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AEW - Dynamite Results 10/09

It’s time for Episode 2 of AEW Dynamite.  This week we are in Boston, MA at Boston University's Agganis Arena:  Will The Elite get revenge for their savage beat down last week?  Have Kenny Omega and Jon Moxley recovered from going through a glass table?  Who will advance in the Tag Team Tournament? Get ready for action!

Our announcers are Excalibur, Jim Ross and Tony Schivanone and they let us know about the matches we will be seeing tonight.  They lead us into a video package introducing the teams to compete, Private Party and the Young Bucks. The Young Bucks explain they are the best and have been for five years.  Private Party wants to shwo why they were signed. 

The Bucks are introduced with different music from last week.  Private Party comes to the ring and Excalibur says they are where the Bucks were ten years ago.  Both teams get big pops. JR explains this is a single elimination tournament.

The Young Bucks vs. Private Party as part of the AEW Tag Team Championship Tournament

Nick and Kassidy start out the match trading holds quickly.  Matt tags in and knocks Quin off the apron and then the Bucks hit a double team move on Kassidy.  The Bucks hit a series of moves, tagging in and out quickly. They toss Kassidy out of the ring, and Nick is outside the ring.  Kassidy hits a moonsault on Nick, comes back up to the apron and is brought in via a rope pull by Matt, bringing him in the hard way.  Kassidy is able to get the tag in to Quin.

We have Bucks on the floor on opposite sides of the ring, and Quin does a dive over the top onto each of them.  Quin tosses Nick into the ring, leaps off the top turnbuckle for a 450 slash into a two count pin. Quin attempt another move, but Matt enters the ring and it's SUPER KICK TIME!  Kassidy comes in and gets himself a super kick. Matt grabs Kassidy outside the ring and power bombs Kassidy outside the ring on the unforgiving steel of the ramp.  

He returns to the  ring and the Bucks hit Quin with a combination power bomb slicked bread #2 from the top.  Nick puts Quin into a sharpshooter leading the crowd in a “tap” chant. Quin is able to get to the tops to break the hold.  Crowd is chanting that this is awesome. Matt is tagged in and starts to hit Quin with blows. He covers Quin for a two count and Quin escapes.  Quin is flipped to the mat by the pair and Nick goes for the pin, only a two count. Matt tags in and Quin tries to fight his way out, but instead is hit with a slingshot into Nick in the corner for another two count.

Nick goes for a super kick on Quin, who grabs his leg and shoves it into Matt.  He tries to go for his corner, where Kassidy is now up, and Matt jumps on top of him and holds him down on the mat. He escapes and tosses Matt into the Buck's corner.  Quin gets on the turnbuckle on the Buck's side, leaps over for the hot tap, but Nick yanks Kassidy's feet out of under him to slam into the apron. Matt rolls up Quin for another two count.  

Matt starts taunting Quin and keeps Quin from getting to his corner.  Both Bucks are in, and Quin hits them with a backflip kick, leading to the hot tag.  Kassidy leaps off the top turnbuckle into a drop kick on the Bucks. Kassidy his a double rana on the Bucks.  He keeps Matt in the ring and works him over, but Matt is able to get in a lucky blow. Quin is able to hit Matt with silly string, but it doesn't do any good and Matt hits Kassidy with a trio of Suplexes.  Great strength being shown by Matt as he keeps him grip on him. Quin enters and Matt his a suplex on both for a two count.  

Nick hits s buckle bomb on Kassidy which leads to a sharp shooter.  Matt tosses Quin out of the ring and takes him out with a brutal booking kick.  Nick hit a facebuster on Kassidy and then backflips onto Quin. Kassidy is able to finally make it to the ropes.  

Private Party is able to to score a Gin and Juice on Nick, Quin hits Matt with a Shooting Star Press for only a two count.  The Bucks regroup, and set Quin up for the Meltzer Drive, but Nick is pulled off the arpon. Quin rolls Matt up and gets the pin.

Your winners and moving on in the tournament, Private Party!

Just a note to Nick, that hairline receding means you may not be a Young Buck much longer.  Keep that bandanna on like Matt does. 

Private Party goes out the celebrate in the crowd and we go to commercials with the celebration in the smaller window. 

