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AEW Dynamite Results (10/14/2020)

AEW World Tag Team Championships

Best Friends vs. FTR (c)

Chuck and Cash start it off and the crowd is HOT. Shoulder Block by Cash. Reset. Lock up. Arm wrench by Cash. Tag to Dax. Arm wrench by him. Kip up and Chuck frees himself to shoulder block Dax twice, followed by an arm drag. Tag to Trent. Double shoulder block. Trent wrenches arm of Dax on the ground. Dax gets to his feet and grabs the hair of Trent to lead him in the corner. Knife edge chop. Elbows traded. Chops and shots traded. DDax goes for a fert suplex and Trent rolls for a sunset and Dax tags Cash mid air. Back suplex by Dax followed by a pin attempt by Cash. Bionic elbow and shot in the corner. Cash chokes Trent on the bottom rope. Drop toe hold elbow followed by a cover by Dax.

Dax in control with a back elbow. Slingshot neck choke on the second rope to Trent. They hang him over the apron as Dax watches on. Cash shoulder thrusts him off. Tag to Dax who pursues Trent on the outside with shots. Trent fires back and slides back in for a tag, but Dax grabs the leg to isolate back in FTR’s corner. Tag to Cash. Grounded abdominal stretch by Cash. Trent clotheslines himself free and Dax comes in to regulate matter. Super back suplex by Dax. Both men are down and Dax tags in Cash.

Cash goes for a splash but Trent gets the knees up and hot tags Chuck. He clears house. Tope senton by Chuck. Chuck goes to suplex Dax back in and Tully sweeps his leg, allowing a near fall on Chuck. Chuck grabs Tully and FTR take advantage. BFs thwart such and soon enough, they hit a Sole Food. A running knee strike to Cash gets a near fall for Trent.

Cash tags in Dax and they do an assisted pop-up powerbomb followed by a double team wheelbarrow buster for two. Backdrop by Dax gets another two count.

FTR try to set Trent up top but he fights off his foes. Dax crotches him and goes for another super back plex but Trent rolls on top for a two count. Chuck comes in but gets a rolling DDT by Cash. Trent hits a Tornado DDT to Cash, but then Dax hits his own DDT on Trent for a near fall.

Best Friends hits their finisher on Dax but Cash barely makes the save with a headbutt. Cash hits a brainbuster on the outside to Chuck and Trent runs out to take him over the barricade. Cash sends Trent head first into a ringside arcade cabinet that was being played by Kip and Penelope. Cash gets him back in the ring and Trent is out as FTR try to send him to the ropes. FTR goes for a Goodnight Express but Chuck distracts and Trent DDTs Cash down. Chuck slugs it with Dax and soon after, Cash smacks Chuck in the head with a tag belt. They get the pinfall.

WINNERS and STILL AEW Tag Team Champions: FTR

Post-match, Best Friends embrace as Miro comes out to attack both men. Kip is in tow and they clear the ring for their upcoming match together. We go to break.

Miro & Kip Sabian vs. Lee Johnston & Sean Maluta

Miro is just dominate over both men. Kip doesn’t get a tag even. He locks Maluta in his camel clutch and it’s over.

WINNERS: Kip Sabian & Miro

Miro and Kip are still upset about the arcade cabinet and call out the Best Friends. Backstage, Archer is attacking Moxley viciously in the hallway as Jake Roberts watches on with satisfaction.

MJF comes out after the commercial break and trashes the trash fans in Jacksonville. MJF says he is here to stay on top, just like the man who he’s about to introduce out to hear his groundbreaking announcement: Chris Jericho. He does come out with The Inner Circle (in the jackets MJF gifted them, well, except for Sammy Guevara).

MJF gives Sammy his jacket and after Chris demands Sammy to put it on. It’s huge on him. Max commends Jericho’s physique and hair (he touches Jericho’s hair). Chris tells him to cut the shit and get to the announcement. MJF senses hostility and he’s gonna keep it real. The two biggest draws are looking eye-to-eye. That’s why Chris is the Demo God and MJF is the Ratings Ruler. Crowd boos the bad nickname. MJF states that somehow, some way he and Chris have never gotten in the squared circle. When you watch animals on TV, specifically piranhas, they don’t eat each other. They’re both predators. However, their prey is adapting. What if they work together? MJF is having a hard time saying he’d like to join the Inner Circle, but he somehow manages to muster something out. Ortiz interrupts and says they don’t want Max in the Inner Circle. Chris settles it down and says to let them all think it over. Next week, how about the two have a…steak dinner? Max accepts the challenge at a restaurant next week.

