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AEW Dynamite Results (07/06/2022)

All Elite Wrestling delivered a star-studded episode of AEW Dynamite on July 6.

Jon Moxley defended the AEW Interim World Championship against Brody King. Plus, Wardlow challenged Scorpio Sky for the TNT Championship in a Street Fight.

The results are as follows:

Street Fight for the TNT Championship: Scorpio Sky (with Dan Lambert and Ethan Page) (c) vs. Wardlow

The two competitors feel each other out. Wardlow overpowers Sky and sends him to the outside. There, Lambert tries to get involved as he distracts Wardlow. A plethora of American Top Team Members confront Wardlow and attack him. Back in the ring, Sky takes control and grounds the challenger. He takes some time to gloat, and Wardlow rallies with a clothesline. The powerhouse gains the upper hand and drills Sky with some shoulder strikes in the corner. Sky fights back and evades Wardlow to send him shoulder-first into the ring post. Wardlow hits a Swanton Bomb. The ATT members charge the ring, and Wardlow overcomes them, as he throws one onto a group of the others. Sky blasts the challenger with the title for a two-count. Wardlow sends Sky crashing into Lambert, who got up on the apron. “Mr. Mayhem” powerbombs Sky three times for the win.

Winner and new TNT Champion: Wardlow

Backstage, Interim AEW World Champion Jon Moxley says plenty of people have tried to make their name off him. He says many people think that Brody King will give him the beating of a lifetime, and he recalls how he waged war with Hiroshi Tanahashi, a man he respects. Moxley makes it clear that he knows who King is and wonders if he has a monster-sized heart. He calls himself the biggest shark in the game and says that King will be in deep waters tonight. Moxley says, “Step up or get stepped on.”

“Smart” Mark Sterling and Tony Nese approach Keith Lee with a petition to remove Swerve Strickland from AEW because he’s a snake who betrays people, like the way he turned on Lee in the battle royale. Lee says that he and Swerve might have their issues, but they’re still a team, and they’re still winning.

In-Ring Segment: Christian Cage and Luchasaurus.

The duo comes to the ring, and Cage says that he’s the cage everyone is talking about after Blood & Guts. He points out that everyone wants to know why Luchasaurus chose to stay aligned with him after he betrayed Jungle Boy. Matt Hardy comes out and says Cage is the Michael Jordan of being an asshole. He calls Jungle Boy a friend and says he didn’t deserve what Cage did to him. Cage counters by saying that Matt is making Jeff seem like the sober one. Matt admits that he’s guilty of using for people for money, and he regrets it. He says by a strange twist of fate, his life has been turned upside down, and he notes that he may have deserved that. Matt makes it clear that he wants to stop Cage from using people in the same way. Cage responds by saying that Matt will use anyone he needs to, including his own brother, by noting that he ignored Jeff’s issues so he could ride his coattails one last time.

Cage says that Jeff, who’s a “screwup” isn’t the most embarrassing thing for the Hardy family; Matt is.

Luchasaurus attacks Matt and beats him up around ringside. The big man kicks Matt’s head into the ring post and slams him through a table. Cage talks some trash to the downed Hardy.

In a promo, the Blood & Guts participants recap the war. Claudio Castagnoli says you can call him the mailman because he always delivers. Angelo Parker says the JAS won’t stop until Eddie Kingston is in a grave.

Jake Hager and Claudio Castagnoli are backstage; Hager says he’s tougher than Claudio, who has never been a world champion. Hager says it’s time he got his respect. Claudio responds by pointing out that he won the match for his team at Blood & Guts. He notes that he’s undefeated, and he’s going to go 3-0 when he faces Hager next week.

Keith Lee and Swerve Strickland vs. The Butcher and The Blade (with The Bunny)

Lee overpowers The Blade early on. The Butcher tags in, and Lee slams him off the top rope. The Butcher grabs a chair, but The Blade talks him down. Strickland tags in and trips up The Blade. Lee tags back in and trucks over The Blade with a shoulder tackle. Lee and Strickland double-team The Blade and work like a cohesive team. Strickland dumps The Blade to the outside, but The Bunny interferes by getting in the way when he goes for a kick. The distraction helps The Butcher and The Blade take control, as the latter drops Swerve with a neck breaker on the floor. The duo gangs up on Stickland. The Bunny chokes Swerve over the ropes and helps her team maintain the advantage. They continue to dominate, thanks to more help from The Bunny. Strickland rallies with a diving uppercut.

