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AEW Dynamite Results (11/04/2020)

AEW Dynamite, November 4, 2020

Daily’s Place, Jacksonville, FL

Commentators: Jim Ross, Tony Schiavone, Excalibur & Chris Jericho

MJF interrupts Jericho to start off the show and he says he’s looking forward to being on commentary so he can see first hand what he’s capable of. Jericho notes the killer instinct of Hager and Santana and thinks MJF is a bit “soft.” MJF takes exception and looks to prove him wrong.

MJF & Wardlow vs. Sammy Guevara & Ortiz

Sammy and MJF start things off, that’s until MJF tags in Wardlow. “Soft” chants are heard for Max. Ortiz avoids Wardlow and quickly dropkicks the big man’s knees. Wardlow however hoists Ortiz up and slams him down hard. MJF gets the tag and distracts Aubrey Edwards as Wardlow gets a shot in. They corner Ortiz. Ortiz runs to tag in Sammy but Wardlow catches him and brings him back to MJF. He taunts Sammy and coaxes Sammy in. That gets Aubrey’s back turned and MJF corners and bites Ortiz. He soon covers for a two count. MJF bends the arm and tags in Wardlow. He continues the offense on Ortiz and then feeds him back to MJF. Sleeper hold on the ground. Soon enough, Ortiz fights free and rolls to tag in Sammy. He gives a flurry of kicks and knee strikes to his foes before a double springboard crossbody to the two. HE then delivers two tope corkscrews to both men on opposite sides of the ring. Action gets back into the ring and MJF stomps on the top of Ortiz’s arm from the top. Ortiz soon lariats Wardlow out. Sammy avoids MJF’s attacks, but gets a poke in the eye. Despite that , Sammy hits a his GTH for a near fall, but Wardlow breaks it up. He pays for it as Sammy and Ortiz deliver an array of attacks on the big man. They go for a double team superplex but Wardlow powerbombs all of them down. MJF is out and Wardlow drags Max over to his corner to tag himself in. F-10 to Ortiz. Sammy frog splashes down for the save.

Sammy begins his offense on his men, but suddenly Serpentico from ringside tosses a chair at Sammy’s mush. It’s not Serpentico, but Matt Hardy. This allows Max to lock in The Salt Of The Earth on Ortiz to get the tap-out finish.

WINNERS: MJF & Wardlow

Post-match a fired up Max charges at Jericho and begins to hammer away at the Demo God. He gets pulled off and Jericho has a big grin on his face.

Earlier on, Tony Schiavone is at Kenny Omega’s home for an interview and compliments the cute pooch he owns. Well it’s not Kenny’s home and it’s not Kenny’s dog which he gently shoves along. Omega said he could easily have went to Tony Khan and gotten a title shot, but he decided to earn it. He thought he may have gotten Wardlow in the finals, but low and behold it’s Adam Page. He asks the fans who he thinks will take it at Full Gear.

Trent (with Chuck Taylor & Orange Cassidy) vs. Miro (with Kip Sabian & Penelope Ford)

Trent and Miro shove one another before official introductions. Miro begins insulting Sue and it fires Trent up immediately to dropkick him and the match is underway.

Miro’s strength however soon overpowers with a back suplex. Elbow followed by a cover gets a two. Miro uppercuts Trent and stomps him in the corner. “Trent” chants. Miro kicks at Trent before give a quick suplex. Trent fights back a bit but a back elbow downs him and he gets choked on the ropes. Chuck brawls with Kip on the outside. Splash by Miro in the corner. He flings Trent hard in the corner and the two trade chops. Trent soon goes for his tornado DDT but Miro turns it into an exploder suplex before flinging him hard out of the ring.

During the break, Penelope slaps Orange and Orange gets attacked on the outside by Jon Silver. Miro remained dominant throughout the break, butt Trent musters up some adrenaline to fire back at him. He tries to get a cover but gets a one count. They trade strikes and Miro mocks Trent with some boots. He goes for a roundhouse kick, but Trent ducks and suplexes him. He goes for his running knee, but Miro catches him and gives him a spinning uranage for a two count.

Miro is aiming for his big Game Over kick, but Trent rolls him up. Two count, so Trent dumps him out of the ring. Trent does a senton flip over the top to land on Miro.

Back in the ring, Trent nails his tornado DDT finally and hits his running knee. Such a close fall, but Miro kicks out. Crowd chants for Trent. He slips off the top and Miro kicks him. He locks in his Accolade for the submission victory.


Post-match, Miro locks in the camel clutch again. Chuck comes in for the save, but Kip comes into the fray. They assault the BFs. Miro gets on the mic and insults Trent’s mom once more. Orange Cassidy dives from behind off the top onto both of them and Miro is not pleased.

Earlier in the day, JR is with Hangman who has a drink in his hand (Page not JR). He asks him about his Eliminator Tournament. Page said he had a lot of time to prepare and he’s gonna whip Kenny’s ass. JR asks how his former partnership will play into that strategy. Page says he’s going to incorporate that into his gameplan. JR calls him out on his drinking and he thinks that Page is nervous. Page admits that he is, and thinks about the last shot he had at the AEW Title, all he’ll have is that whiskey. JR tells him to enjoy it in moderation.

There’s a video package promoting The Young Bucks vs. FTR at Full Gear and it has an array of AEW personalities hyping the big bout.

