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AEW Dynamite Results (12/09/2020)

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Backstage, Dasha talks with Matt and Nick Jackson. The Young Bucks says they haven't seen or talked to Kenny Omega since he won the title, and don't know what's going on with him.

AEW World Tag Team Champions Young Bucks vs. TH2 (Non Title Match)

Angelico and Evans try for the sneak attack during Matt and Nick's entrance, get sent out to the floor. Young Bucks end up out on the floor and hit stereo spears on their opponents. Nick with a big flip out to the floor on TH2. Back in the ring, Young Bucks try to double team Evans, he avoids them at first, but eventually gets dropped and eats double dropkicks. Angelico able to get the tag in, Nick with a top rope arm drag, then hits a springboard arm drag. Matt tagged hit, hits a slingshot leg drop. Evans is then booted off the apron.

Evans leaps off the back of Matt (who was on Angelico's shoulders) and down to Nick on the floor. Angelico keeps Matt up, Evans with a double stomp, assisted 450 on Evans, cover, two. Nick and Angelico tag in, Nick with a flurry of strikes on both opponents. Nick with a hurricanrana off the top rope on Evans, then plants Angelico's head into the mat, cover, two-count. Matt tries for a sunset powerbomb to the floor, then ends up getting a push from Nick, Matt sends Evans into The Acclaimed at ringside.

Nick with a running knee to Angelico's face. Nick heads to the top, they hit risky business, cover, two. Evans with the blind tag, neckbreaker / backbreaker combo. Evans with a 450 splash off the top, pin, two-count. Evans takes a doomsday device on the ramp. Double superkick to Angelico, cover, 1-2-no! More bang for your buck misses.

Evans with a poisonranna on Matt, then hits a 450 splash on Nick on the floor. Angelico works Matt's knee, death roll submission on the knees. Nick hits a senton on Angelico to break it up. Nick and Matt end up on the floor. Evans with a handspring flip, but is caught in midair. Nick and Matt hit a spiked piledriver to Evans on the floor. Angelico takes a kick from Nick. Double superkicks, BTE trigger, cover, and that will do it.

Winners: The Young Bucks via Pinfall

Post-match, The Acclaimed nearly jumped in the ring, but SCU ran out to stop them from getting in.

Backstage, MJF with Wardlow. MJF says he's going to hurt Orange Cassidy and break a lot of smark marks' hearts tonight. The two meet later for the AEW Diamond Ring.

Darby Allin video is shown. Allin takes a Rorschach test where he sees a drawing of someone similar to Brian Cage. Allin says he's a "puppet" and is also the number one contender for his title. We see clips of Cage previously beating Allin, but Allin says it's never been without help. Allin continues that he's going to give Cage a shot at the title at some point. He then is shown a photo of Sting's face paint, Allin just chuckles.

Cody heads out to the ring as we go to break.

Tony Schiavone Interviews Sting

Cody is joined by Arn Anderson, and Tony Schiavone talks with him. Tony asks Cody about Sting coming to the ring. Before Cody can say anything, Sting's music hits. Arn gets on the microphone and says he had to get a little closer, just to make sure this was real. He knows both guys have an agenda and heads out of the ring. Tony then offers up the microphone and says who is he to stay in the ring. Sting then tells him to wait and wants a hug. He then thanks Tony, especially for doing "It's String!" He asks Tony for one more, which he does.

Cody then welcomes Sting back, and thanks him for the assist last week. He says he's been waiting to share the ring with Sting for a very long time. Sting then says he's not here for Cody, at least not right now. He says there's something really familiar about this, he then points up at Darby Allin (who is sitting up in the stands). He looks at the wrestlers at ringside and says he's in the jungle, but he's glad to be back. Cody then says "Like I said, sir, welcome back" but doesn't have such a happy look on his face at this point.

Sting says the only thing that is for sure about Sting — is nothing is sure. He mentions being signed with AEW, and plans on being close to the promotion for a long time. Sting says how he chooses to play, that's his business. He thing pulls Cody in, "see ya around, kid." Cody looks a bit annoyed as Sting makes his way to the back.

Backstage, Team Taz is together. Taz talking about the "special moment" with Sting, Cody, and Allin. Taz then brings up another special moment of when Team Taz beat up Allin and Cody last week. Starks then says Hook is now training with Team Taz.

FTR vs. Varsity Blondes (Griff Garrison and Brian Pillman Jr.)

FTR gets the early offense, but Pillman is able to work his way back into the match. Garrison gets the tag, works over Wheeler's arm. Pillman tags back in, goes for a big move, but nobody home. FTR then hits a double suplex over the top rope on Pillman, Harwood then swings away on his opponent. FTR eventually hits goodnight express on Pillman, cover, 1-2-3.

Winners: FTR via Pinfall

Post-match, Jurassic Express (at ringside) lock eyes with FTR. Wheeler gives Jungle Boy a shove, then backs away. Stunt wants to fight, but gets held back.

Earlier today, Alex Marvez talks with Hangman Page about having a match against Private Party and Matt Hardy in a six-man tag match. Marvez says Page doesn't have any tag partners at the moment though. Then Alex Reynolds and John Silver pop up from behind the bar. Page initially passes, but then decides to tag with them, but he is not joining Dark Order.

Dark Order's 10 vs. Dustin Rhodes

Back and forth action early on, 10 with a boot to the midsection, spinebuster, then boots Dustin to the floor. 10 circles the long way around on the floor, Dustin gets in the ring. Aaron Solow shoves 10 (?) and gets pump kicked in the face.

10 gets in the ring and eats a couple clotheslines. Dustin drags 10's face along the ropes, punch to the face, bites at his mask, hits a running bulldog, cover, 1-2-3.

