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AEW Dynamite Results (09/02/2020)

Updated: Sep 30, 2020

Santana & Ortiz vs. The Best Friends

The Best Friends immediately attack Santana and Ortiz before the match officially gets underway. They brawl on the outside as Trent dives onto his foes from the stage. The BFs grab the steel steps to set up at ringside. Weapons are being pulled out from underneath the ring (aka: a bunch o’ chairs). Trent spears Ortiz on the outside. As Chuck begins towering chairs like a house of cards. Santana tosses a chair at Chuck before trying to pile drive him on the stage but Chuck back body drops him. Santana then does the very same to Chuck off the stage and onto the chairs. Santana and Trent get in the ring and the bell rings for the match to officially begin.

Ortiz and Santana continue to double-team Trent as Chuck is out of commission on the outside. After taking a bevy of attacks, Trent turns the tide by tossing Santana over and hitting a tornado DDT on Ortiz. He soon however, finds himself hitting the barricade after Ortiz leap frogs him.

Hard strikes in the corner by Santana, but a kick to the face frees him and he tags in Chuck as he soon clears the ring of both opponents. He senton flips to the outside on top of them.

Back in the ring, he hits a falcon arrow on Santana, but Ortiz breaks it up. Sunset flip by Chuck gets another near fall as Trent pulls himself back up and gets the tag. Running knee to Santana. Ortiz grabs Trents legs on the apron and Santana knocks him onto the steep steps. Ortiz and Santana go for The Street Sweeper, but Trent reverses it to his finisher. Santana however, gets Ortiz hand on the ropes.

Santana pulls a steel baton and hits Trent in the back. The two deliver a Street Sweeper and get the win.

WINNERS: Santana & Ortiz

MJF addresses the viewers about his World Title match until Lee Johnston interrupts to let him know that his attorney Mark Sterling has locked himself in his dressing room. Wardlow kicks down the door. MJF has an intense heart to heart, threatens Mark and asks him “which monster does he want to deal with?”

SCU & Private Party vs. The Young Bucks & Jurassic Express (Winners face one another at All Out)

Kaz and Daniels comes out and Kaz is wearing a shirt to honor the late Chadwick Boseman. We cut to break.

Kaz and Jungle Boy start things off. Kaz focuses on the headlock. They ock for position and meet at a stalemate. JB tags in Matt and Kaz tags in Marq. Matt hammers Quen down, but a dropkick evens the playing field. Cassidy gets tagged in and high flies Jackson enough to go for a powder. He sees a sign supporting Hangman and tears it down.

Daniels and Nick take over. High roundhouse kick by Nick to Daniels. Matt gets the tag again. Double team knee neckbreaker on Daniels. Bucks very much monopolizing the tags as they continue to double team Daniels. Daniels gets a back drop on Nick. JB finally gets a tag and so does Kaz. They both come in fierce and Kaz takes over with a hard kick and a clothesline. He catches Kaz with a cutter. Daniels moonsault dives onto The Bucks from the outside as Kaz stomps away at JB in the corner. High spinning leg drop gets Kaz a two count. Kaz hard tags Cassidy and yells to “impress him.” Private Party flapjack facebusters JB for a near fall. Textbook suplex by Daniels soon gets a two. Headbutt by Daniels onto JB and a big right hand corners Jack Perry as he tags in Kaz. We go to break as SCU double team JB.

Back from break, JB tags in a very fresh Luchasaurus as he levels Private Party with a double lariat before diving onto SCU with an apron moonsault. “Luchasaurus “chants. Double chokeslam to Private Party. Stereo Risky Business to Private Party. SCU soon clears house. They neckbreaker combo Jungle Boy and Cassidy swantons for a near fall.

It’s JB and Daniels again and Matt inadvertently hits JB. BME by Daniels and then a shooting star press by Quen gets a two. Save by Saurus. Double team bomb by J. Express onto Quen. Lucha is the legal man. He goes to chokeslam but Matt tags himself in and The Bucks hit the BTE Trigger. 1-2-3.

