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AEW Dynamite Results (12/08/2021)

Tonight on AEW Dynamite, The Young Bucks return to action, Bryan Danielson faces John Silver and the third annual Dynamite Diamond Battle Royale takes place.


December 8, 2021, UBS Arena, Belmont Park, NY

Commentary: Excalibur, Taz & Tony Schiavone

MJF’s music hits and out comes CM Punk instead. Crowd is booing. Punk embraces it. He takes a playful dig at the Islanders before running down MJF. He asks Long Island about MJF being “their guy.” He talks about basing Punk’s praise for Britt Baker as “T&A” rather than in-ring intentions. He questions it more and runs down the Islanders more. He talks about having a number one contender’s match for the AEW World Championship. Punk says his dog Larry has more balls than MJF and Larrry’s nuetered. He wants MJF one-on-one and that’s it. He’ll do it right here, tonight.

Big video package featuring MJF on his high school football field. He comes out with his varsity jacket on.

Dynamite Diamond Battle Royale

MJF nearly gets eliminated twice, but is saved by Wardlow who presses Lee Moriarty out of the ring.


Matt Hardy decks Jay Lethal with brass knuckles provided by The Bunny. Matt Hardy gets dumped by Dante Martin.


Wardlow tries taking out Hobbs, but Lio Rush finnishes the job.


We go to break and during the entire break, MJF hides behind Wardlow. Lee Johnson and Lio Rush try dumping Wardlow and MJF tosses both of them and eliminates Wardlow in the process.


MJF dumps Frankie Kazarian


It’s down to Ricky Starks, Dante Martin & MJF. Dante immediately takes out Starks who is shocked as Martin removes his Team Taz band.



Post match, MJF raises the hand of Dante and leaves the ring. Starks attacks Dante from behind. MJF hesitates to help Dante but finally returns to the ring to stand nose to nose with MJF. They both start attacking Dante Martin. Out comes CM Punk. MJF immediately bails while Ricky is ready to fight Punk. Dante spins Starks around for a dropkick that leads him to getting a GTS. Punk invites MJF in the ring but he doesn’t oblige.

The Varsity Blonds & Jungle Express vs. The Acclaimed & 2point0

JB clears the ring of everyone as VBs double team to leap onto of the foursome. Combo spinebuster dropkick by VBs. Two count on Caster. The bad guys eventually isolate Pillman after a ten punch in the corner attempt. This goes on for awhile. Hot tag to Luchasaurus. He dominates and the crowd pops. Tags a rapidly exchanged but not as fast as the moves executed. Daniel Garcia gets on the apron to interfere with Jungle Boy’s Snare Trap. Caster gets an opportunity to leap off with his Mic Drop elbow, but misses. JB locks in the Snare Trap again and gets the submission win.

WINNERS: The Varsity Blonds & Jurassic Express

Backstage Eddie takes a camera man and we see Santana and Ortiz. Both try to calm Eddie down, but suddenly a brawl breaks about between 2point0 and them. Daniel Garcia gets the better of the situation as 2point0 leave the trio laying.

FTR is with Tully Blanchard. They will be facing The Lucha Brothers this Friday on Rampage and they are ready to make it the biggest night of their lives.

The Young Bucks (with Adam Cole) vs. Rocky Romero & Chuck Taylor (with Orange Cassidy)

Rocky Romero and Nick Jackson start it off. Rocky gets the better of the situation with an arm drag. Matt blind tags in and Chucky rolls up for a quick two count before delivering an arm drag of his own. YBs dump Chuck but Rocky outsmarts the Bucks to tope onto Nick. Matt gets offense on Rocky, sending him to the outside. Back in the ring. Matt attacks Rocky and taunts him as well. Nick teases a Superkick Party, but Rocky makes the most of the showboating and fires back. He gets the tag to Chuck. He nails a tope senton onto the Bucks on the outside. Chuck has his back turned and then gets leveled by The Bucks. Rocky gets caught with a over the top cross body and The Bucks flip him for a kick. They showboat in the ring once more before smooching Adam Cole on the cheeks. Matt holds up Chuck Taylor and bridges him against the apron as Nick sentons on top of him. Nick taunts Orange Cassidy. They do the same move to Chuck in the ring, this time utilizing the ropes. We go to pic-in-pic break.