Britt Baker and Tony Schiavone are both getting worked on in the spa. Britt says Rule #5 of being a Roll Model is being the baddest bitch on the planet. Britt notices Tony is naked and has him get a chest wax. Britt makes her epic comeback next week.

AEW TNT Championship

Orange Cassidy vs. Cody Rhodes (c) (with Arn Anderson & Brandi Rhodes)

Official introductions are made as Orange keeps his cool very casual. Bell Rings and Cody circles him as Orange stands in the middle of the ring. Cody tries to grapple with Orange but he casually ducks. Orange feigns a lock up but he pockets his palms. Cody shoves Orange hard. That fires Orange uup a bit as he kicks his own sunglasses out of the ring and sure enough, they lock up. The two break it. Cody is pissed and so is Orange. Another lock up. Orange manages to corner Cody and breaks it. He lightly pushes Cody and Cody charges for a back standing switch. Orange pockets his palms again and breaks the hold and kicks Cody. Cody begins using his amateur wrestling skills more but Orange counters back with his own technical style. Knee to the mid-section to Orange. Stalling suplex by Cody. He faces Orange down as we cut to break.

Back from it, Cody has Orange grounded. Bodyslam and goes for a double axe handle, but Orange dodges and begins his shin kicks. Cody’s had enough and does his drop down throat jab. Orange hits a tope. John Silver comes out and gets ready to whack Cody with the TNT Title but Orange pulls it away and they’re irate. Ref ejects Dark Order. Orange leaps off with a cross body, but Cody catches him and stalls with Cross Rhodes, but Orange reverses and hits a Stun Dog Millionaire. Cody however, bounces off the turnbuckle for a cutter of his own.

Both men reach their feet and the two trade shots. Palm strikes to Cody. Cody dropkicks Orange’s knees out from under him.

Cody wraps Orange’s leg around the ring post and Arn yells at Cody. Back in the ring, Cody goes for the figure four, but Orange pushes him off. Disaster Kick by Cody, gets a two count. It’s revealed that Darby Allin will get a shot at the TNT Title at Full Gear who watches on atop of Daily’s Place. Very Sting-esque. Cody works the leg of Orange. Roll-up by Orange, kick out, Cody kicks him and gets a near fall. Cody does some push-ups to taunt his opponent. Cody goes for a double underhook and Orange nonchalantly escapes. Cody slams Orange on the top turnbuckle and wraps Orange’s leg on the rope. Rabbit punches by Cody who hits a top rope reverse suplex. Cody literally pins the arms of Orange down, but Cassidy muscles free. Five minutes left in the match. Cody gets his face bashed into the ring post. Diving DDT by Orange gets a very near fall.

Orange is limping but hits a Michinoku Driver on the second try for a near fall of his own. Four minutes remaining. OC continues to limp but goes for a Beach Break. Cody frees himself and locks in the figure four in the middle of the ring. Orange almost frees himself. COdy almost gets the pin , but Orange shoulders up and begins trying to reverse it. Nothing doing but Orange rolls them both to the ropes and has Cody break the count at four. Orange hits a Beach Break on the apron onto Cody. Three minutes remaining as Turner begins the ten count. Orange tries to get Cody in and he does. Cody is out. Orange covers, but Cody counters. Double clothesline and the two men stand. Cody goes for a Cross Rhodes with under a minute left. Orange frees himself and hits Beach Break. Cody kicks out. Orange waits for Cody to get up and tries to hit a Orange Punch, but his knee gives out. Cody comes to capitalize but Orange rolls him up but the clock runs out.

TIME LIMIT DRAW and STILL AEW TNT Champion: Cody Rhodes

Backstage Archer and Roberts are with Alex Marvez and in comes Moxley for an attack. Back in Daily’s Place, Matt Hardy is with Tony Schiavone and his Hardy family. He says he’s 100% healthy and ready to return to the ring. Up on the screen is Sammy Guevara who says he’s the one who attacked Matt and made his life hell. Matt challenges Sammy once more.