We come back to Jericho coming to the ring followed by Jake Hager, Sammy Guevara, Santana and Ortiz, the group from last week's beat down.

Jericho introduces himself and talks about how last week's episode was a huge success and it is all because of him. As the crowd cheers, he tells the people to sit down and shut up.  Jericho says they have a name for this group and introduces everyone in his group. As he introduces Hagar, Hagar has stood quietly staring at the crowd. The crowd chants “We the People!”.  Jericho stops them and says “We the People” was a stupid idea from bad creative. He puts over Hagar as a badass MMA fighter. They are Jericho's Inner Circle. Any they are in charge now and they are taking control. 

Jericho heel Cody and says he doesn't like him and his family.  Jericho heels Dusty, Dustin, and then he tells Cody he will beat the SH** out of him at Full Gear and drink a little bit of the bubbly.  And Inner Circle shirts are already available according to JR.


Jimmy Havoc is introduced as we come back and he makes his way to the ring.  As he walks and gets into the ring, we get picture in picture as he gives a promo about the pain and violence he has gone through and how much he likes it. 

Darby Allin is next.  Crowd seems evenly split between thew two with both getting big pops.  Allin shown nearly beating Cody at Fyter Fest.  

Jimmy Havoc vs. Darby Allin, with the winner going on to challenge AEW Champion Chris Jericho the following week on Dynamite in Philadelphia. 

Allin holds out a hand to shake, but Havoc tries to use it for an attack, Allin reverses the hold and rolls Havoc up for a two count.  Havoc is able to get a quick move for a two count as well. They attempt to throw each other into the ropes, and Allin is able to take control.  For a back elbow into the corner. His knocks Havoc into the turnbuckle with a ashotgun drop kick. They lock up and Havoc bites Allin to take control, and Havoc pulls Allin over the top rope onto the floor face first.

Havoc tosses Allin into the ring for a two count.  He maintains control and keeps working the fingers.  Excalibur name checks the show Terriers and I pop it.  Havoc keep working over Allin concentrating on twisting and hitting the right hand of Allin. Allin gets in a little offense, but Havoc put on a sleeper hold while sitting on the top turnbuckle and the rep calls for the break.  Havoc tosses Allin outside the ring and it's time for commercials.

When we come back, Allin is able to get in a few blows, but Havoc nails him and drops down only Allin for a two count.  Havoc picks up Allin and hits a Death Valley Driver into the turnbuckle for a two count only. He tried to pick Allin up, but Allin is out on his feet.  Havoc is able to pull him up for the Tiger Driver 98 for another two count and Allin escapes by grabbing the rope.  

As they break, Allin pulls Havoc in for a crucifix two count, and Havoc escapes and gets to his feet.  Havoc stomps Allin's head. Havoc pulls Allin up for the Rip Cord Rainmaker and Allin escapes by biting Havoc;s hand.  Allin then his an Over The Top stunner, runs to the turnbuckle to hit the backward drop and the pin for the three count.

Darby Allin wins and will be meeting Jericho next week for the title.

Allin celebrates on the top turnbuckle as we get the spots from the match highlights.  Jr reminds us that next week is sold out, no tickets available. Commercials are between us and the next match.

We come back to Bea Priestley coming to the ring with Emi Sakura, the teacher of Riho.  Excalibur explains why Sakura is a legend. Next to the ring is Dr. Britt Baker on her own followed by our women's champion, Riho. Riho gets a HUGE pop.

Bea Priestley & Emi Sukura vs. AEW Women’s Champion Riho & Dr. Britt Baker.

We start the match with Riho and Sakura.  They tie up and they work the ropes, and Sakura is able to grab her for a slam and quick two count.  Riho escapes, is up and hits a drop kick on Sakura. Riho goers for a suplex, but can't get her up. Sakura tosses Riho into her corner.  As Sakura taunts Britt, Bea works over Riho. Sakura puts Riho into the Surfboard and then dumps her. Bea is tagged in and goes after Baker, knocking her to the floor and following to attack with blows.  

They trade blows outside the ring until Baker is tosses into the barrier.  Baker hits a press and rains down blows. The keep fighting outside the ring, and Sakura joins Bea and they suplex Baker.  This is followed by Riho hitting a cross body from the top and all four women are on the floor outside the ring, and we go to commercial with the match being shown in a small window.  

