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AEW Dynamite Results (07/27/2022)

All Elite Wrestling will deliver a star-studded show with the July 27 episode of AEW Dynamite.

The “Fight for the Fallen” edition will delver three title matches. Jon Moxley will defend the AEW Interim World Championship, and Thunder Rosa will put her AEW Women’s World Championship on the line.

The results are as follows:

AEW Interim World Championship Match

Rush w/Jose vs. Jon Moxley (c)

Rush immediately jumps Jon Moxley, sending him out of the ring and into the barricade to get a quick start on the champion. When they get back into the ring the challenger ends up biting the head of the BCC member, which busts him open as they then head back out of the ring with Rush licking the blood from the champion.

Jose then distracts the referee which almost allows Rush to use a chair but he misses, and while he throws Moxley back into the ring the challenger waits too long, and that allows Moxley to hit a suicide dive to the outside. Moxley then connects with a few headbutts, following up by slamming Rush onto the steel stairs.

Rush responds with a superkick inside the ring, and the fight then spills back outside with Rush using some cable to choke the champion. Back inside the ring Rush attacks Moxley in the corner and then arrogantly kicks him, but he takes too long bragging, and Moxley responds with a rear choke, until Rush sends him into the top turnbuckle.

Once again this one spills to the outside, but Moxley gets the best of the situation by launching Rush into the steel stairs. He manages to meet the count, only for Moxley to hit a superplex to continue his control. The two men go back and forth with chops and forearms, and then they go for German Suplexes each, with the champion coming out on top with a King Kong Lariat.

Rush doesn’t waste long in taking down the champion again though, with Moxley bouncing off the ropes immediately into a German suplex. The champion responds himself with the classic stomps to the face, but as they get back up Rush hits the belly to belly, sending Moxley crashing into the turnbuckles.

They both head to the top rope, and this time Moxley is able to bite his opponent, but then Jose distracts the official which allows Andrade El Idolo to appear, pushing him onto the ropes. Lucha Brothers then appear and chase him away, taking this back to how we are as Rush eats another big lariat, only to respond with a knee strike to the jaw.

Ruah hits the Straightjacket Piledriver, but Moxley is able to kick out. He misses his attempt to attack in the corner, and Moxley then hits the Death Rider, only for Rush to kick out! The champion wastes no time though, locking him into the Bulldog and the challenger fades out.

Winner (and still champion): Jon Moxley

– After the match certain members of the Jericho Appreciation Society make their way out, and Jericho says it was an amazing match as Jericho is on a roll. But he says they’re on a role as well, and Daniel Garcia will kick Bryan Danielson’s head in tonight. Jericho then says Anna Jay called for an opportunity and he gave her one.

Anna says she’s a new Anna Jay, Anna JAS. She claims to be the sexiest and toughest and she’s not afraid to prove it as she will choke out everyone in the arena. Jericho says Eddie Kingston brutalized him last week, but he beat him and now he will beat Moxley. He’s demanding his title rematch from his previous run in two weeks at Quake At The Lake.

Moxley says he hates Jericho and he hates this sports entertainment b------t they’re doing here, and he tells Jericho to shove the interim name up his ass, as he’s the two-time World Champion. He says if Jericho wants to step in the ring with him he needs to leave all the trash at home, he doesn’t want the wizard, he wants the Lionheart. If the title will be defended, it will be Jon Moxley vs. the last survivor of the Hart Dungeon, Lionheart Chris Jericho.

– It is announced that AEW World Trios Championships are coming. There will be a tournament to create the first champions that will finish at AEW’s All Out.

– Dante Martin is backstage and he says Sammy can’t hack it on this roster anymore, he has been taking a vacation while he’s been working all the time. But he will have Sky Blue in his corner tonight.

FTW Championship Match

Danhausen vs. Ricky Starks (c)

Danhausen looks to curse Ricky Starks but he does the champions pose instead, but he then eats a boot to the face and Starks shows how it’s done, only to be hit with a pump kick and then a northern lights suplex. Starks gets sent into the second turnbuckle, and as he bounces off Danhausen almost gets a roll up win, only for Starks to wrap things up with a Spear straight after.

