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AEW Dynamite Results (06/30/2021)

Tonight on AEW Dynamite, Eddie Kingston and Penta El Zero M will battle the Young Bucks in order to earn a shot at the World Tag Team Titles. Plus, MJF takes on Sammy Guevara in a grudge match.


June 30, 2021, Daily’s Place, Jacksonville, FL

Commentary: Jim Ross, Tony Schiavone & Excalibur

The program starts off with Chris Jericho joining the trio on commentary.

Eddie Kingston & Penta El Zero Miedo vs. The Young Bucks (with Brandon Cutler)

Matt & Nick Jackson come out donning porn staches. The pyro and streamers go off and Eddie and Penta go on the offense. Bell rings and all four men brawl it out. Eddie does a backslide pin for ta two count. Penta kicks Matt and Eddie flips him for another near fall. Big “Eddie” chants. Bodyslam to Matt and he punches Nick on the apron. Eddie and Penta do a modified Dudley Boyz “WASSUP” and it gets them a two count. Matt still hasn’t taken his jacket off as Penta keeps him isolated.

The Bucks soon seize control and Nick becomes the legal man. The Bucks begin to control momentum against Penta. Eddie gets the hot tag and takes it to the brothers. Crisp suplex and then a kitchen sink. He catches Matt with an exploder suplex on the outside. Nick however, kicks Eddie in the mush.

This leads to Matt and Nick controlling the bout as they tee off on Kingston. Eddie fires back like a rapid wolf, but a kick to the back of the leg by Nick slows it down. Eddie finds a window by shoving Matt into an up-top Nick and Eddie grins. He climbs up and delivers rapid headbutts. Big time superplex by Eddie.

Penta gets the tag and takes it to Matt and Nick. He hits a flipping DDT and then a corkscrew Code Red on Matt for a VERY close fall. He goes for a Fear Factor, but gets catapulted and his face busted. Rising knee trikes from Nick. but Eddi and Penta nail an impressive release German and lung blower combo for a near fall. Matt and Eddie take one another out on the stage. Penta kicks away at Nick in the ring. Low blow by Nick. The Bucks go for a “salt-to-the-wound” finish with a Fear Factor stomp double team, but Eddie makes the save. He fights away at the Bus but several superkics down him. Amderson and Gallows come out and Cutler meddles, but out comes Kazarian with a massive lariat. Penta hits a Fear Factor and then Eddie nails his spinning back fist for the 1-2-3.

WINNERS: Eddie Kingston & Penta El Zero M

Christian Cage is backstage with Jungle Boy he tells him that he’s going to be a future champion no doubt, but tells him to keep his focus on his match tonight against Jack Evans. Luchasaurus enters and thanks Cage for his aid while he’s away. He lets Christian know that he has his back and they bond over some dinosaur talk.

Back from break, Tony Schiavone is with Ethan Page and Scorpio Sky. Tony asks Page why a Coffin Match against Darby Allin. He says what he”s doing is not enough before telling the booing crowd to shut up. His goal is not to beat Darby Allin, his goal is to exterminate Darby Allin. No one has tried to cripple Darby more than Page. He says crippling him physically is not an option anymore. The Coffin Match will cripple Darby mentally. He will beat Darby and when he does, every time moving forward when Darby Allin considers a Coffin Drop, he’ll think of Ethan. Suddenly, Sting comes out dragging a coffin. A vignette of Darby is shown with a flamethrower burning a frame of a coffin. Sting pulls the cover off the coffin and out pops Darby. Sting hits Scorpio with a Scorpion Death Drop. Darby gouges Page’s eyes who screams in pain.. Security come to break it up. Page quickly gets on the mic and calls the Coffin Match off for next week. Maybe Fyter Fest.

Jack Evans vs. Jungle Boy

The two men go back and forth but JB later dropkicks Jack down to head to picture in picture. Back from break, Evans and JB continue to show their athleticism, but Evans gets caught in a tree of woe, JB dropkicks and locks him in the Snare Trap for the submission win. He’s the first wrestler in AEW to 50 wins.

WINNER: Jungle Boy

Post-bout, HFO comes out to seek revenge, but Jurassic Express and Christian Cage do the same to send them bailing.

MJF begins to run down Jericho. He says he has some stipulations for Chris to follow next week if he wants another match against “The Salt Of The Earth,” but if MJF beats him, then he’ll have to leave him be forever. Then he addresses Sammy and tells him to get his vlog ready to tell the world Max is better than him and he knows it.

Andrade El Idolo issues a challenge to Matt “Something” Sydal and it’s going to happen next week at Road Rager.

Kenny Omega is introduced by Tony Schiavone and comes out with some 70’s-esque facial hair in tune with The Young Bucks. Kenny woke up feeling great because he has indeed had quite the run on successful title defenses. He says with all that considered, he’s going to take some time off since there’s no one else to contend. Out comes Evil Uno and Dark Order. Uno tells Omega he thinks differently. Omega tells him and his videogame playing freaks to walk back, none of them have enough singles win to challenge him. Uno says he’s right, but they’re friends with someone who does. Kenny says if he thinks who he thinks Uno is talking about that guy doesn’t have the guts to challenge him and doesn’t even think he’s worthy for the title. He tells Dark Order to think on that.