Back from break, there are four teams that will compete to go up against FTR at Full Gear for the belts. Tony Schiavone has a lottery turn-thingy with FTR and pulls out Private Party, Silver & Reynolds, The Butcher & The Blade and the final team? The Young Bucks. All teams are in the ring. Bucks and FTR aggressively shake hands. Nick Jackson gets on the mic and tells Tony to relax. They superkick Alex Reynolds and The Blade. Chaos ensues. Private Party and The Bucks are the remaining teams in the ring as FTR & Tully watch on. The Bucks superkick Private Party.

AEW Women’s Championship

Big Swole vs. Hikaru Shida (c)

The two women shake hands and lock up. They free themselves after some jocking for positions. After some running and athleticism. Some roll-ups and kick outs by the two. They shoulder block one another down. Swole is kicked on the apron. Shida hangs her over it and hits a big knee to her foe. Swole then shoves Shida into the operating camera and we go to break.

Back from break Swole sunset flips but slips and she calls an audible. Cutter to the outside onto Shida and then another cutter in the ring. Two count. Uppercuts and heabutt by Swole. Swole goes for a Dirty Dancing and Shida hits a straightjacket German. Kick out. Falcon Arrow by Shida. Two count. Shida goes for her knee strike, but Swole hits a Dirty Dancing. Shide gets her hand on the ropes. Shida hits a knee strike, then hits her running knee strike finisher for the pinfall victory.

WINNER and STILL AEW Women’s Champion: Hikaru Shida

Eddie Kingston comes out with the Lucha Brothers and they approach the commentators table.

We cut to a video of Shawn Spears. He says he’s not stalking Scorpio Sky, but Sky stole a moment from him. Therefore, he owes Spears a moment. Him and Tully plan on collecting. We go to commercial break as Eddie Kingston plans to be on commentary for the main event (which is now No DQ, btw).

No Disqualification Match for AEW World Championship

Lance Archer (with Jake Roberts) vs. Jon Moxley (c)

Archer immediately attacks Mox who immediately hits a Paradigm Shift. Two count and Kingston chuckles to himself. They brawl to the outside. Mox dropkicks Archer’s legs off and out from the apron. Tope to Archer. He throws him into several barricades. Archer brawls his way to the offensive and hits Mox hard with a forearm. Archer throws Mox in the ring. Mox catches Archer with a clothesline but nothing is phasing Lance. He gives Mox a pounce and sends Mox to the outside. Cannonball senton off the apron onto Mox and we go to break (picture-in-picture).

Archer sets up a table at ringside and as we get back from break, he tries to chokeslam Mox through it but he fights free and the two duke it out in the middle of the ring that is punctuated by a German suplex by Mox. Clothesline in the corner and a clothesline in the center of the ring downs Lance. Mox goes to the outside and throws in three chairs. He tosses it hard at Archer’s head and connects. Archer is out and Mox sets up two chairs facing one another. Mox picks him up for a DVD, but Archer frees himself and chokeslams him hard through it. Two count.

Archer wields another chair, but Mox drop toe holds Archer and ankle locks Lance. Lance with the help form Jake makes it to the ropes but No DQ. He slides out of the ring and then catches Mox with a trash can after a tope attempt. Archer double underhooks Mox on the apron for a table Paradigm Shift, but Mox low blows him. He hits Archer with the Paradigm shift through the two tables. Mox makes it back to the canvas as Archer looks for another weapon. Mox’s nose is bloody and he hits a Paradigm Shift. Archer kicks out. Bulldog Choke and Lance frees himself. DDT by Lance and Mox kicks out. Lance hits a Black Out but at two Mox rolls him over for crucifix roll for the 1-2-3.

WINNER and STILL AEW World Champion: Jon Moxley

Post-match, Kingston tells the Lucha Brothers to go in the ring. They hit Archer with a chair but it doesn’t phase him. He and Jake leave. Eddie and The Lucha Brothers feign friendship with Mox (who is suspicious) and Eddie hits his back elbow before buzzkilling Mox out. Kingston yells he never tapped in the middle of the ring. Episode ends as Eddie holds the belt.


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