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AEW Dynamite Results (10/28/2020)

Dasha is standing backstage with Wardlow and MJF. She asks Wardlow about the potential of winning the tournament and getting the AEW Title. He’s about to speak, but MJF takes control, stating that if Wardlow wins the title, he by ownership of Wardlow’s contract becomes the champion. Wardlow composes and agrees. In steps a fired up Sammy Guevara as MJF patronizes him. Guevara is having none of it and makes sure MJF knows he’s never getting in the Inner Circle. MJF says Sammy looks like he sells Adderall to middle schoolers.


AEW World Title Eliminator Match (Round 2)

Wardlow vs. Hangman Page

Hangman comes in hot and dropkicks Wardlow harsh, but it’s not long before the powerhouse takes control. He lariats Adam in the corner and kicks him. He charges at him in the opposite corner, but Hangman adverts and clotheslines him off the apron. Hangman dives on top of Wardlow from the outside, but Wardlow catches him. Page wriggles free and shoves him into the ring post. Wardlow however spears him hard through the safety rail.

Page gets back in the ring and Wardlow continues to manhandle him. Gutwrench powerbomb. Two count. Wardlow goes to toss him but Hangman catches him in a cross armbreaker over the top rope. Wardlow gets him back in the ring and goes for a giant swanton bomb off the top rope but Page rolls out of the way. JR questions the tactic. Page tries to lariat Wardlow down but no dice. Wardlow goes for a massive German but Page lands on his feet and lariats the two of them out of the ring. Hangman catches him with his patented out of ring top rope moonsault.

Back in the ring, Hangman hits his running shooting star press for only a one count. Page goes for his Buckshot Lariat but Wardlow ducks and hits him hard. Major F-10 by Wardlow, but Hangman is able to roll out of the ring. Wardlow is frustrated. He manages to pull Page up to the top rope and goes for a super F-10 but Adam fights off. And exploder suplex off the top rope by Hangman and Tony Schiavone is astounded. Hangman hits not one, but two Buckshot Lariats to finally lay Wardlow out for the three count.

WINNER and FINALIST of AEW Title Eliminator Tournament: Adam “Hangman” Page

Hangman has a free and cold beer to celebrate.

Moxley says he’s been defending the AEW for nearly a year now, but he’s not going to defend it against Eddie Kingston, he’s going to weaponize it. Eddie will be alone with his ego. He tells Kingston to “protect your neck” (Wu-Tang 4 life).


Eddie Kingston (with The Butcher, The Blade & The Bunny) vs. Matt Sydal

Eddie’s on the mic first. “How dare the world champion not be here.” He’s decided to stay home because he’s a coward. He yells out a camera man to get out of his ring. He’s ready to find retribution against the joker, Matt Sydal, who tried to spoil his battle royal (in which he was never eliminated – “Hi Lance!”) Out comes Sydal who is very glammed up.

Big “Matt” chants. Lock up. Standing switches before Eddie gets an arm wrench and side headlock in. Sydal fights back but Eddie slams him down. Reset. Lock up #2. Eddie shoves him in the corner, but Matt spins him and chops. Eddie locks up once more. Side headlock. Matt shoves free and gives Eddie two arm drags.

He goes for an arm wrench. Eddie elbows the back of Matt’s head but Sydal soon finds offense with a front dropkick in the corner. Cover, but a kick out. Chops from Eddie lead to side kicks from Sydal. Eddie catches him and slams him down before dropping an elbow. Picture-in-picture break.

Back from it, chops are traded and Matt hits a dropkick for a near fall. The two fight on the top rope and Sydal does a flat footed leap into a hurricanrana. He climbs up top and drops his knees onto Kingston for two. Sydal goes for a roll up, but another kick out. Kitchen sink by Eddie followed by his spinning backfist. Eddie locks in Moxley’s bulldog choke for the submission win.

WINNER: Eddie Kingston

Post-match, Eddie doesn’t let go and The Bunny comes in the ring with a mic. He tells “Moxley” to say he quits. Sydal does so and Eddie releases. He says, “He’s sorry, Moxley.”