TNT Championship

Brian Pillman vs. Miro (c)

Before the match, Brian Pillman tells Miro when he laid his hands on Griff Garrisson, he caused problems for himself and that he’s going to make Miro his Bulgarian bitch. Bell rings and Brian fires away at him. Miro however catches him harshly and focuses on the back of Brian. Sharp suplex by Miro. We go to break.

Miro is in control has he delivers some reverse bells of the bowery, but Brian gives him a shot on the apron and downs him. He hits Miro with a springbord dropkick (Jericho pops on commentary). Dropkick to Miro out of the ring and the brawl goes to the outside. He hits an Air Pillman from the apron, but Miro kicks out at one. Superkicks by Brian. He goes for a third one, but Miro catches his leg and delivers two roundhouse kicks. Brian is down. Miro locks in the Game Over and it is indeed that at Pillman passes out.

WINNER and STILL TNT Champion: Miro

Backstage, Adam is upset with Dark Order for doing what they did, but Grayson, Uno, Colt Cabana and the gang talk him up and Alex Reynolds leaves him with “this is your time.”

Back from break, Team Taz has some breaking news. There’s no Ricky Starks and there’s no Brian Cage. Their rocky relationship has caused some strain in Team Taz and on July 14 in Austin, Brian Cage will defend his FTW Title against a medically cleared Ricky Starks (note: that’s Ricky’s stomping grounds).

Nyla Rose & Vickie Guerrero vs. Britt Baker & Rebel

Vickie gets slugged immediately and Rebel gets knocked down as she and Nyla start the bout off. Nyla is in control and Rebel goes to tag in Britt, but she wants nothing of it. Big leg drop by Rose. Vickie enjoys it from the apron. Vickie gets the tag and we go to picture in picture as Nyla pulls out a table.

Vickie was in for a bit during the break. but it’s back to Nyla and Rebel. Britt does get a tag for a slingblalde. Nyla goes for a bomb, but Britt kicks her. She gets her glove but Nyla chokeslams her. Nyla goes for her leg guillotine finish. She hits it, but Rebel breaks it up. Vickie gets the tag, but Britt shoves her into an up-top Nyla, knocking her out of the equation. Britt puts the Lockjaw on Vickie and she taps.

WINNER: Britt Baker and Rebel

Post-match, Nyla comes back in to attack Britt. She powerbombs her and then takes her to the apron to powerbomb her through the table.

The World Tag Team Title match is official: Eddie & Penta vs. The Young Bucks at Road Rager next week.

Jake Hager, Santana and Ortiz cut a promo on FTR & Wardlow and it’s revealed that there’s a six-men tag between the men. Konnan will be in Inner Circle’s corner. Another match revealed is Orange Cassidy tagging with Kris Statlander against The Bunny and The Blade.

MJF vs. Sammy Guevara

Bell rings and Max quickly powders. The two avoid one another’s attacks and both Fargo strut to rub it in. MJF nails Sammy in the windpipe. Sammy goes for a GTH but Max blocks and the two trade pin attempts. They leap up to a stalemate and to a round of applause. Sammy strikes away at MJF and Bryce Remsburg attempts to break it up. Max gouges Sammy’s eyes, but Sammy downs him with a slam to the turnbuckle. Sammy ascends but Max rolls.

Soon after, Sammy springboards off the ropes to hit a cutter on Max for a two count. We soon go to commercial break. Back from it, both men are in the ring. Sammy dumps MJF to the outside, but Max catches him in the ring apron and attacks him. Sammy hits Max with a back body drop. MJF gets back in the ring and Guevara springboards off to be caught with a Liger Bomb. two count. Fight goes up top and Max attempts a superplex. Spanish Fly off the second rope downs both men. Fight goes to adjacent corner as Sammy nails some enziguris before dump Max and skinning the cat. He hits a tornillo on Max. “Sammy” chants. He hits a springboard Canadian Destroyer for a near fall.

Matt catches Sammy in the corner and stomps on his arm from up top. Guevara gets guillotined over the rope and Max grabs a chair. Sammy, however, dropkicks the chair into Max’s face. MJF is over the guardrail. Sammy leaps over with a picture perfect senton. Both mean are laid out. Sammy picks Max up and drags him in the ring. He climbs up, but MJF crotches him. MJF nails him with a Tombstone piledriver off the top. MJF immediately clutches his knee before covering. Two count.

Max can’t pick Sammy up due to his knee. He tries it not once but twice. Sammy rolls him up: 1-2-no!

MJF forearms the back of Sammy’s leg. MJF goes for the Heatseeker, but Sammy shoves him off and onto his knee. The two trade quick pin attempts but Sammy nails a GTH. Sammy folds MJF over too much and it puts Max’s foot on the ropes. Sammy climbs up top. MJF is begging him off. Sammy hits his 630 senton and it’s 1-2-no (again)!

Shawn Spears comes out and Jericho goes to thwart his efforts. Wardlow attacks Chris and throws him off the stage. As this is going on, Spears nails Sammy with a chair and Max gets the W.



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