punk abandoned wrestling, and he thought his fandom of wrestling was in jeopardy, but he discovered Ring of Honor. MJF says he thought ROH sucked, as it was filled with indie jabronis. However, he saw Cole, and he was hooked. MJF describes how he studied Cole and watched him have a great career.

MJF says he followed Cole’s footsteps, and he looked forward to having a great match with him someday. The champion questions Cole and asks what happened to him. He calls him the “Panama Gameboy” and mocks him for Twitch. MJF says Cole’s balls are in Britt Baker’s purse. He criticizes Cole’s physique and says AEW has tried to make Cole cool. MJF lists his own accolades and wonders why Cole thinks he’s any different. He says he heard Cole left WWE because Vince McMahon didn’t think he had top-guy potential, and he agreed with him.

Cole fires back by calling MJF a “douchebag” and says MJF can’t touch him. He says he’s all natural, but he implies MJF is not, as he says they could go take a pee test, but MJF wouldn’t want to do that. Cole tells MJF no one respects him, as he’s lazy, conceited, and he does the bare minimum. MJF tells Cole that was tough talk for Keith Lee’s manager. Cole calls MJF a coward ad says he’s better than MJF. MJF gets fired up and says he’ll face Cole any day of the week. Cole says it looks like they have themselves a match.

The Hardys and Isiah Kassidy are backstage. Matt introduces his new employee, Ethan Page. Matt says Page owes Kassidy an apology for apologizing. They shake hands. Matt tells Ethan he wants to turn him into a better human being, and they just have to get rid of his ego. Kassidy says this will be fun.

Texas Tornado Tag Team Match: JungleHOOK (“Jungle Boy” Jack Perry & HOOK) vs. La Faccion Ingobernable (Dralistico & Preston Vance) (with Jose the Assistant)

Dralistico and Vance attack JungleHOOK during their entrance. Dralistico whips Perry with a camera cord. HOOK and Vance brawl into the crowd. Dralistico and Perry trade blows. Vance and HOOK keep going further into the crowd. Perry and Dralistico wind up back in the ring, and the masked man drills Perry with some strikes. Dralistico hits a diving stomp. Vance brings HOOK back to ringside. HOOK nails Vance with a steel chain and busts him open. The LFI duo gangs up on HOOK. Vance chokes HOOK with a chain. Perry blasts Vance with a chair, and HOOK suplexes him through a table. Perry drops Dralistico with a DDT on the chair. Jose the Assistant interferes. Perry makes Dralistico tap out to the Snare Trap.

Winners: JungleHOOK (“Jungle Boy” Jack Perry & HOOK)

AEW CEO Tony Khan announces that the first main event of AEW Collision will see CM Punk and FTR face Jay White, Juice Robinson, and Samoa Joe.

Konosuke Takeshita (with Don Callis) vs. Daimon Ace

Takeshita dominates Ace while Callis looks on. He hits the knee strike for the win.

Winner: Konosuke Takeshita

Don Callis again takes credit for Kenny Omega’s success. He vows to cut The Elite out of AEW.

Backstage, Christian Cage says Arn Anderson cost him the TNT Championship at AEW Double or Nothing. He says Anderson took something from him. Now, it’s time for Cage to take something from Anderson. Cage teases he got Arn an early present for Father’s Day. The camera shows Brock Anderson beaten up backstage.

TBS Championship: Kris Statlander (c) vs. Anna Jay A.S. (with Matt Menard)

Statlander takes Jay down and takes control early on. Jay heads to the outside and heads back inside. She plays mind games as she goes back outside. Menard distracts Statlander, but the champion still slams Jay onto the apron. Statlander maintains the advantage. Jay drills Statlander with some stiff strikes and takes control. Statlander fires up with a flurry of offense. Menard distracts Statlander, but the champion perseveres. Statlander hits the Tombstone for the win.

Winner and still TBS Champion: Kris Statlander

Taya Valkyrie is shown watching backstage, and she’s upset.

AEW Women’s World Champion Toni Storm looked forward to her title match next week.

Jay White vs. Ricky Starks

Starks leaves the ring and starts fighting with White during his entrance They brawl around ringside. White heads up the ramp, but Starks follows him. They go back and forth, and White gains the upper hand. Starks suplexes White onto the floor. White chops Starks at ringside. Back in the ring, they trade blows. White superplexes Starks. The former FTW Champion takes Whohite down with a clothesline. Starks gets a two-count with tornado DDT. White gets a two-count of his own with a Uranage. White counters the Spear. White evades the Bladerunner. Starks drops White with a Spear. He hits the Roshambo, but the referee gets knocked down. The Gunns come to the ring and attack Starks. White hits The Bladerunner for the win.

Winner: Jay White

Juice Robinson comes out and celebrates with White.


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