Lee tags in and clears house with a flurry of offense. He throws The Blade onto The Butcher. The Butcher breaks up a double-team move, but Swerve drops him with a flat liner. The Butcher pulls Swerve into Lee’s path, so the big man accidentally trucks over him. The miscommunication gives The Butcher and The Blade the upper hand, and Lee breaks up a pinfall attempt after a clothesline at the last second. Lee squashes Blade in the corner, and the duo hits the powerbomb/diving stomp combination for the win.

Winners: Keith Lee and Swerve Strickland

After the match, Powerhouse Hobbs says Strickland and Lee are pissing them off. Hobbs calls Lee a “trick-ass bitch”. Starks says they have proven that Swerve and Lee are several levels below them. The FTW Champion says he’ll beat Swerve up right now, and he starts to say that they’re the best tag team before the Young Bucks interrupt. The AEW World Tag Team Champions say they don’t have to apologize for anything because they started this company. Matt Jackson says everyone is eating well, but they set the table in the first place. Nick chimes in by calling both teams very good and commends them for having a four-star match at Double or Nothing before he notes that would be an off night for the Bucks. He points out that they beat Jurassic Express. Matt offers a proposal; he says they’ll put the titles in a three-way match next week against the two other teams.

In a promo, Malakai Black hypes up tonight’s world title match on behalf of Brody King.

In-Ring Segment: Eddie Kingston

Kingston comes to the ring and congratulates Wardlow on his win. He gives a shoutout to the winning team for Blood & Guts. “The Mad King,” says he’s out there because he didn’t get to taste Chris Jericho’s blood, so he’s going to get him again. Jericho appears on the video screen and wants to show Kingston how crazy he can get. Behind him, Tay Conti slams Ruby Soho in a car door and warns him that he’ll suffer the same fate.

The Dark Order, with -1 (Brodie Lee Jr.) comes to the ring. John Silver says Rochester is Dark Order country. Evil Uno says the fans made Dark Order what it is today. He thanks the fans for their support. Uno declares that the six of them are here to stay, as Dark Order is forever. He says this is the beginning of a new chapter, which will be kicked off with a proclamation. He hands the microphone to -1, but QT Marshall interrupts and wonders how long we’ll have to deal with this “charity case.”

He says Brodie Lee Jr. isn’t his father. He tells -1 to send his friends to the back so they can face off man-to-man. Hangman Page comes out and confronts Marshall. Uno and Page punch Marshall and send him into the ring. The Dark Order gangs up on Marshall and leaves him lying. Uno carries -1 on his shoulders as Page looks on.

RUSH (with Andrade El Idolo and Jose The Assistant) vs. Penta Oscuro (with Alex Abrahantes and Rey Fenix)

RUSH and Penta trade blows. Penta gets an early two count with a roll-up. He sends the former ROH World Champion to the outside. Penta chops RUSH, and “El Toro Blanco” drills him with a stiff forearm to the face. RUSH takes control, but Penta rallies and dives onto him at ringside. Abrahantes takes the fight to Jose, and they get ejected from ringside. Back in the ring, RUSH counters Penta in mid-air and grounds him. He controls the action and taunts the crowd. RUSH rocks Penta with a knee strike, but the fan-favorite rallies until he gets German suplexed. RUSH drops him with a power slam. Penta gets a two-count with a backstabber.

The two men trade strikes again. They nail each other with headbutts, and both men are down. RUSH stomps Penta in the corner and hits a missile dropkick. He gets a two-count with a diving senton. The former world champion blasts Penta with an elbow strike, but Penta nails him with a thrust kick. Penta hits the Fear Factor, but Andrade puts RUSH’s foot on the ropes. RUSH tears Penta’s mask off and rolls him up for the win.

