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AEW Dynamite Results (11/25/2020)

It's Wednesday, we're at Daily's Plaza in Jacksonville, Florida with Jim Ross, Excalibur and Tony Schiavone, it's Thanksgiving Eve and it's time for a new episode of AEW Dynamite.

We start off with Adam Page on his way to the ring and we get a recap of Page's past battles with members of the Dark Order. John Silver is out next with the Dark Order with him with a waving Colt Cabana. We get a pre taped interview explaining why John Silver asked for this match.

Hangman Adam Page vs John Silver of the Dark Order

Silver asks for a fist bump and Page ignores him, so they are not adhering to the Code of Honor.

Sorry. Wrong show.

Page starts with an arm bar on Silver, they trade holds and then run the ropes. The sequence ends with them facing off and Silver flexing and then showing that Page needs to flex with him. Page answers with a right hand to the head. Then, they trade strikes in the corner and Page hits Silver with a back body drop. When Silver is up, they trade aistlocks and Silver ends the sequence by slapping Page on the ass.

Page goes for a kick from the ropes, and Silver is able to prevent it, hit a cross body and covers Page for a two count. Silver keeps control with kicks. Page gets a strike in here and there, but Silver keeps control and drops Page for another two count. As Page gets up, they trade blows in the middle of the ring and Silver is able to hit a snap German suplex and covers Page for a two count. They go to the corner, and Page leaps off the turnbuckle and strikes Silver, knocking him to the floor.

Page goes for a a leap onto Silver, but silver gets in the ring. Silver tries for a topi and Page avoids getting into the ring and then he leaps onto Silver. Page tosses Silver in, hits clotheslines in the corner and in the center of the ring, and covers Silver for a two count. Page tries to lift Silver, who is able to block it and work free. Silver hits a knee, tries to hit a cross body, but is caught by Page, who hits a Samoan drop, a standing shooting star press and covers for a two count.

Page goes to the apron for the buckshot, but as he leaps in for it, Silver catches him for a destroyer and grabs the legs to cover for a two count. Silver hits a suplex, a kick, and a brain buster in a row and covers for the two count. Silver sits on the mat, shocked he didn't get the win and slowly gets to his feet. He starts nailing Page in the chest with kicks and Page asks for more. Silver keeps kicking and Page gets to his feet and fires back with strikes. Silver hits an uppercut, and tries for a burst off the ropes, but Page is able to grab him for a backslide. Silver gets out, kicks Page again and Page hits a standing lariat. He follows up with a Liger bomb, and then covers for a two count.

Page sets up for the buckshot lariat and covers for the three count.

Your winner: Hangman Adam Page

The Dark Order comes to the ring and Page goes to get into their face. Evil Uno says they are not going to attack him, but they have made mistakes. Uno says Page made mistakes as well, and he thinks the Elite was a cult as well. Uno says he and his friends are here for Page if he needs them.

The announcers run down the card for the night.

We then go to an interview backstage with Alex Marvez and Kenny Omega who asks Kenny about the signing tonight. Kenny says the more things change, the more they stay the same. Kenny says that a year ago, Jon Moxley had injured him, and now they are getting ready to face off again. Kenny says he is seeing Mox's face everywhere as the best in the game. But, after winning the tournament, he is back on everyone's mind. People won't consider him the best until he has the best. And for one night, he wants Mox to leave the garbage wrestling at home.

And he thought about what Mox said last week and...he thinks his dad could beat up Mox's dad.

It's commercial time and Will Hobbs has a new name. Powerhouse Hobbs. So, joining with Tax can get you branding.

We come back to a video of Darby Allen spraying paint a card\ with Taz's “Survive if I let you.” line. Darby sets the car on fire.

We come back to Powerhouse Hobbs coming to the ring and we get a recap of Hobbs joining Team Taz last week. Taz joins the commentary team.

Powerhouse Hobbs vs Lee Johnson

Lee Johnson was already in the ring, and Hobbs tosses Lee around the ring, then out of the ring, and then clotheslines him outside the ring. Hobbs keeps beating up Lee outside the ring and then tosses him into the ring. Lee tries to get up, but Hobbs picks him up, slams him, and covers him for the three count.