WINNERS: The Young Bucks

The Bucks are angry as they leave the ring, being all business.

We see Jake Hager sit down by Orange Cassidy backstage. He tells Orange, that he wants him ringside for his match tonight against Joey Janela. Cassidy puts his leg up on Hager who swipes it off before telling him it would be smart to be there.

Tully is backstage with FTR. They won the gauntlet and now it’s time for them to win the gold. He’ll be right there to watch them. Cash Wheeler and Dax Harwood know the stakes are high (cash and gold). They like Hangman, but after Saturday, he will Fear The Revelation.

Tony Schiavone is in the ring awaiting Kenny Omega. Omega comes out and is wearing a Hana Kimara tee. He says Page is gonna have to live with his actions. We live, we learn, we move on. One thing won’t change: they will defeat FTR. They’re going to bring their A-game. Out come FTR with Tully and with a cooler. Dax said Kenny and Hangman have had a great run. They have no problem with them. They never have. They look forward to having a great athletic contest and offer him a cheers with beer and chocolate milk. Kenny says he can never turn down choc, but what he can do is turn down a couple dickheads. By his count it’s two vs. one (three vs. one with Tully). He says make it quick. Kenny insults Tully. Out comes a reluctant Hangman. Dax chastises Hangman, saying that who got in his head. They said it wasn’t them, but it was Page alone. He calls Hangman an insecure little boy. Dax really runs him down. He calls him a piece of shit. Cash says the same as Kenny calms him down. FTR have the belts and rop it in front of Hangman in disrespect. Hangman offers Kenny’s belt to him but turns to see Kenny is standing on the outside as well.

Alex Marvez is backstage with Jericho. He mocks Marvez, saying he never kissed a woman before promoting his Mimosa Mayhem match. He says he turned Cassidy into a better man and made him into a main event star in AEW, but now he needs to put a bullet in the head and send him back to where he belongs. He’ll give him a Judas Effect, a Walls of Jericho and toss him in the vat of the Mimosa bubbly. Janela will be made an example of and things are about to get a whole lot worse for him. He wishes Marvez good luck with that smooch.

Joey Janela vs. Chris Jericho

Crowd singing along with Judas quite loudly. Out comes Orange Cassidy to sit at ringside. Jericho is wearing the now classic Orange Cassidy face tee. Orange doesn’t seem to care. Jericho immediately hammers away at Janela. Hard clothesline in the corner. He has hard right hands for The Bad Boy. Belly to back by Chris. Crowd booed. More hard shots by Chris on a downed Bad Boy. Another belly to back. Jericho pulls on the pigtails of Joey. Cross chop across a Irish whipped Janela. More hard shots continue from Jericho on the ground. He goes for a third belly-to-back but he flips free and shoulder tackle downs The Demo God. Clothesline by Chris. Hard knee by Jericho before he tosses him onto the ramp. Janel springboards back in and hits a Codebreaker onto Joey. Liontamer and Joey submits.

WINNER: Chris Jericho

Post-match. Chris exposes a turnbuckle and crashes Janela’s head into it. Janela is a bloody mess and Jericho rubs the plasma onto Orange’s tee. That fires Orange up and he comes firing away at Chris Jericho. Hager gangs up on him. In comes Sonny Kiss for the save. Hager hits Sonny with a spinebuster but that gives Orange enough time to hit Jericho with a DDT. He sizes him up for a Superman Punch, but Hager drags Chris to safety. Cassidy pulls out the bubbly and dumps it out on the canvas. Jericho is irate.

Back from break, we see Team Taz. Taz says Ricky Starks or Brian Cage will win the Casino Royal Battle Royal. He also says Starks will handle Darby as Cage doesn’t fear Lance Archer. Out comes Jake and Lance. Jake runs down Team Taz as he and The Murderhawk enter the ring. Eddie Kingston interrupts with his foursome. He talks plenty of smack and out comes Shawn Spears with Tully. Taz says Starks and Cage will take all them on and calls Lance a bitch. Out comes Darby and he and Starks brawl it out as chaos ensues around them all between battle royal participants.

