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AEW Dynamite Results (12/02/2020)

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Opening video has a "Winter is Coming" theme to it. Lights are blue at Daily's Place for tonight's show.

Dynamite Diamond Battle Royale

Final two move on to next week's singles match, winner gets the AEW Diamond Ring. Shawn Spears and Scorpio Sky stay outside for a bit as everybody jumps in the ring. Promo by MJF says he will be elated if either Sammy or Wardlow is next to him after tonight's match because it's not his ring, it's the Inner Circle's ring. MJF, Wardlow, and Sammy don't get in at first. Page eliminates Serpentico as he gets the assist from John Silver and Alex Reynolds, who cheer with Page for a moment. Luther is eliminated by the Dark Order members.

Spears eliminates Matt Sydal. Spears gets sent out by Sky. Tully is in the crowd, heads to the ring and gives a slug to Spears. Spears hops up on the ring, pops Sky, Wardlow tosses him out. Silver thrown into Reynolds and Alex gets eliminated. Silver nearly throws Hardy out, but he ends up getting shoved to the outside by Quen. Hardy almost tosses Page out of the match, Quen dropkicks him off the apron, but Dark Order members catch him and put him back! Page with a buckshot lariat on Quen, but Hardy in from behind and eliminates Page. Sabian gets tossed out by Cassidy.

Miro and Cassidy go through the middle ropes, and brawl a bit out there. Miro back in the ring and destroys a few guys. Inner Circle standing in the corner, watching Miro eliminate Lee Johnson. Hardy battles Miro, but both he and Quen get eliminated by Miro. Janela is clotheslined out by Miro! It's down to Inner Circle (MJF, Wardlow, Sammy), Miro, and Jungle Boy. Wardlow and Miro throwing bombs in the middle of the ring. MJF and Sammy hold Miro as Wardlow swings away. Miro is finally taken out by the three members. Jungle Boy vs. three inner circle members.

MJF talks some trash, gets booted, Sammy nearly eliminated. JB and Sammy on the apron, multiple counters, JB finally lands a kick to the head, both guys are up on the top rope, MJF throws both JB and Sammy off! MJF thinks it's down to just him and Wardlow, but Cassidy is still knocked out on the floor and wasn't eliminated. Wardlow brings him in, MJF laughs and looks to the crowd like he's already won. Cassidy ends up shoving Wardlow and nearly knocks MJF out of the ring. Cassidy with an orange punch to MJF, then another to Wardlow. Cassidy eliminates Wardlow!

Winners: MJF and Orange Cassidy for the Dynamite Diamond Ring on next week's show.

- Post-match, Best Friends come out to celebrate. Miro then heads back out to the ring and is not happy at all. He and Sabian bark at Best Friends as referees keep them back.

Chris Jericho with Jake Hager and Ortiz vs. Frankie Kazarian

Commentary noting this is the first time these two have met in the win. Frankie off to a fast start, keeping Jericho down, looks for the early pin, two-count. The two run into each other, Jericho with the poke to the eye to slow Kazarian down. Jericho with a big chop then a dropkick. Kazarian fights back, leg drop on Jericho. Hager tries to take out Frankie, but misses twice, referee somehow doesn't throw Hager out.

Back in the ring, Jericho with a lung blow on his opponent, drops him over the top rope, and shoves him down to the floor. Jericho really working over Kazarian, Jericho with a suplex as he looks to the crowd for some cheers. Jericho flexes a bit and goes back to work on his opponent. Jericho tries a lionsault, Frankie gets the legs up, Frankie hits a springboard leg drop, cover, two. Crowd very much behind Jericho in this match.

Both go up top, Frankie hits a flux capacity (modified spanish fly), cover, two. Kazarian seems annoyed at this point. Kazarian locks in the boston crab. Ortiz up on the apron, threatening to crack Kazarian over the head, Jericho tells him to back up, otherwise he would have lost the match. Kazarian still has the hold locked in. MJF runs out to the ring and has a white towel. He looks to be thinking of throwing it in for Jericho! Sammy runs out and takes it away from him. Jericho is able to get the rope break. Jericho sees Sammy with the towel, wonders what he's doing. Frankie tries for two roll-ups, only two counts. Jericho finally pops Kazarian with judas effect for the win.

Winner: Chris Jericho via Pinfall

- Post-match, Sammy and MJF start shoving each other. Jericho gets on the mic and tells them to stop it! He says this isn't what they planned or talked about. He tells them they have seven days to either decide to work together as a team, or the Inner Circle breaks up forever.