Your Winner: Powerhouse Hobbs

Taz tells Hobbs he has business to take care of, and Hobbs should go celebrate. Taz says he has a problem since AEW is not acknowledging his FTW championship. Taz says he won't leave the ring until someone in management comes to the ring to make it official or tell him why they won't. Taz's mic his cut and he tells Justin, the ring announcer, to come to the ring. He takes Justin's mic and if they cut it, he will take a headset, and Taz's mic is cut again.

Cody comes out with a headset and gets a mic. He tells everyone to give Taz a round of applause, he's done. He's coming out out of respect. He says that next week he and Darby will take on Hobbs and Starks. Taz says he wants people to put respect on the FTW title Cody says that he will run it up the flagpole. Taz asks if Cody will tell him creative has nothing for him. Cody loses his cool and if he's so great, why is Traz's son training with him?

Taz says that Cody went too far and locked him in the road naked choke. The Gunn Club comes in to break it up, and Taz's son Huck takes the FTW title and he and Taz leave.

We leave for a commercial.

We come back and we go to an Eddie Kingston interview with Alex Marvez who asks him about Death Triangle reforming. Eddie says he isn't mad, just disappointed. He expected it from Fenix. He mocks Pac and tells him things have changed and the king is here. Mox shows up an they go face to face, and Eddie says it wasn't him. He has his own stuff to handle. Mox leaves and so do we.

Back in the arena, Top Flight is on their way to the ring. We get a recap of their feud with The Hybrid 2 and they come to the ring with a pre-tape of their interview with Britt Baker.

TH2 (Jack Evans and Angelico) vs Top Flight (Darius and Dante Martin)

We start with Darius working with Angelico and they hook up and go into the ropes

Angelico takes down Darius, and keeps him there despite a attempt at a kip up.

Darius escapes and they work in the corner and then they go to the center of the ring with some chain wrestling

Dante is tagged in and Darius runs to TH2's corner and kicks Evans to the floor as Dante is able to pin Angelico for a two count.

They get up, run the ropes, and after Dante misses a kick, Angelico takes over and tags in Evans and we go to PICTURE IN PICTURE

Evans maintains and TH2 is able to keep working Dante through the break on the small screen.

Dante gets a quick roll up and a two count as Angelico kicks out and takes back over.

Evans hits a flying stomp and covers for a two count.

As we come back, Dante is able to work free and crawls for a tag, getting free from his leg being grabbed with a spin kick and Darius is tagged in.

Darius cleans house.

Darius hits a shotgun drop kick from the top turnbuckle and covers Evans for a two count

Darius is tossed to his corner for Dante to blink tag in and they hit a double team power bomb on Evans. Dante covers Evans and Angelico breaks it up at two.

Top Flight work over Evans on the apron, and he is finally tossed into Angelico. This allows Top Flight to hit them with topics from the ring.

Evans is tossed into the ring and Darius tags in and hits a frog splash from the top for a two count.

They work the ropes, Evans is able to tag out, Evans knocks Dante off the apron, and TH@ hits a combo on Darius and Angelico covers him for a two count

Angelico lifts Darius up for a Razor's Edge, but Darius reverse for a two count pin that Evans breaks up.

Darius and Evan fight outside the ring

Angelico takes Dante, grapevines his legs and hits a spinning drop that I couldn't catch the name of.

Dante is trapped in the leg hold and taps.

Your winners: The Hybrid 2

TH2 starts a beatdown after the match, but are run off by the Young Bucks. We see a couple fo shots of the arena, and it looks like there were not fans for this taped episode.

We go to a pretape of Nyla Rose and Vickie Guerrero. Vickie talks about Nepotism, and how it is about Brandi Rhodes. Vickie says Brandi's business plan is set up for failure, and if she needs help to call them.

After commercials, we get a video of FTR says that they need to be honest, and for three second, the Bucks were better than they were. They say they are still the best, and they need the AEW World Tag Team Championship.

Back in the arena,. SCU is on their way to the ring. Next out are Jericho, and the rest of the Inner Circle with new shirts. And the crowd at ringside has a singalong

SCU (Christopher Daniels and Frankie Kazarian) vs Chris Jericho and Jake Hager

We start off with Jericho and Daniels, who have never faced off before. They tie up and Daniels is able to hit Jericho with a armbar toss. They hook up again and run the ropes. Each win a shoulder tackle. Jericho takes a series of blows and Kaz tags in and takes over. Kaz covers Jericho for a one count. Jericho tags in Hager and he takes over, working over Kaz in the corner.