Excalibur is sitting with The Young Bucks while FTR and Tully are in a different location. Ex asks Matt how his ankle is and a surly Jackson says he’s fine. Ex asks why FTR would jeopardize the match. They don’t seem to have an issue and know that the match is set to be a dream match between the two teams. Ex talks about the new Bucks attitude and how it could be comeuppance for their bad behavior. Matt basically says that FTR is trying to mess with their livelihood and an attitude change was necessary. FTR gets insulted by their lack of interview time and they exit. Excalibur continues with the Bucks and a bold Matt says that if the self-made brothers don’t win at Full Gear, they’ll never challenge for the tag belts again. Excalibur is shocked.

AEW Town Hall With The Inner Circle

Tony Schiavone and Dasha are moderating the meet-up as Chris Jericho comes out with The Inner Circle sans Jake Hager as he’s training for his Bellator bout. Out comes MJF.

First question is from Luchasaurus. How can MJF contribute to the financial prosperity of The Inner Circle?

Luckily for Saurus, MJF has a chart. Pre-MJF, they’re doing okay, but post-MJF? Sky’s the limit.

Next question is from Britt for Chris: Rebel asks like the red glasses lady fawning over Trump. Britt asks how can he trust MJF after he’s backstabbed talent before?

Chris says that MJF isn’t in the loop of the Inner Circle but if he ever did turn on them, they’d knock his teeth down his throat. MJF says he’d never do that. He’s ready to make all the money and all the gold.

Next question is from Peter Avalon for Chris: can he join The Inner Circle?


Next question is from Eric Bischoff who show up in attendance. He infamously quotes JFK and asks MJF what he can do for The Inner Circle.

A very powerful question deserves a very powerful answer: Friendship.

Eric follows up: what does he want from The Inner Circle?

He might not be the best team player, but if he joins them, he can learn how to be.

Eric has another question: he calls Chris a prima donna. Chris tries to interrupt but Tony tells him to “shut up.” Jericho is shocked. Eric says MJF shares those prima donna-esque characteristics. If Max does join, what stops them from butting heads?

MJF tries to dodge, but Jericho wants to hear it. MJF gets surly with Jericho. He’s done everything for him. Presents. Great television. The best segment in Jericho’s entire career and the best segment in all of pro wrestling. What hasn’t he done? Chris says he hasn’t beaten him, but he’ll give him a chance to do that. At Full Gear, on November 7, it’s going to be MJF vs. Jericho. If he wins, he’ll allow him to join The Inner Circle. MJF will do anything to win. Chris doesn’t expect anything less. No, he doesn’t understand – he’ll do anything. In pops Ortiz. He and Sammy don’t want him in the Inner Circle while Santana is somewhere in-between. Ortiz and Sammy challenge Max and Wardlow to a tag match next week.

Team Taz says the clock is ticking for Will Hobbs to make his decision. Will Will join them?


Lumberjack Match For AEW TNT Championship

Orange Cassidy vs. Cody Rhodes (c) (with The Nightmare Family)

Official in-ring introductions are made. Bell rings and it’s a fast start. Cody goes for his finisher but Orange breaks free and the two go to lock up. Orange feigns his “pockets” but tricks Cody and goes to the ground game with side headlocks. Cody tosses Orange hard in the corner. Dark Order grab the leg of Cody and Orange rolls him up. Two count. Cody has a stalling front suplex on Orange. Push-ups by Cody. Orange returns the favor but does a regular vert suplex instead of front. Lumberjacks get involved as The BFs protect Orange with an embrace. Cody dragon screws Orange in the ropes. Hard shot from Cody knocks Orange into the arms of the BFs and they send him back. Cody goes to dive at Orang but finds the outside. BFs don’t help Cody . Sucker punch by Trent. Orange goes for his Tornado DDT but Cody grabs his legs. A second attempt soon after works for a two count. Orange goes for a splash on top but Cody gets the knees out. Cody clotheslines them both out of the ring and we go to picture-in-picture as the lumberjacks send both men back in.

Back from break, all hell has broken loose between the lumberjacks as Cody and OC continue to fight. Cody super-plexes Orange onto the mass of humanity. Cody sends Orange back in the ring and he covers. No dice. 10 minute warning. Cody hits his springboard cutter and rolls him over for a two count.

