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AEW Dynamite Results (09/16/2020)

Updated: Sep 30, 2020

AEW Dynamite, September 16, 2020

Daily’s Place, Jacksonville, FL

Commentators: Jim Ross, Tony Schiavone & Excalibur

FTR vs. Jurassic Express is set to take place but the Young Bucks saunter out and superkick the face off of Mike Posey. They head back to Gorilla and walk by Tony Khan. They toss him a wad of cash to cover the fines. The brothers walk by FTR and Tully Blanchard who love every bit of it.

Jurassic Express vs. FTR

Dax and JB start the bout off. Quick tags back and forth by FTR as they work on grounding JB. JB trips Dax for a lateral press. Wild armdrag by JB and he takes it to Dax and Cash.

Tag finally made to Luchasaurus and this causes FTR to stall. Lucha turns the tables by catching Dax with a powerslam after he leaps off the top rope. It’s back to Dax and JB. A hard back elbow corners JB, but he finds the strength to give a double hurricanrana to FTR. Wheeler powerslams JB. He locks him in a bow-and-arrow stretch. Tag to Dax. Toe kicks JB in the ribs and follows with a snap leg drop. Two count. Schiavone notes there is a lot of Arn in FTR. Double team gutbuster by FTR. Near fall. Abdominal stretch by Cash on JB in FTR’s corner. Arm drag by JB. He fights out of no man’s land but still get pancaked by Dax and Cash. JB has been in there for many moons. Dax gets dirty by jerking JB around by his hair. Cash taunts Lucha and soon Wheeler gets caught. Harwood prevents a tag briefly, but he eventually tags in the big man. Pump kick and massive double clothesline to his foes. He launches Cash in Dax. Chokeslam and then a standing moonsault. Two count.

Lucha avoids a double team, a blind tag is made by JB and the two work together to get a near fall. Tide soon turns by a belly-to-back by Dax. JB holds on through a powerslam to get a small package on Cash. Two count. Two pin attempts on Dax later also gets two counts. JB comes off the top with a diving cross body and the two trade rolls to receive their own two counts. Cash hits Luchasaurus, but Lucha goes for a chokeslam. JB gets another near fall and it’s he and Dax trading European uppercuts. He utilizes the corner to roll Dax up again. Lucha gets launched into the crowd and JB is on his own. JB gets Dax in another roll-up, almost gets the fall, but thanks to Cash who rolls it back in favor of Dax and then holds JB’s leg for the assisted leverage (along with Tully) gets the W.


Backstage we see Matt Hardy his hurt, holding his leg as Private Party wonders what happened to their mentor. In come Jericho and Hager to relish in the moment and joke at Hardy’s expense.

Frankie Kazarian vs. Adam “Hangman” Page

Kenny Omega is on commentary and makes note of his concern for the well being of Matt Hardy. Excalibur reveals that Kenny was actually offered to make this a tag match. Kenny says tag action is not his focus right now.

Hangman and Kaz look to be firing up a clinic. Kaz manages to sunset flip Adam for a two count but begins feeding him knees and rolls through with an impressive neckbreaker. He doesn’t break grip. Soon catches Hangman with a knee, but soon the strength of Page comes into play as he slams him down. Hard chops by Hangman downs Kaz. Snap suplex and Kaz gets to the corner to recuperate. It manages to work as Frankie slugs away at Page. Adam sends Kaz crashing off of the apron with a top rope clotheslines and he dives on top of him for good measure. The two fight outside as we go to picture-in-picture.

Both men are back in the ring as the two stars slug it out. Hangman hits three successful forearms, but two two continue to take hard shots . Kaz goes for a German, Page lands on his feet, Frankie tries to trip him up but Adam annihilates him with a hard ass lariat.

More shots by Page. Frankie gets a boot up in the corner and he leaps off from the second turnbuckle but Hangman catches him for a fallway. Standing shooting star press for a two count.

Another boot up by Kaz. Hangman once more goes for that leaping lariat, but Kaz scouts it and springboards himself to DDT Page. Two count.

Kaz goes for an impaler but goes for a backslide. Two count. Hanfman guns for one himself, but Kaz does hit that impaler for a two count. Kenny laughs a bit on commentary at it, seeming to show a little animosity. Page hits Kaz hard with a DVD but he does kick out. Kaz catches Adam with a cutter after scouting a springboard and gets a close call of his own. Scoop slam by Kaz. Kaz leaps of the second rope but Page catches him with a sit-out powerbomb. Two count. We’re at the halfway point in the 20 minute time limit.

