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AEW Dynamite Results 10/23

AEW Dynamite aired a hot show from the Petersen Evens Center in Pittsburgh. Pa. featuring a cameo appearance by DDP during a confrontation between “Team Cody” and The Inner Circle, a great matchup between the suddenly surging Kenny Omega and a game Joey Janela and rousing tag team action as the AEW Tag Team Championship Tournament finals were set, and The Young Bucks defeated The Best Friends.

The main event saw Jon Moxley and Pac battle to a draw, much to the dismay of the Pittsburgh crowd.

Last week’s edition of Dynamite remained essentially flat with the week prior, drawing 1.014 million average viewers.


Quen and Fenix exchange flips. Fenix lands a head kick to Quen, then spin kicks Kassidy off the apron. Quen surprises Fenix with a back body drop. Kassidy tags in. Quen launched Kassidy into Penta for a rana. Camel clutch into a double foot stomp by Private Party. Quen dives to the outside, taking out Fenix. Private Party hit the silly string DDT on Penta. Kassidy drags Penta into the corner. Quen lands a 450. Penta kicks out. Penta lands a nasty chop to Quen. Fenix crushes Quen with a double jump double foot stomp to the back of the head. Penta sits Quen on Kassidy’s shoulders.

Penta launches Fenix into a dropkick to Quen. The momentum causes Quen to take Kassidy over with poison rana! Quen manages to tag in Kassidy, who clears the ring. Kassidy hits the Jager bomb on Fenix. Fenix kicks out. Kassidy takes out Penta with a corkscrew senton. Quen lands a shooting star press. Fenix kicks out. Fenix hits a Gory bomb/leg drop combo on Quen and Kassidy. Penta and Fenix set up their finish. Kassidy breaks it up. Private Party hit their finish on Fenix but Penta is the legal man. Quen and Kassidy set up their finish on Penta. When Quen ranas Penta, Penta counters Kassidy’s cutter with the Canadian destroyer. Penta and Fenix get the win after the package piledriver/double stomp combo.

Winners- The Lucha Bros.


Kazarian takes Grayson over with an arm drag. Uno gets in the ring to hype Grayson up. Uno cheapshots Kazarian. Running knee in the corner by Uno. Kazarian and Sky double team Uno. Uno boots Sky in the face. Grayson blasts Sky with a cross-body block. Grayson catches Sky with an overhead kick. Grayson and Uno take turns working over Sky.

Chris Jericho and The Inner Circle are shown entering the arena via the crowd. Jericho is waving around a ticket. Jericho and Co settle in a luxury box. Back in the ring, Kazarian gets the hot tag and clears the ring. Grayson and Uno get a near fall after a tossing powerbomb. Kazarian and Sky both hit slingshot cutters. Sky and Kazarian lockin duel dragon sleepers. Grayson breaks it up by driving Sky into Kazarian. Kazarian hits a nasty DDT on Uno on the apron. Sky and Kazarian hit SCU-Later on Grayson for the win!

Winners- SCU


Janela and Omega trade submission attempts. Omega sends Janela to the outside. Tope by Omega. Janela sweeps Omega’s legs. Janela follows that with a basement dropkick. Omega rolls to the outside. Janela hits a cross-body off the top to the outside. Omega kicks out. After the break, Janela gets his knees up while Omega is attempting a moonsault. Janela set up a DVD. Omega escapes and hits two snap dragon suplexes. Janela responds with a German suplex into the turnbuckle.

Janela crushes Omega with a top rope elbow drop. Omega kicks out. Omega drops Janela on the top rope. Omega hits another snap dragon suplex followed by a running knee. Janela kicks out. Janela tries a senton off the top while Omega is on the apron. Omega moves out of the way. Janela hits the apron, hard. Omega hit a v-trigger. Janela is out on his feet. Omega hits the One-Winged Angel for the win.

Winner- Kenny Omega


As Cody is trying to speak Jericho and The Inner Circle blow air horns and boo. Cody tells Jericho this isn’t the company they came from. There is no invisible wall between them. Cody can easily walk up the stairs and kicks Jericho’s ass. Jericho calls Cody a bitch. Cody is about to jump the barricade until he sees Jake Hager. Dustin Rhodes, MJF, and DDP all join Cody in the arena. Team Cody storm the luxury box. The Inner Circle lock themselves in the box. MJF wraps his scarf around Cody’s hand. Cody punches the glass window and opens the door. Cody drags Jericho out of the box. Security breaks it up. Jericho flashes his ticket while screaming he has the right to be there. Security escorts Cody and friends out of the arena.


Cassidy gets in the ring and “superkicks” Nick and Matt. The Bucks Superkick Cassidy. The Best Friends hit a tossing cutter on Matt. Nick and Matt clear the ring. The Buck hug it out. Trent spears Nick on the outside. Doomsday knee by Trent and Taylor. After the break, Trent destroys Nick with a German suplex. Taylor tags in and hits a sliced bread on Matt. Sit-out powerbomb by Taylor to Nick. Nick kicks out.

Taylor lands the falcon arrow. Matt kicks out. Avalanche German suplex by Trent. Cassidy dives off the top onto the Bucks. The Best Friend hit Storm Zero on Matt. Nick breaks up the pin with a swanton. Nick and Matt have a superkick party. The Bucks get the win after More Bang For Your Buck.

Winners- The Young Bucks

After the match, The Bucks accept Santana and Ortiz’s challenge.

*No Graphic*


As soon as the bell rings Hayter splashes Baker in the corner. Baker tries to fire up but Hayter cuts her off. Hayter sends Baker out of the ring. Hayter tosses Baker into the barricade. Baker surprises Hayter with the sling blade. Baker sends Hayter back into the ring. Hayter catches Baker with a knee strike. Hayter chokes Baker in the ropes.

After the break, Baker and Hayter are trading strikes. Hayter hops on Baker’s back and locks in a sleeper. Baker slams Hayter down to the mat. Baker hits a brainbuster off the second rope. Hayter gets right back up and hits a lariat. Uranage by Hayter. Baker hits a superkick, followed by a cutter. Hayter kicks out. Baker puts Hayter in Lockjaw. Hayter taps out.

Winner- Britt Baker

Backstage, Hayter is attacked by Brandi.


PAC hits Moxley in the back with a chair before the match starts. PAC sends Moxley into the barricade. Moxley makes it into the ring and the referee rings the bell to start the match. PAC beats down Moxley. Moxley explodes out of the corner and hits a flurry of strikes. PAC kicks Moxley in the gut. PAC chokes Moxley in the corner. After the break, PAC get a near fall after a shooting star press. Moxley and PAC fight out to the apron. Moxley hits Dirty Deeds v1 on the apron. PAC and Moxley trade strikes. Moxley obliterates PAC with a lariat. PAC kicks out.

PAC avoids the Regal knee by Moxley. PAC rolls out of the ring. Suicide dive by Moxley. Moxley lands the Regal knee. Moxley puts PAC in a cloverleaf. PAC gets to the ropes. Moxley goes up top. PAC crotches Moxley on the top rope. Avalanche falcon arrow by PAC. Moxley kicks out! PAC hits a 450 off the apron! PAC sends Moxley back into the ring. PAC misses the Black Arrow. Moxley makes the pin but PAC kicks out. 30 seconds remaining. Moxley hits the Paradigm Shift. Moxley is hurt and can’t make the cover. Moxley finally crawls over to PAC. PAC kicks out as time expires.

Winner- Draw

After the match, Moxley Paradigm Shifts the referee.


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