Jericho is tagged in and continues working over Kaz in the corner. Hager is tagged in and keeps up the work. Jericho is able to choke Kaz as Hager is pulled off by the ref. Hager returns and keeps attacking. Kaz gets free and is able to tag in Daniels who is able to hit a pair of moves and then a low enziguri. Daniels follows up with a clubbing clothesline and covers Hager with a two count. They get to their feet, and when Daniels goes off the ropes, Sammy is able to grab his foot and allows Hager to hit a modified power slam.

Hager tosses Daniels out of the ring and we go to commercial, the Inner Circle starts to beat down Daniels outside the ring on PICTURE IN PICTURE. Daniels is tossed into the ring and Jericho tags in on the small screen, and Jericho is able to keep control through the break. They are both down, and Hager tags in to keep Daniels from tagging out. Hager keeps up the attack on Daniels, and Jericho tags in. Jericho hits a delayed suplex on Daniels and poses and Jericho keeps up the pressure.

Jericho goes for a lionsault, which Daniels dodges before we come back from ads. Jericho is able to tag in Hager before Daniels can get to the ropes. He gets in some offense, Jericho tags in and Daniels starts to fight his way out. Daniels is able to drop Jericho when they come off the ropes, and Daniels crawls to his corner.

Kaz is tagged in and cleans house. Kaz hits a scoop slam and a leg drop from the second rope and covers Jericho for a two count. Kaz attacks Ortiz who is on the apron, and hits a few Inner Circle members, and then hits the ring to get attacked by Jericho. Kaz is able to whip him into SCU's corner, where Daniels is tagged in. Daniels is able to do a leaping stomp onto Jericho and a topi onto Hager on the outside. Daniels hits a cross body on Jericho for a two count.

Daniels runs into a chop from Jericho, and Hager is tagged in a takeover. Daniels is able to hit a diving flatliner on Hager and then goes for the BME. He covers Hager for a two count and Jericho breaks it up. Kaz comes in and takes out Hager, and on the other side of the ring, MJF gives Jericho his ring, which Jericho uses to knock out Daniels with the Judas Effect. He covers Daniels for the three count.

Your Winners: Jericho and Hager

After the match, Kaz hits MJF and the Inner Circle star the attack until Scorpio Sky shows with a steel chair and drives them off.

Now, it's Kip Sabian and Miro with their new segment, the Video Game Extravaganza. Before they start, Orange Cassidy comes in and lures them outside to be attacked by the Best Friends.

We get a rundown of the Big Show Next Week Where Winter Is Coming and a recap of the attack on Mox last week.

Back in the arena, it's time for Tony Schiavone to get the contract for the title match next week signed. Kenny Omega and his Elaborate Entrance with NEW accolades. We see Kenny in profile behind the screen and Mox attacks him before he comes out. Mox beats on him down the ring, an d then lays the title in from of Omega, then stands on Omega's hand, hits Omega with a Paradigm shift. Mox says he doesn't know who Omega hired last week, bt they did a poor job. He says next time Omega wants to put a hit on someone, call him.

Mox says that Omega has pissed him off, and now they are even. He says that to win, he will have to dig down deep and then climb a mountain and beat Mox. He tells Kenny to take his shot because he will only get one.

Great sequence and Mox's promo was fantastic.

It's time for commercials.

In the back Alex Marvez is with the Inner Circle and MJF is furious that he was sucker punched. Jericho says that after a fair match, and the attack on MJF was wrong. Jericho says he will make Kazarian famous with a one on one match.

We then get promos from Anna Jay and Hikaru Shida about their match tonight.

Anna Jay is out first and JR reminds us that Tay Conti isn't a part of the Dark Order, but Anna Jay is. Next out is Hikaru Shida and her entrance is still cool. John Silver and two other members of the Inner Circle stand on the stage as the match starts.

Hikaru Shida (Champion) vs Anna Jay with Tay Conti

They shove each other before locking up. They run the ropes and Anna Jay tries to lock on a queen slayer early, but Shida escapes. They run the ropes again, and Shida hits a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Shida follows with the rising knee as Anna is on the apron, but Anna avoids it/. They brawl outside the ring. We go to commercial with PICTURE IN PICTURE

On the small screen, Anna rolls Shida into the ring and covers for a two count. Anna keeps control through the ads on the small screen.