- The Young Bucks vs. The Hybrid 2 is next week. Alex Marvez interviews Matt and Nick about their match. Matt says they are going to be fighting champions, so if TH2 can beat them next week in a non-title match, then they will receive a title shot. The Acclaimed (Max Caster and Anthony Bowens) show up and rap about Matt and Nick's book, making fun of their covers. Matt wonders if this rapping gimmick has been done before? The Acclaimed then tell the Bucks maybe they should turn around. TH2 attack the brothers for a few moments before Christopher Daniels (with a chair) and Frankie show up to chase them off.

- Backstage, Britt Baker talks about how Thunder Rosa doesn't belong in AEW, and as the face of the division, she has to keep things clean.

Britt Baker (with Reba) vs. Leyla Hirsch

Hirsch getting the best of Baker early on, side headlock takedown on Baker, she tries to counter, but ends up in a cross armbreaker. Baker fights it off and hits a thrust kick to the face, DDT, as she gets back some momentum.

Baker and Hirsch throw some shot in the middle of the ring, Hirsch with a forearm, running knee, release german suplex on Baker. Baker takes a breather out on the floor, Hirsch looks for a suicide dive and ends up taking out Reba thanks to Baker pulling her in the way. Baker with a slingblade on Hirsch. Baker up on the apron, boot to jaw. She then brings Hirsch into the ring.

Hirsch with a leaping knee to the face, cross armbreaker, but Baker stacks her up for a two-count for a moment. Baker spins around and nearly gets lockjaw in, but the cross armbreaker is locked in yet again. Baker able to fight out of it, takes a pump knee strike, Hirsch heads up to the second, Reba yelling at her to get the referee's attention. Baker sends Hirsch head-first into the middle turnbuckle, twisting neckbreaker, lockjaw, and Hirsch taps out.

Winner: Britt Baker via Submission

- Post-match, Thunder Rosa runs out from the crowd and swings away on Baker. They both throw punches as the referees separate them. Reba gets in a cheap shot on Rosa, but Hirsch gets her with a release german suplex. More officials out to break up Baker and Rosa.

AEW TNT Champion Darby Allin and Cody with Arn Anderson vs. Ricky Starks and Powerhouse Hobbs with Taz

Things get off to a fast start as Allin hits a springboard coffin drop on Starks. Cody and Allin continue to dominate Starks as Allin hits a low dropkick, Cody then hits a delayed flapjack. Hobbs has yet to tag into the match yet. Hobb and Allin end up brawling on the floor, Allin gets thrown hard into the barricade. Starks then tags in Hobbs, delayed vertical suplex, Hobbs then does a few push-ups, and flips Cody a middle finger.

Hobbs continues to work over Allin, backbreaker, and tags in Stark. Allin and Starks end up butting heads, Starks tags out, but Allin can't make it to his corner. Hobbs taunts Cody a bit, but Hobbs rag dolls Allin with a bear hug. Allin gets a boot to Hobbs, but Hobbs with an overhead throw on the champion. Cody looks for a tag, Hobbs again flicks off Cody and pulls Allin back to his corner.

Starks tags in, looks for a kick, blocked, Allin flips out of two suplex and Cody is tagged in. Cody with a springboard dropkick on Hobbs, pump kick to Starks. Cody hits a spinning powerslam on Starks, he takes off his weight belt and throws it towards the crowd. Arn and Taz bark at each other. Starks with an eye gouge, but Cody hits a disaster kick on Hobbs to send him to the floor. Cody drops down and pops Starks. Cody with a cody cutter, then a splash to the outside on Hobbs. During all of that, Allin tagged himself in and nails Starks with a coffin drop for the 1-2-3.

Winners: Cody and Darby Allin via Pinfall

- Post-match, Hobbs gets back in the ring and runs over Allin. Arn gets into the ring and swings away on Hobbs! He drops Starks with a punch. Starks then beats up Arn, but Dustin Rhodes runs out for the save. Bulldog on Hobbs, spinning powerslam on Starks. Brian Cage runs out and drops Dustin with an F-5. Cody takes an F-5, Hobbs has the FTW Championship now and Hobbs goes to hit him with it, but the lights go out. Music plays and a video plays on the big screen. Sting walks out! He pulls out his bat. Team Taz bails out of the ring. Sting walks up to Arn Anderson and looks at him for a moment. He goes to Dustin, looks at him, then goes over to Cody. Sting gets up and makes his way to Darby Allin and gets right in his face for a longer period of time. Sting then walks to the ramp and gives a few "Woo!" to the crowd. He then makes his way to the back.


- Next week:

* MJF vs. Orange Cassidy (Winner receives AEW Dynamite Diamond Ring)

* The Inner Circle Ultimatum

* The Young Bucks vs. The Hybrid 2 (Non-Title Match)

* Dustin Rhodes vs. 10

* FTR vs. Varsity Blondes (Griff Garrison and Brian Pillman Jr.)

* Abadon in action

* Lance Archer and Lucha Brothers vs. Eddie Kingston, The Butcher, and The Blade.