Taz saunters out with Brian Cage and Ricky Starks. He reminds Will Hobbs the clock is ticking. THat’s not why he’s out here. For three hours, Taz sat outside Tony Khan’s office and an assistant came out to tell him that TK was too wrapped up. He now has a live mic and wants to remind Khan of the AEW Ranking system. Who’s better than Cage? Absolutely no one. How about Ricky Starks? He’s got 10 wins out of his last 11 and he’s not even ranked! Ricky gets on the mic and wants to make sense that either him or Cage not having a match at Full Gear. He calls out Cody and Darby for being entitled and says Cody’s mantra of “Do The Work,” but right now Team Taz is getting worked. Rest assured, they’ll make their presence known at Full Gear.

Private Party (with Matt Hardy) vs. The Young Bucks

Before PP make it to the ring Sammy comes out and gives Matt a Twist of Fate. We go to picture-in-picture break.

Match begins and The Young Bucks start off hot. As they don’t relent on their offense. Matt and Nick dive on top of PP onto the outside. He limps away from it. PP catch Matt in their corner with a headscissors and the youngsters double team with a series of moves.

They dropkick the Bucks out of the ring. Tope suicidas onto The Bucks. They focus on the lower back of Nick Jackson. Isiah Kassidy gets taken out and the brothers focus on Quen. A running bulldog dropkick combo. Matt is still favoring his leg. They do a swanton drop onto Quen and nearly get the fall, but Isiah break it up. Quen soon gets set up for a Meltzer Driver but turns it into a reverse DDT STO combo on Matt and Nick. We go to picture in picture break.

Back from it, Quen still has The Bucks’ number and tags in Kassidy. He’s fired up and fights off both Bucks. He corkscrew dives on tope of both brothers. Isiah covers Nick for a two count. Tag to Quen. An elevated shooting star press double-team gets a near fall. Matt’s ankle is in major pain as he sits in the corner. Nick tries to fight off PP but they hit a Gin and Juice on him for a close fall but Matt maneuvers in for the save, Matt catches QUen with a spear and Nick hits a running knee strike for a near fall. Bucks go for a Meltzer Driver but Isiah stops it. Matt and Quen trade roll ups for several two counts. Soon enough, The Bucks hit the BTE Trigger for the 1-2-3.

WINNERS: The Young Bucks

Post-match, FTR and Tully comes into assault The Bucks. They’re aiming to break Matt’s leg, but out comes Adam Page with drink in hand. Kenny follows in and the two future opponents trade fist bumps, but Kenny turns his back a bit, and Adam takes exception as the two stare one another down.

Moxley & Kingston Face Off

Tony Schiavone introduces Eddie Kingston first and then he does the same for Mox. Eddie demands Tony to get out of the ring. He says on Saturday he’s taking that title from Mox and is going to give it to his mother before telling her that this is the reason she doesn’t have a grandson and daughter-in-law. He had to sell out and now he’s gonna take that belt.

Moxley said how happy he was for Eddie and how he made a promise to Eddie’s mother that he’d look out for him and his wild antics. He asks Eddie what’s wrong with him because he’s acting weak by talking so much. Mox thinks Eddie’s scared at the shot. What’s the worst part about it all is Eddie made a promise to his mother that he couldn’t keep. Very intense stare-down and Mox closes it out by saying Kingston will say “I quit.”

We see PAC in a house. The funny thing about isolation is that you have no one to play with. He’s been getting stronger, faster and more obsessed.

Back from break, Alex Marvez is backstage with Dustin Rhodes and QT Marshall. Next week they have Butcher & Blade in tag action. Enter The Bunny who tells QT all his credit cards are maxed out. They get attacked from behind by Butcher and Blade.

Red Velvet (with Brandi Rhodes) vs. Nyla Rose (with Vickie Guerrero)

Velvet comes in hot, but it’s not long before Nyla begins to dominate. Velvet soon leaps off for a hurricanrana attempt, but Nyla catches her with a Beast Bomb. She lifts RV’s shoulders up before three to hit Hikaru Shida’s knee on Velvet for the pinfall W.

WINNER: Nyla Rose

Post-match, Vickie gets on the mic and rubs salt in the wound to Red Velvet and Brandi (who she calls the Chief Bullshit Officer). Finally they get respect with a title shot on Saturday. Vickie tells Shida to enjoy her last three days of being a champion. She says “Excuse Me” in Japanese and Shida grabs hold of The Cougar. Nyla steps in and the referee breaks it up.

Much like The Bucks vs. FTR package from earlier we one featuring Adam Page and Kenny Omega (with a Cinderella tune as a backdrop).

There is a vignette of Darby Allin at his compound as he hits a friend with a Cody mask on with his car. We cut to live at Daily’s and Darby is up top brooding in the stands. Main event time after break.

The Dark Order (Jon Silver, Colt Cabana & Preston Vance X) vs. Cody & The Gunn Club (Billy & Austin Gunn)

Silver and Cody lock up. Silver tries to knock Cody down but a fireman’s carry drop downs the ball of muscle. Austin Gunn gets a tag. He rolls through and then takes Silver out at the knees. A pin attempt, but a quick kick out. Billy gets the tag and Jon flexes off before tagging in Colt. Billy shoulder blocks him down but Colt hits an elbow. He leaps at Billy in the corner but Billy catches him and drops him down. Two count. Tag to Austin and tag to 10. Back body drop. Austin knocks Silver off the apron but 10 catches him with a spine buster. Picture-in-picture break.

Austin fights his way to tag in his pops and he clears house. Soon after, Billy hits a fame-asser but it gets broken up and Cody lays on a series of powerslams. A sequence of offense goes down between the two teams which gets punctuated by Austin Gunn laying his Quick Draw finish for the three count.

WINNERS: The Gunn Club & Cody

After the match, Cody gets on the mic and calls out Darby. Despite what he thinks, TNT would love to have Darby as their champion, but Cody is the true ace. End of show.


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