They return to the ring and Riho is able to get in offense on Bea. When Baker tags in,. Bea is able to get the upper hand and a two count on Baker.  They continue to fight and Sakura come in and works over Riho in the corner. All four women battle in the wing leading to Bea and Baker trading blows in the center of the ring. When we come back from commercial Saukra breaks up a pin attempt by Baker on Bea.  

Sakura drags Bea to their corner and tag in and rains blows down on Baker, chops and punches.  She hit a back breaker and gets the crowd to clap along as she hit Baker in the corner, then nails a Vader Bomb on Baker for a two count. Baker is able to escape a possible move and hits Sakura with a stunner.  Sakura recovers and starts hitting until Riho is able to get in a blow. She rolls Sakura down onto the mat and then leaps for a stomp on Sakura's back.  

Baker hits a swinging neckbreaker for a two count.  Baker is able to withstand a few blows and hits a rip cord followed by a neckbreaker into a version of the Ring of Saturn with a Mandible Claw and Sakura taps out.

Winner Dr. Britt Baker and Riho.

Bea attacks Baker, and the ref pulls them apart.  Bea heads to the back as we see the highlights of the match. They hype the main event tag team and we go to a video for the Best Friends.

They are interviewed and they say to ask Orange Cassidy, who is sitting behind them, how they are doing.  

The lights go out for a bit and then come back on to Shawn Spears in a steel chair on the ramp.  He comes to the ring, with Tully Blanchard. As they hit the ring, we go to commercial.

As we return, Jon Moxley is coming to the ring with a huge pop.  Moxley hits the ring and they go at it immediately. Pac is at commentary as Spears takes control of the match.  Moxley then takes control with chops and mounts for the ten in the corner. Moxley tosses Spears out of the ring, and works him over, then stands on his head until the ref starts counting.  Tully tries to pull Moxley off of Spears and only succeeds in Moxley going after him. As Tully is retreating, Spears comes up from behind and tries to attack, and Moxley tosses Spears into the barricade, and then Moxley hits spears with a fist after showjumping from the apron.

Moxley tosses Spears into the ring, Spears is able to kick Moxley away and Tully is able to shove Moxley into the steel stairs. Spears is able to work Moxley over outside the ring.  Tully comes over to give advice and Spears continues his attack. Spears hits Moxley with a Terminal into the ring barricade. JR tells us this is a slobber knocker personified and we go to commercial with picture in picture.

Spears maintains control and the fight goes into the ring as we get an ad for medications that has more side effect time than time telling you the good stuff it does.  Moxley is able to get a comeback as Taco Bell sells us nachos, but Spears takes control back as we are told to go see The Addams Family.mMoxley turns the tables as we are told the NBA is coming.

Back from the commercial and Spears is able to get a two count and then puts Moxley in a single leg crab.  Moxley escapes and Spears is able to get a Topi. Moxley lets into the ring and hits a Topi on Spears. Moxley tosses Spears into the ring and works him over in the corner.  He finishes with a knee to Spears's head and a two count. Pac has actually had a lot to say on commentary and puts himself over well. Spears gets to his feet and he and Moxley hit each other with with kicks and blows.  Moxley ends the exchange with a clothesline. Tully ois on the apron yelling and Spears is able to get a flip backbreaker for a two count.

Spears goes for a suplex of some kind but Moxley escapes and hits a DDT for the three count.

Winner Jon Moxley!

As he celebrates, Kenny Omega is on the ramp with a barbed wire bat and a barber wire broom.  The Cleaner returns. As Moxley walks up the entry, Omega tosses the bat. Pac nails Omega from behind with a chair.  Moxley is upset with it and points the bat at Pac, who leaves. Moxley tosses down the bat and walks to the back.  

Commercial time.

When we come back, Dustin Rhodes is coming to the ring, half his face in red face paint.  Adam Page is next, in chaps and a vest while a horse is shown on the screens behind him, so he's a cowboy.  And the announcers say he reminds them of Barry Windham.  

Next is Sammy Guevara to the jeers of the crowd.  Jericho is next, big pop for our main heel of the night.  He comes to the ring with Jake Hagar. Hagar is as stone faced as Buster Keaton.