The two men fight on the outside before fighting for position on the apron. Kaz goes for a leg drop but Adam moves and takes the moment for a Buckshot Lariat. 1-2-3.

WINNER: Adam “Hangman” Page

Post-match, Hangman looks for Kenny and his partner’s approval, but he does the Irish goodbye from the commentator’s table.

MJF vs. Shawn Dean

The bell rings and MJF immediately pokes Dean in the eye to turn it into his Salt of The Earth finisher. Immediate tap-out.


Max gets on the mic. He says he’s an honest man, but Moxley isn’t. Right now he should be undefeated. Right now he should be the AEW World Champion. “You’re a loser” chant starts. From here on out, he wants to be known as MJF: The Undefeated, Undisputed, Uncrowned World Champion of All Elite Wrestling. He makes “smooth-brained moron” Justin Roberts to officially introduce him as such. He says the going trend is to form a stable cause it seems to happen every week. Maybe it’s about time to for this “Lone Wolf” to form a “Wolfpac.” He basically says he’s gonna weigh out the options, but either way, he’s better than you, and you know it.

After this, Taz breaks down Ricky Starks’ absolutely sweet finisher, the Rochambeau (and that spear too).

Next we see Eddie Kingston with the Lucha Bros. Kingston once again notes that he was never eliminated from the Casino Battle Royale. He tells Penta and Fenix that they are a family. Usually families go out to dinner, but they go out for violence. They are agents of chaos. Eddie prompts The Butcher and Blade to do such. They pull talent from the crowd and begin attacking everyone. They clear house. Eddie says every one of them is “ready” except for Blade who Kingston tells it’s time for him to get “his house in order.”

Private Party vs. Chris Jericho & Jake Hager

Quen and Hager start it off. Hager tosses QUen down easily. Hard elbow frees him from a backs twitch. Quen goes for a drop toe hold, but Jake stands tall until Cassidy comes in for the assist. They knock both Chris and Jake ontot he outside. Stereo topes. The two soon give Hager a double suplex for a two count in the middle of the canvas. Big boot by Hager halts Quen. Tag to Jericho who punches away at Marq. A punch and a shot by Jericho before forearming him down. Belly-to-back, one count.

Tag to Hager, Hard right hands in the ribs of Quen. Quen gets a boot up and then hits Hager down with a sharp dropkick. Isiah gets the tag and comes crashing down on Jericho. A moonsault off the apron gets a two count on Chris. As Cassidy goes to launch himself back in the ring, Hager hits him subtly with Frank (the baseball bat) to down him. We go to break.

Back from it, Hager hammers away at Isiah and has been dominate during the downtime. Jake wrenches away with a rag doll sleeper. Isiah tries to get out of isolation, but Hager catches him and slams him down with a standing spine buster. Jake soon feels the wrath of The Silly String. Both men get their tags. Quen takes it to Jericho and then pop-up dropkicks Hager. A springboard cross body gets a very close fall on Jericho. Isiah gets the tag and they homage the Hardys with a Poetry in Motion. An assisted top rope double stomp gets a two.

Soon after, Isiah reverses a Hager launch into a hurricanrana onto Jericho. Isiah later hammers at Chris on the ropes. He ducks a Judas Effect and rolls Chris up. Just a two count. Commentary really talk about Cassidy’s back bothering him. He climbs the ropes, goes for a swanton, Jericho takes the opportunity shiver Cassidy with a Judas Effect and the pinfall win.

WINNERS: Chris Jericho & Jake Hager

Chris decides to inflict more pain by locking Cassidy in with a Walls. Quen has seen enough and hits him hard.

NWA Women’s World’s Championship

Ivelisse vs. Thunder Rosa (c)

The two shove one another and they trade arm drags. The tempers are real hot as they trade slaps (kinda hesitant). Rosa arm drags Ivelisse and then does a top rope arm drag.

Ivelisse soon returns the favor with a top rope hurricanrana. Hard dropkick by Rosa and then hits a solid leg in the corner. Gets a close fall. Rosa has Ivelisse in a Gory Special. A distraction by Diamante allows Ivelisse to free herself. We go to break.