Winner: RUSH

In a promo, Jay Lethal discusses his upcoming match with Samoa Joe. Lethal says he’s not taking the ROH World Television Champion lightly, but he will be taking the title.

Backstage, Sterling approaches Orange Cassidy, saying he’s the last signature they need for the petition to remove Swerve Strickland from AEW. Cassidy says he doesn’t sign anything without his lawyer, who turns out to be Danhausen. Sterling proposes a match between Nese and Cassidy for AEW Rampage; if Nese wins, Cassidy has to sign the contract.

The Acclaimed and Gunn Club vs. Fuego Del Sol and Ruffin It (Leon Ruff and Bear Country)

Austin Gunn rips the microphone out of Max Caster’s hand before he can get into his rap, and Max is clearly upset. “Daddy Ass” tries to calm them down. The Acclaimed briefly gains the upper hand. Fuego drops Bowens with a tornado DDT. Bear Bronson overpowers everyone and clotheslines, Colten, out of the ring. He slams Austin to the mat for a two-count. Caster dumps Ruff out of the ring. Bowens tags in and rolls Bronson with some kicks. Caster makes the tag and hits the Mic Drop, but Austin tagged himself in, so he steals the win.

Winners: The Acclaimed and Gunn Club

The tension continues after the match as the winning duos argue. The Gunns attack The Acclaimed, but Billy stops his sons. He yells at them to cut it out, but he turns around and drops Caster with a stiff punch. Bowens asks Gunn to scissor him and eats a Fameasser instead.

In a promo, Miro says he and Malakai Black are different; Miro vows to destroy the gates of hell and warns him that “The Redeemer” is coming.

ThunderStorm (Thunder Rosa and Toni Storm) vs. Nyla Rose and Marina Shafir

Storm takes control early on. Rosa tags in, and the fan favorites work together to isolate Shafir. Rosa hits a dropkick in the corner. Storm suplexes Shafir and maintains the advantage. Rosa and Storm continue to dominate. Shafir rallies with some stiff shots. Rose blasts Storm in the back with an umbrella. The illegal blow helps Shafir take control. Rose tags in and overpowers Storm. Shafir and Rose gang up on Storm. Rosa tags in and hits a diving crossbody. She knocks Shafir off the apron. The champion dropkicks Rose twice. Shafir tags in and drops Rosa with a pump handle throw. Storm plants Shafir with a DDT and hits a hip attack in the corner. Rosa and Storm team up to slam Shafir for the win.

Winners: ThunderStorm (Thunder Rosa and Toni Storm)

Backstage, Stokely Hathaway says he paid Leila Grey to be an interim Baddie, and he tells Jade Cargill to trust the process.

Daniel Garcia hypes up his match with ROH Pure Champion Wheeler Yuta at ROH Death Before Dishonor.

In a promo, ROH World Tag Team Champions FTR discuss their recent run and say that if ROH wants to sell a pay-per-view, they should book the rematch of the century. Dax Harwood challenges The Briscoes to a rematch at ROH Death Before Dishonor.

AEW Interim World Championship: Jon Moxley (c) vs. Brody King

The two competitors feel each other out early on. They trade blows, and King gains the upper hand with his strength advantage. The match spills to the outside, where King slams the champion into the barricade. Moxley takes control, but King slams him on the floor. Back in the ring, Moxley takes out King’s leg and drops him with a dragon screw. The champion locks in a Figure-Four. King escapes and slams Moxley for a two count. The match briefly ventures to the outside again before King brings it back inside the squared circle. The challenger continues to control the match by overpowering Moxley. The champion perseveres and elbows his way out of a slam. Mox dodges a cannonball in the corner. The champion chops King and rakes his back. He bites the big man and suplexes him.

He locks in the bulldog choke, but King escapes. Moxley dumps him on his head with a suplex. The two men trade shots, and King floors the champion with a lariat. A piledriver earns King a two count. King chokes Moxley in the corner and hits a cannonball for another two count. Moxley rolls King up for a two count and drops him with a Paradigm Shift. The champion goes for the bulldog choke, but King slams his way out of it. The champion fires up and locks in the bulldog choke until King passes out.

Winner and still AEW Interim World Champion: Jon Moxley


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