When we come back, Anna and Shida are fighting on the buckle, and Shida takes a kick from Anna and drops to the mat. Anna asks Tay for a chair and Tay gives it to her reluctantly. The ref takes it away and as he is dealing with the chair, Silver gives Anna a Kendo stick and Anna nails Shida in the knee with it. Anna covers Shida for a two count only. Anna locks on the Queen Slayer. Shida is able to break free and picks Anna up, but Anna reverses and covers Shida for a two count.

Shida is able to hit a German suplex and covers Anna for a two count. Shida hits the Toma Shee running knee and is able to cover Anna for a three count.

Your winner and still champion: Hikaru Shida

When she gets to the stage, Abadon crawls out from the heel entrance way and is able to grab the belt that Shida dropped.

Standing by is Matt Hardy who puts himself over. He says that he has shown that e can overcome everything, and if you in your pathetic life think of him, you too can overcome your obstacles.

We get a rundown of the matches for next week.

We have team Taz explaining that Cody has CROSSED THE LINE. Ricky Starks explains how they will take out Cody next week.

And now, it's time for your main event. Blade, Bunny, Eddie Kingston, Butcher AND HIS MONOCLE come to the ring and we come to commercial. When we come back, it's Rey Fenix, Penta and Pac come to the ring and Eddie comes to the announcers table.

The fight starts before the bell, but Penta is not involved.

Pac and Rey Fenix vs Butcher and The Blade

After the bell, Rey goes up the turnbuckle while Butcher is attacking, but Pac hits a pump kick on him. Butcher and Blade are outside the ring and Pac and Rey leaps out of the ring onto them. Pac is tagged in while Butcher lies on the mat and Pac misses a leap from the top. Butcher hits Pac with a cross body and he carries Pac to his corner and Blade dropkicks Pac in the head while Butcher holds him.

OK, this is too fast, time to bullet point

Blade works over Pac in the corner

Pac tags in Rey who works over Blade on the mat

Pac is tagged in and he tossed Blade to the corner hard.

Pac punks Blade out with shoves to the head and they they trade blows

Ray comes in and is met by Butcher in the righ with blows.

They battle until all four men and down and it's time for Picture In Picture

No, it's not all caps because JR said it sedately

Blade is tossed out of the ring and Penta starts working on him.

Blade is tossed in and Pac covers for a two count

Ray tags in and works over Blade

Pac is tagged in and they hit a pair double team moves.

Pac keeps Blade down with knees and kicks.

Ray comes in and they hit Blade with a double hip toss and Pac hits a elbow drop and covers Blade for a two count.

Rey is tagged in and Blade is able to reverse a whip and drops Rey across the top rope.

Butcher tags in and works over Rey

Butcher covers Rey for a two count and keep up the pressure when Rey kicks out

Blade is tagged in and tosses Rey into the buckle.

Rey is able to break free and get a cutter and tags in Pac.

Pac is able to clean house and hits a Northern Lights suplex and holds Blade for a two count

Pac goes to the top and Blade avoids the shooting star press, and then hits a power slam

Butcher is tagged in and waits to hit a lariat, and when he does, he covers Pac for a two count

Blade is tagged in and they both run into Pac in the corner, ending with Butcher tossed Pac across Blade knee.

Blade hits a Doctor Bomb and covers for two, broken up by Rey

Blade tries to pick up Pac, who tagged in Rey, and when Pac escapes out the back, Rey nails Blade with a kick

Rey and Pac nail Blade with super kicks at the same time and Eddie runs down to ringside

Eddie trips up Rey as Butcher and Pac fight outside the ring.

Butcher comes in and he and Blade hit Rey with an assisted butter and Blade covers Rey for the three count

Your winners: Butcher and The Blade

Butcher and Blade continue to attack all three members of Death Triangle and Bunny brings in a chair. Eddie DDTs Pac on the chair and sets up to do it again. He does it again as Butcher and Blade force Rey and Penta to watch.

Lance Archer comes to the ring and takes out Blade. Archer goes toe to toe with Butcher, and Archer is able to hit a cross body of Eddie and Butcher. Everyone is fighting, and the announcers remind us that he has an issue with Eddie Kingston since the anniversary show, and we're out of time!



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