We return and see Thunder Rosa hit a snap dragon screw, She soon launches herself in the corner with a clothesline. Hard knees follow up and then hits a massive dropkick in the ring for a close pin. Tiger driver by Ivelisse. Two count. Back and forth they’ve gone.

Crossface to Ivelisse. She rolls into the ropes and breaks it up. Ivelisse reverses a rope pull by Rosa and lands on her feet. JR is impressed, but Thunder Rosa nails a DVD. Kick out. Ivelisse hits her finisher but the champ gets a shoulder up. She charges at Rosa, but she catches Ivelisse with a Tombstone Piledriver and sends the challenger to the Tijuana graveyard.

WINNER and STILL NWA Women’s World Champion: Thunder Rosa

Post-match, Diamante attacks Rosa from behind, but Hikaru Shida comes in and saves Rosa in a sign of respect.

Kip is in the weight room as Miro bench presses behind him. The bride to be watches on as Kip keeps Miro in mind of his upcoming bachelor party and “The Best Man” is all excited to fire it up.

We have Lance Archer with Jake Roberts. He heads ringside and pulls an unfortunate adversary out. Massive chokeslam by The Murderhawk. Jake talks about unexpected alliances and he mentions that they need two men next week. Roberts says if he’s going to lay in bed with the devil next week, he might as well lay in bed with the Tazmanian devil. He invites Taz out.

Out comes The Human Suplex Machine. Taz says they made a hell of deal that this alliance lays upon the stipulation that when Lance Archer wins against Moxley, he and Cage will face off for that championship. Archer grabs the mic and says that they share mutual enemies and it's going to end up with The Machine and The Murderhawk clashing.

Mox’s music hits and as he steps down from the stands. In a reflection of last week, a “fan” grabs hold of Moxley and it’s Ricky Starks. He and Brian Cage attack the champ. Who comes in for the save but the freshly-signed Will Hobbs to even the playing field. Sure enough, he reveals that Hobbs is one of his two partners. The other? Stark’s best bud: Darby Allin.

They announce a card for next week’s Dynamite, the highlight being Brodie Lee defending the TNT Title against Orange Cassidy.

Parking Lot Fight

Best Friends vs. Santana & Ortiz

S&O come out with Dead Presidents-like facepaint and the brawl begins. Chuck slams Santana into a mirror. Trent slams Ortiz hard into the hood of a sedan before Taylor sentons on top of it. Trent follows up with a sit-out senton.

They drag him to the concrete as Chuck pull out sheets of plywood and some sticks.They bridge the plywood on the bed of the truck as Santana struggles to his feet. Santana pulls that baton out from under a car and takes it to both BFs. Santana is donning a crimson mask. Ortiz throws a sledgehammer at Chuck but it misses a crashes through the windshield. Ortiz suplexes Chuck on the hood of the car before Santana crashes down on top for a near fall.

Trent brawls with Ortiz on the ground.Trent gets speared through a door propped up against a maroon car. Santana later gets dropped on that very hood by Chuck.Trent goes for his swinging DDT on the concrete. Ortiz hits Trent with a dustpan. Chuck grabs a guardrail and props it up against a silver hatchback .Ortiz gets suplexed by Chuck and it bends that bicycle rack something vicious.

Trent and Santana continue to fight. Trent soon finds a prone Ortiz on top of that silver car, but Ortiz powerbombs him hard on the roof of it. S&O set their sights on Trent. They double powerbomb him through the windshield. Chuck begins to choke out Santana with a bet. Chuck breaks a board over the back of Ortiz and sends Santana crashing into the industrial sized trash cans. Ortiz takes a board to the back of Trent. The BFs are both down. Santana talks trash to Chuck and gives him hard right hands. Really vicious. Santana gets a lead pipe.He sizes Trent up but out from the hood of a car comes Orange Cassidy. He leaps out and Orange Punches Santana out with a chain wrapped around his fist. Chuck pile drives Santana on a separate car. Ortiz gets the finisher from Trent on the bridged board in the pick-up and picks up the victory.

WINNERS: Best Friends

Post-match, BFs and Orange Cassidy hop into Sue’s new van. Sue is the wheel woman and gives Santana and Ortiz the bird before zooming off.


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