Yeah.  That's right.  I made a silent movie reference in my recap.  Take that.

AEW Champion Chris Jericho & Sammy Guevara of the Inner Circle vs. Dustin Rhodes & Adam "Hangman" Page.

We start with Dustin and Sammy ion the ring.  Jaws are jacked and then Jericho tags in. Dustin is able to put the boots to Jericho, and Dustin follows him out of the ring and keeps beating Jericho down.  Jericho is tossed into the crown, and while Sammy tries to sneak up on Dustin, Dustin hits Sammy with an uppercut. The fight goes into the ring, and they run the ropes.  Dustin tags in Page and tosses Sammy into the corner. Page hits a lariat in the corner and Sammy is flat on his back in the middle of the ring.

Page catches Sammy, who tries for a cross body and tosses him backwards. Page then leaps over the top ring  into Jericho, who was outside the ring. Page comes back in the ring, grabs Sammy and tosses him over his head again, and holds on for a two count.  Page tags in Dustin. Dustin drops to his knees for an upper cut, and he works over Spears for a while. He tags in Page and they nail Sammy with a couple of double teams moves.  Page hits a running moonsault for the two count broken up by a kick to the face by Jericho.  

Page scoops and slams Sammy, hears to the top.  Jericho tries to do something and is kicked by Page.  Sammy is able to get to the ropes, puts Page on his back and and pancakes Page on the top turnbuckle. Sammy gets a two count and it's time for commercials,.

When we come back, Jericho is able to leap onto Page, who is draped on the middle rope.  Jericho plays to the crowd and then chokes Page on the ropes. Jericho counts along and breaks on the four.  Jericho attempts to attack and Page is able to get in some offense so that they are both on the mat. Who can get to the tag first?  Jericho does, Sammy attacks Dustin and then gets a two count on page. Sammy puts a headlock on Page, and Page slowly gets to his feet and escapes with a back suplex.  

Jericho tags in and slaps Page while mocking him.  Page fights back and his comeback is stopped by a back elbow.  Jericho tired a springboard off the rope and Page gets his knees up.  Both are on the mat with Page reaching for his corner. Jericho recovers first, tagging in Sammy, who cuts Page off.  They run the ropes and Page gets a discus lariat and they are both on the mat.  

Dustin tags in and starts taking out Sammy with clotheslines and strikes.  Jericho comes in eats an inverted atomic drop as well. Dustin springs off the ropers to hit a crossbody on both Sammy and Jericho. Sammy recovers and attempt an attack but is tossed out of the ring.  Page hits Sammy with a backflip from the top. Page tosses Sammny in the ring and is turned inside out by a clothesline by Hagar.

Jericho tags in and Dustin is able to flip Jericho into a pin for a two count.  Dustin sets Jericho up for Shattered Dreams, but Sammy tries to intervene. Sammy is taken down and while the ref checks on Sammy.  Samnmy grabs there and Hagar hits Dustin with a clothesline. Jericho is able to hit a Judas Effect for the three count on Duystin.

Your winners, Sammy Guevara and Chris Jericho!

Jericho, Sammy and Hagar beat down Dustin, and Page is able to get into the ring and starts to clean house. Hagar is able to toss Page out of the ring, and then Page slam Hagar's face with a chair. They fight up the ramp and in the ring, Jericho and Sammy beat down Dustin until...


The lights come up with Cody in his suit.  He hits a spinning stunner DDT on Sammy, and stand shouting at Jericho.  Jericho puts up fists, but before they fight, Santana and Ortiz enter the ring and take control. Jericho starts choking Cody with his tie and MJF hits the ring with a chair.  Jericho holds Cody up for a blow and MJF attacks the Inner Circle. MJF stands tall until Jericho attacks again. The Inner Circle si in control until we get the Young Bucks for a SuperKick party!  Everyone is fighting as Jericho sneaks out of the way holding the belt high.  

Dustin and Cody are standing in the ring as Jericho walks up the ramp with his belt.  Jericho is then attacked by Darby Allin who skateboards down the ramp! We end with the babyfaces in the middle of the ring standing tall!

Jericho grabs a mic and reminds us that they are the Inner Circle.  He says he'll see Cody at the PPV and he will see Allin next week...BI**H!


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