Winner (and still champion): Ricky Starks

– Post-match Starks gets on the microphone, and he claims he has a little bit left in the tank, and he’s for real this time…which leads to HOOK appearing.

FTW Championship Match

HOOK vs. Ricky Starks (c)

HOOK starts unloading with fast hands on the champion and then a headbutt, following it up with a suplex that plants Ricky to the mat. Ricky responds by planting the challenger, and he then nails the Spear, but doesn’t go for the cover. He looks for his finisher, but HOOK reverses with Red Rum to get the win.

Winner (and new FTW Champion): Hook

– After the match, the two men share respect with a fist bump. Tony Schiavone then speaks with Starks, who says he is okay with losing. He says he was given the title and people said it was a noose, but he made it into a tie and he brought it back to prominence and exceeded expectations. Starks says he deserves longer than 40 seconds to talk, and people tell him to be patient, but he believes his time is right now. It’s not a string of bad luck, it’s bad timing, but then Powerhouse Hobbs levels him with a clothesline from behind! He follows it up with a spinebuster for good measure, leaving Starks laying.

– The Acclaimed are backstage and they say they’re taking out the trash on Friday, hinting that a music video is coming about Gunn Club.

Sammy Guevara w/Tay Conti vs. Dante Martin w/Sky Blue

The two men go back and forth with reversals, but Dante Martin comes out on top with a dropkick as he then mocks his opponent, catching him with another kick as he then teases diving outside before coming back in. Sammy and Tay then start walking to the back, but Martin gives chase and attacks him.

He throws him off the ramp and then launches himself off himself, wiping Guevara out below. The two men then get back to the ring and the JAS member begins taking control with a few sharp kicks, but Martin sends him out of the ring. He tries to dive out by Sammy catches him with a knee strike, and he then hits a dive himself.

Dante fights back and then looks for the Nose Dive but Sammy catches him on the ropes and throws him back, which tweaks his ankle. Despite the injury, Martin hits the Spanish Fly, but Sammy manages to kick out. Martin then misses with the Nose Dive, which allows Guevara to hit a cutter and then the GTH.

Winner: Sammy Guevara

– After the match, Guevara continues attacking him, and Conti and Sky Blue then start arguing until Anna Jay comes down to attack Blue from behind. Eventually, Ruby Soho, Ortiz, and Eddie Kingston hit the ring, sending the heels packing.

– Daniel Garcia is then interviewed, questioning where Danielson has been, stating he will send him back to his garden tonight.

– Sonjay Dutt tries to create an excuse for Jay Lethal, but he gets involved and doesn’t want to talk about that, he wants to talk about Best Friends. The three of them then appear and Chuck Taylor challenges them to a six-man tag team match, but then he recalls Sonjay doesn’t work anymore. He loses his cool, and Dutt agrees to the match, only to then regret it.

– Jungle Boy then appears and he says Christian Cage is the biggest pussy he has ever met in his entire life. He has watched him talk bullsh*t about his family, which is why he’s now the most relevant he’s ever been, but when he returned Christian ran away. He didn’t know why he was so angry, and he claims that Cage was strapped for cash and needed the money when he eliminated him from the battle royal, claiming Cage’s wife had divorced him.

Jungle Boy says like all the villains with turtle necks and small pr*cks, Cage needed a monster, but that monster was his best friend, and he was only being protected from him. Nobody was going to get his hands on him before him, and Jungle Boy says he can take words or chair shots.

Jungle Boy recalls standing three years ago when he dug his fathers grave, but Cage then appears backstage, he says Luchasaurus made a big mistake as he had showed how he could guide him, but he threw it away to be Jungle Boy’s lap dog. He then claims he ran away from Jungle Boy as he was scared of what he’d have done to him. Cage says the next thing he drapes over him will be a body bag and he can cosy up beside his father. He claims Jungle Boy told him all his secrets, and now he will pray on them.

– It’s Cutler Cam time, and The Young Bucks hear about the trios tournament, but they make it clear Brandon would never be their partner. They end up walking into Hangman Page as they wish each other a happy birthday. Matt says he has been wanting to talk to Page, but then The Dark Order appears and ruins the moment.