Round sidekick by Orange, but a dandy clothesline by Cody. Cody goes for a suplex but a Stun Dog Millionaire, top rope DDT and Beach Break gets a near fall. Dark Order run into the ring. Arn slugs Orange hard and gets hit with a pump kick by John Silver. Cody is unaware. This leads to a Cross Rhodes and a win.

WINNER & STILL TNT Champion: Cody Rhodes

Post-match, the lumberjacks brawl.

Backstage The Best Friends run into Miro and Kip. The baddies forgive them and offer them candy. Penelope is dressed as Orange Cassidy. Miro and Kip trick them and attack, beating them up and unwrapping a joystick pad. Mmkay.

Serena Deeb is the new NWA Women’s Worlds Champion. She says last night the game changed in women’s wrestling and she’ll show that tonight.


NWA Women’s Worlds Championship

Legit Leyla Hirsch vs. Serena Deeb (c)

The two lock up harsh and reset. Standing side switch by Serena but Hirsch rolls over with a front face lock. Leyla maintains in impressive fashion. Arm drags by Serena. Serena rolls her up for a two count. Applause by the audience. Headlock takedown by Serena but Hirsch goes for a pin attempt. Serena soon shoulder tackles her down. Hard shot across the chest of Serena. Double knees in the corner followed by a cover gets a two count. She charges once more but Serena moves. On the apron, Serena hits a neckbreaker over the ropes. Leg clutch pin attempt gets a two. Hard kicks from Hirsch and she downs Serena for an armbreaker. Serena counters for a two count. Hirsch shows her strike by driving her elbow into the knee of Serena and we go to commercial picture-in-picture.

Back from break, Hirsch continues with a hard shot and major German suplex. Top rope moonsault misses and Serena hits two neckbreakers of different forms. Tequila sunrise gets the submission victory.

WINNER and STILL NWA Women’s Worlds Champion: Serena Deeb

Alex Marvez is backstage with AEW Women’s Champion Hikaru Shida. She wants Nyla Rose at Full Gear.


Shawn Spears (with Tully Blanchard) vs. VSK

Spears immediately hits his C4 DVD for the pinfall victory.

WINNER: Shawn Spears

Post-match, he’s being heckled by a person dressed as a bull. Who is it but Scorpio Sky. He hits Shawn with a TKO. Tully backs off. Next week on Dynamite the two duke it out.


AEW World Title Eliminator Match (Round 2)

Penta El Zero M vs. Kenny Omega

Kenny has a shirt on, but lifts it up to reveal the AAA Mega Championship. He lays the belt down in the middle of the ring. The two jaw jack before trading chops. Penta takes off the glove but Kenny slaps him. A kick to the knee and Kenny goes on the attack.

Kenny gets boots to the face of Penta but Penta catches him with a chop soon followed by a back stabber. Swanton dive onto the outside by Penta. Commercial break.

Back from break, Kenny turns the tables on Penta with a hurricanrana. He collects himself on the outside. Tope swanton from Kenny. He shakes the barricade Warrior style. Hard roundhouse kick on the apron by Penta. He dives on top of Omega. Both men are down.

Back in the ring, Penta misses a top rope move, but catches Kenny with a pump kick and a sling blade. Two count. Penta stomps on Kenny in the tree of woe position. Two count. Penta taunts Kenny. Snap dragon suplex by Kenny. Another.

Big powerbomb by Kenny followed by a big knee strike. Two count. V-Trigger by Kenny and he goes for the One-Winged Angel. Back elbow by Penta finds himself downed in the corner. Two double knees in the corner by Kenny. Kenny hoists him up top for an avalanche dragon suplex. Back elbow downs Kenny. Kenny chops at Penta up top. Omega looks to suplex him onto the outside to the ramp way. Penta elbows him off and leaps off with a Canadian Destroyer on the ramp. Penta throws him back in and goes for his package piledriver. 1-2-nope.

Penta gets a shot to the head with a strike enziguri on Kenny, but Kenny gets a V-Trigger knee off. One-Winged Angel, but Penta frees himself for his arm breaker snap. Penta signals for the end. He goes for his pump handle after taunting, but Kenny fights off. Front kick by Penta, Penta springboards off but a knee gets Penta. One-Winged-Angel and Kenny gets the W.

WINNER and FINALIST of AEW Title Eliminator Tournament: Kenny Omega


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