It’s not long before The Inner Circle and Best Friends come to duke it out. The brawl continues as we cut to break.

The battle royal-esque brawl rages on as we see a video package highlighting the development of The Dark Order. Brodie Lee says AEW and its fans have created this monster of Brodie Lee. Dustin Rhodes states that he will pay for the attack on Cody. Dustin has the team of Scorpio Sky, Matt Cardona and QT Marshall. They all have one common goal to take out The Dark Order. Cardona says he doesn’t have anything to lose as he doesn’t even work here. Dustin says The Dark Order will fall.

Thunder Rosa vs. Serena Deeb

Bell rings and the two lock up. She is being out-wrestled by Serena Deeb. Side headlock and a European uppercut. The two trade shots. Arm drags and dropkick by Thunder Rosa. Hard chops by Deeb. Neckbreaker. A modified Tequila Sunrise by Deeb as she hammers Rosa’s knee into the mat. Rosa forearms Deeb on the apron as we cut to break.

Back from break, Thunder Rosa is in full control. Serena frees herself from a cross neckhold with a backstabber. two clotheslines as she wrenches the arm before doing a modified octopus stretch. Hard knees into the corner by Rosa. She hits another low dropkick and goes for the cover. Serena soon goes for a piledriver but Rosa hits a DVD for a near fall. The two trade pin attempts. Hard shots and chops by Rosa. Suplex by Rosa followed up by a dropkick. Rosa signals for the end. She hits the Thunder Driver for the win.

WINNER: Thunder Rosa

Moxley tells MJF to not sweat the nerves and distractions. All of that goes away on Saturday. THere is one question: are you ready to kill or be killed? MJF has to be the nastiest we’ve ever seen. 2020 has sucked already and Mox doesn’t want to make it worse by having Max run around with the World Title. Everything MJF has done up until now has been the easy part.

Back from break, Tony Schiavone is interviewing Big Swole who is ready to roll against The Roll Model, Britt Baker at The Buy-In. Reba comes in dressed as a pizza delivery person for Tony and Britt attacks Swole from behind. She cinches in a Lockjaw on Swole as she rubs the pizza in her face.

Attorney Mark Sterling vs. Jon Moxley

A reluctant Sterling comes decked out in MJF 2020 gear as Wardlow makes sure he gets in the ring come hell or high water. We go to break.

Moxley enters upon the return from commercial. Bell rings and Sterling slowly looks to lock up. Jon jumps and Sterling flinches hard. Back to the cautious circling. Mox offers Mark a free shot. He shows Sterling how to make fist. Sterling swings and Mox avoids as he slugs him down. Sterling bails before Wardlow implores him to get back in. Jon offers his back to Sterling who charges at him but Mox moves and Mark takes a tumble. Mox soon chases him. He catches Sterling leg and Sterling pokes him in the eye to celebrate. That fires Jon up and the assault begins as he slams barricades down on Mark as the fight breaks to the outside. Sterling gets back in the ring and Mox grabs a chair to sit on it in the ring. Mox offers him a hand but Mox pokes him in the eye for a receipt before hitting the Paradigm Shift for the win.

WINNER: Jon Moxley

Post-match, Wardlow attacks Mox and gives the champ several F-10s. MJF comes out with his walker as he removes his neck brace and unbuttons his shirt. He walks to the ring and then delivers mounted punches to Moxley. He chokes him in the corner. The bell continues to ring as MJF yells to the camera is mission for violence. He puts on his Dynamite Diamond ring. Wardlow holds him up and MJF slugs him in the noggin. Max screams in a rage. He hands the ring back and Mox is bloody. Max strangles him and MJF wipes the blood of Moxley on his face. He holds up the belt as the show ends.


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