* Sting speaks

- Backstage, Alex Marvez talks with AEW Women's World Champion Hikaru Shida about Abadon confronting her last week. He asked her about why she didn't want to engage. Shida says she's not afraid, and says Abadon is just doing zombie cosplay, which she does sometime. We here a loud clang, which scares Shida. She asks if she can start over and is told this is live. Shida seems rattled and says she has to go.

- Earlier today, AEW World Champion Jon Moxley says today felt like a holiday, people showed up early, dressed up more in suits. Moxley thinks there's a little something extra in the air tonight. Moxley says two years ago, this was just an idea. Moxley says most people thought he was burned out and done with, he then slapped the wrestling industry in the face. He says he and Omega are the two best wrestlers in the world, and the stakes couldn't be higher. He continues there is only one thing left to and make everyone go absolutely bananas.

- Don Callis joins commentary to call the main event.

Jon Moxley (c) vs. Kenny Omega (AEW World Championship)

The two face-off in the middle of the ring and jaw a bit before the action starts. Moxley looks for the choke early on, but Omega easily gets to the ropes. Bit of a feeling out process early on. Omega looks for a choke of his own, but gets tripped down to the mat and the two reset. Moxley continues to work on Omega's neck, until Kenny back him into the corner. Omega unloads with a bunch of punches and chops.

Moxley hits a clothesline, but Omega hits a hurricanrana that sends Moxley to the floor. Omega looks to fly, Moxley gets in the ring, drops him with a spinning slam. He then sends Omega out to the floor. Moxley hits a suplex on the floor. They battle back and forth, end up on the floor again, Omega jams Moxley's knee into the barricade, then throws him back into the ring. Omega with a slingshot dropkick to the knee, really focusing on that area, cover, two.

Omega puts Moxley's leg through the ropes, then hits a kick to it. Omega charges in, but Moxley hits a huge lariat on him. Moxley selling that knee injury. Omega goes for a knee bar on the champ. Omega with some big chops to Moxley, kicks to that bad knee. Moxley is back up, hits a release german suplex, tries for an exploder, Omega initially fights it off, but Moxley then hits a pump-handle exploded, cover, two-count. Moxley hits a release suplex, cover, two. Moxley sent to the floor, Omega with a big flip over the top rope to clear out the champ!

Omega looks for a springboard move, goes right into paradigm shift! Moxley rolls him over, but decides not to go for the pin attempt? Moxley grabs two chairs and tosses them in the ring. Referee trying to get Moxley to stop. Moxley then sets up both chairs and sits down in one, he invites Omega to sit in the other. He tells Omega to hit him, back and forth shots. Moxley lands a big one, backing Omega up, and he clobbers Moxley with a v-trigger, snap dragon suplex, and another one.

Omega looks for another v-trigger, nope, release german suplex, Omega with a pump knee strike, but gets turned inside out by a lariat. Moxley hits another paradigm shift, cover, close three! Omega looking for a breather out on the floor. Moxley goes for a suicide dive and eats a v-trigger in midair. Back in the ring, Omega goes up top, missile dropkick to the back. V-trigger to the back of the head in the corner, tiger driver '98, cover, two.

Omega with a knee, Moxley blocks it, elbow strike, runs into another v-trigger, one winged angel, nope, paradigm shift, nah, Moxley tries for a bulldog lock, nope! Omega fights out and lands a dropkick, rip cord v-trigger, one winged angel, Moxley almost fights out of it. Omega counters into a nice suplex with the bridge, cover, two. Omega heads to the top rope, Moxley goes for a shove, Moxley may have lost his balance and just leaps down to the floor. Omega on the apron, Moxley drops him down face-first on the apron. Moxley then suplexes Omega into the heaters that were placed near ring. Omega landed hard on the concrete, referees call for the doctor. Don Callis goes to the floor to check on Omega.

Omega stays back at first, but then pulls Omega into the ring and throws punches to Omega's face. Callis gets a mic and tells the referee that he's hurt. Moxley then shoves Callis down to the ramp. Callis gets the referee's attention, but Omega has the mic. Omega pops Moxley in the head with the microphone! Moxley is now busted open. Omega pulls down the knee pad, multiple v-triggers to Moxley's face. Another to the back of the head. Another one! Omega hits one winged angel. New champion!

Winner: Kenny Omega via pinfall to win the AEW World Championship

- Post-match, Callis gets in the ring and hands off the title to Omega. Omega and Callis quickly make their way to the back. Tony Khan is seen yelling something at the duo as they pass by. The roster isn't happy as Omega and Callis run out of the venue and into a vehicle. Marvez tries to cut them off and asks what's the deal? Callis says they will hear all about it on Tuesday! Marvez says Dynamite is on Tuesdays, but Callis says he and Omega will tell everyone about it on AXS TV on Impact Wrestling!


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