Tony Nese & Mark Sterling vs. Swerve Strickland

Swerve Strickland tries to attack Mark Sterling straight away, but that allows Tony Nese to attack him from behind. While he gets some heat in, the champion responds by slamming Nese across his knee. They then brawl outside of the ring, but once again Sterling gets involved and that allows Nese to drag him down to the floor with his hair.

Sterling then tags in and gets a few cheap shots in before tagging straight back out. Nese continues to stay in control, hitting a superkick as he then works the ribs of Strickland, he fights back and Sterling makes an accidental tag as Nese then gets dropped with a right hand. He follows with a back elbow and then a diving uppercut to Nese for added impact.

Nese then gets a kick to the face where his legs hand from the bottom rope, and Strickland dives over the top to take him out properly. Swerve and Sterling then get in the ring as he hits a big kick to the side of the head.

Winner: Swerve Strickland

– Backstage Keith Lee has been taken out, and Josh Woods is standing over him looking dominant. As Strickland looks on, Nese charges in from behind and attacks him.

– House Of Black video package, where Brody King challenges Darby Allin to a coffin match.

AEW Women’s Championship Match

Miyu Yamashita vs. Thunder Rosa (c)

Thunder Rosa looks to start confidently with a headlock, but the two then go back and forth with some chain wrestling to try and gain the upper hand. Rosa and Miyu then begin fighting on the ring apron, but it leads to the challenger swiping the leg of the champion to drop her onto the apron.

She then misses with a dive to the outside, and that allows Rosa to hit a dropkick and then several chops. Back inside the ring, Yamashita takes control until the champion hits her with a stunner. She then charges in and hits double knees in the corner, Miyu fires back with a roundhouse kick and then several knee strikes to the chest.

The challenger connects with a German Suplex, but Rosa is able to kick out anyway. Miyu then nails the Skull Kick, but the champion is just able to get out of it! Miyu hits several more shots to the head, and she then catches a knee strike attempt from Rosa, but she uses the other foot to nail a big strike before hitting the Fire Thunder Driver for the win.

Winner (and still champion): Thunder Rosa

Bryan Danielson vs. Daniel Garcia

Bryan Danielson hits the ring immediately and attacks Daniel Garcia, nailing his traditional kicks in the corners as well as his running dropkicks in the corner as he sends Garcia out of the ring, following it up with a tope suicida. Garcia holds the momentum outside the ring though, sending his opponent into the barricade as Garcia then exposes the concrete floor.

Bryan fights back though, sitting Garcia onto a chair as he nails his kicks, following up with a running dropkick that sends him flying into the barricade. Back inside the ring, Bryan hits a missile dropkick, but it appears to hurt Danielson as well, and that allows the JAS member to pounce, stomping down on him, following up with some chops.

Bryan then leaps over Garcia in the corner, but as he looks to continue, Danielson collapses to the floor with Garcia taking this chance to throw him into the steps and then DDT him onto the concrete. Danielson is bust open following that, and Garcia continues attacking the BCC member back inside the ring, as he then sticks his fingers into the open wound.

Danielson then slides under his opponent on the top turnbuckle, attacking him from behind as he then launches Garcia back from the top turnbuckle, with the move taking it out on both men. When they get back up the two men go back and forth going blow for blow with strikes, and Danielson comes out on top with some harsh shots.

Garcia then counters Bryan and locks in a sleeper hold, but he rolls through and locks in with the Cattle Mutilation, which he then follows up with a tiger suplex, which gets a near fall. He tries to hit the elbow attack, but Garcia reverses out of it to hit some of his own, only for Danielson to respond with a suplex that almost gets the victory, but not quite.

Danielson looks for his finisher but Garcia reverses with a clothesline, and he aims for a Scorpion Deathlock but Bryan gets out and then gets slapped by Garcia. The two men go back and forth with strikes, but Danielson follows it with his Running Knee finisher, but he can’t set in the Lebell Lock as Garcia scrambles out.

Danielson follows with the diving knee from the ring apron, but as he tries to get back into the ring, someone appears from the ring apron and grabs the boot of Danielson. The distraction allows Garcia to lock in the Sharpshooter, and Danielson ends up passing out. It is then revealed that Jake Hager was the man responsible under the ring.

Winner: Daniel Garcia


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