Back from it, Adam Cole kicks Orange Cassidy. Chuck goes on a flurry against The Bucks before Rocky Romero does too. He hits a sliced bread on Matt for a near fall. NickJckson hits a springboard X-Factor on Rocky. Matt Jackson begins his Northern Lights suplex series before Rocky impressively counters. Some distractions occur but it doesn’t lead to a finish yet. Romero gets a very near fall on Matt, but The Bucks hit a Meltzer Driver for the 1-2-3.

WINNERS: The Young Bucks

Immediately after the bell, The Super KLIQ attacks everyone. Wheeler Yuta comes out to help, but he gets taken out too. Adam Cole hits a Panama Sunrise on Orange Cassidy. They go to BTE Trigger Orange Cassidy, but the BF music hits. Suddenly Sue drives up and who returns but Trent Baretta. He clears house and the Best Friends embrace. Out comes Sue and Kris Statlander. They all hug in the ring.

Ruby Soho is backstage for a promo but it immediately gets interrupted by The Bunny and Penelope Ford. They have a triple tag match upcoming against Ruby Soho and two friends of her choosing. Problem is she doesn’t have any friends. They laugh. Ruby begins to fight them but the numbers game boosts up with Nyla Rose. In comes in Anna Jay and Tay Conti for the save.

Another promo is interrupted: Sammy Guevara’s, but this time it’s by Cody Rhodes. He announces that Sammy will be defending his TNT Championship against him on Christmas Day. “Good luck, kid,” he says. Cody exits but we cut to Ethan Page and Scorpio Sky laughing up top. They announce that Dan Lambert will be returning. And they tell Sammy he better start proving he’s a champion by putting his belt on the line like a man. Sammy lays his belt and beckons to both of them. We cut to break.

Jamie Hayter vs. Riho

Jamie Hayter powers Riho a bit, but Riho exercises her speed such as head scissors and dives. Riho goes to leap on Hayter to the outside, but Hayter doesn’t quite catch her but plows her into the ring post. Back from break, Hayter is in control, but Riho soon gets the upperhand with an impressive reversal double stomp. Hayter gets back to her feet, but Riho fights back. Riho gets a roll-up on Hayter who kicks out. Riho soon nails a dragon suplex. Kick out at two. Big brainbuster by Hayter. Two count. Chokeslam neckbreaker. Two count. Hayter doesn’t relent. She locks on a single leg crab. Riho soon reverses for a roll up good for two. Riho hits a very impressive Code Red. Two count. Diving foot stomp gets a two count. Riho goes to the other corner, but Hayter fights her up top. Riho battles back with some hammer fist. Rebel grabs Riho’s leg. Hayter fights with Riho again up top. Riho hits an avalanche crucifix bomb and her running finisher for the win.


AEW Revolution is announced for March 5, 2022 in Orlando, FL.

Taz announces that Hook will be debuting this Friday on Rampage against Feugo Del Sol.

Tony Schiavone goes to interview The Varsity Blonds on stage, but the lights go out. Back on it’s Malakai Black standing in front of them. He black mists Julia Hart who screams.

Bryan Danielson vs. John Silver

The two go back and forth and they even exchange shoulder tackle spots. Silver kicks down Danielson but Bryan ankle picks him to deliver European uppercuts over the apron before he drops a running knee on John’s head. Back from break, Silver catches Bryan with a sit-out powerbomb after a leap from up top.

Both men are kicking each other back and forth. John has a heel hook locked in on Danielson. Danielson can’t break the hold and only survives by crawling under the ropes. Leaping senton off the apron by Silver. Back in the ring, Danielson is back in control. Silver gets a near roll-up on Danielson but catches Danielson at the ropes for sharp German. Two count. Silver goes for the Spin Doctor, but Bryan gouges his eyes. Elbows. Gotch piledriver. LaBell lock, but Silver is already out.

WINNER: Bryan Danielson

Post-match, Danielson says he kicked every Dark Order member’s head in, but didn’t do it to Silver tonight. He’s a man of his word. He begins to stomp on John, but Adam Page runs out to save his friend. Danielson bails. The show ends.


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