Winner: Dustin Rhodes via Pinfall

Post-match, Evil Uno yells to cut the music and gets in the ring with Dark Order on the stage. Uno says he can't change their past, but they can improve their future. Uno talks about Dustin's legacy, but his name comes with pressure, and here in AEW, he's the third most important Rhodes. He then asks Dustin if he'll be 7 (a nod to Dustin's gimmick in WCW) of the Dark Order. "What do you say, 7?" Uno says. Dustin then slaps Uno in the face. The group charges, but Uno tells them to stay back.

Shaquille O'Neal On AEW Dynamite

Tony Schiavone sitting with Brandi Rhodes (who has her arm in a sling from Jade Cargill's attack from a few weeks back). Tony then introduces Shaq. Brandi didn't appreciate Tony giving Shaq all those accolades, but she barely got anything. Shaq then talks about Jade, says he's a big fan, and they've gone back a long way. Shaq then says he didn't appreciate what she did to Brandi's arm. Brandi would agree with that and felt like Jade came into her house and came at her people wrong. Brandi hopes we can stop this and nobody else gets hurt. Tony brings up to Shaq about being on Dynamite. Shaq says he's got a lot of love for the Rhodes' family, but he'll be happy to see Brandi and Jade go at it. Brandi shakes hands with Shaq and is glad they can work things out. She goes to leave and Shaq throws a shot about Brandi's arm and maybe she can get some pointers from Jade. Brandi doesn't appreciate the disrespect, and says she's "sick of this s---." Brandi then tosses a drink on Shaq, calls him an overgrown assh--- and walks out.

The Inner Circle's Ultimatum

The Inner Circle make their way out, Jericho on the mic. He says this might be the last time fans see the group, as he said last week. What's been going on isn't what he wants. No more shoving. No more arguing. Santana isn't on the show tonight and Jericho says he didn't even come to work he's so worked up. Jericho says if anyone has to air some grievances to go ahead. MJF starts and says he loves all the guys like his brothers. MJF says despite what social media says about him wanting to break up the group, he chose to be in the group. He wants to be here! MJF then brings up Sammy wanting to throw the towel in on Jericho (even though MJF first brought the towel out). Jericho then says they actually watch Dynamite and saw what MJF did.

MJF says he had sweat on his brow! Ortiz says MJF is growing on him like a fungus, he tells Sammy to shake MJF's hand. Santana tells Sammy that "you're better than him, and you know it." MJF laughs it off. Sammy says he trust Jericho, but if one more thing happens, he'll quit the group. Jericho says okay. Sammy and MJF shake hands. Jericho appreciates what everyone said and feels like they were on the same page. Hager then asks why Wardlow has been staring at him all this time. Wardlow calls him a creep, Hager says he's the creep! Jericho then offers up the suggestion that they stop staring at each other. Wardlow does, but Hager kind of still does over his shoulder. Jericho then has everyone put their hand in the middle and everyone does as Jericho's music plays.

Backstage, Alex Marvez talks with FTR about their loss to the Young Bucks. Wheeler says his emotions got the best of him and he cost them the titles. Tully Blanchard said he wasn't there, so the full team wasn't there. Harwood says they are still the best team on the planet and their goal is to win back the titles, "Fear the revelation."

Lance Archer & Lucha Brothers vs. Eddie Kingston & The Butcher & The Blade

Archer runs out and leaps over the top rope, hitting all three opponents. Everybody brawls all over the place, Butcher with a suplex on Penta through the timekeeper's table. Penta is helped to the back by officials, but the match goes on. Back in the ring, Blade and Butcher go to work on Fenix. Bunny even gets involved and chokes Fenix over the edge of the apron.

Kingston gets tagged in when Fenix is down, clapping it up a bit, Fenix able to hit a springboard cutter on Kingston. Archer finally gets tagged in, full nelson slam on Blade, then throws Butcher into the corner. Archer with big elbows in the corner on both guys. Fenix tries to make a big comeback, despite this becoming a handicap match. Blade and Butcher with the powerbomb / neckbreaker combo, cover, 1-2-3.

Winners: Eddie Kingston, The Butcher and The Blade via Pinfall

Post-match, Archer gets back in the ring and drops all three guys. He looks for a chokeslam on Kingstone. Blade hits him in the back, and eats a huge punch then and overhead release suplex. Archer crushes Blade in the corner, then goes for blackout, but Butcher saves him.

Locker room, Red Velvet is getting beat up by Jade Cargill and Nyla Rose. Big Swole and Serena Deeb make the save, but then get shoved from behind by Ivelisse and Diamante. Officials are there to help separate things.

Abadon vs. Tesha Price

Abadon hits a clothesline and shoves Price into the corner, throwing big shots. She then launches Price across the ring and crawls after her. Price with a forearm to the face, but Abadon just shoves her into the corner and throws some punches. Abadon then hits a big leg trip to the mat, Abadon then lifts and plants Price to the mat, cover, and we're already done here.

Winner: Abadon via Pinfall

Post-match, Abadon throws more punches on Price. Hikaru Shida comes out with a kendo stick and gets in the ring. Abadon charges and eats a kendo stick to the head. Abadon then sits up a la Undertaker, Shida gets Price and gets to the stage.

Backstage, Dasha talks with Chris Jericho. She asks about the group being on the same page. Jericho says they are indeed on the same page. Jericho then says the group will join MJF and Wardlow at ringside to make sure he beat Orange Cassidy and gets back his AEW Diamond Ring.

We Hear From New AEW World Champion Kenny Omega & Don Callis Following Appearance On IMPACT Wrestling

AEW World Champion Kenny Omega and Don Callis arrive to the venue in a helicopter with Tony Schiavone waiting in the ring. Marvez tries to get a word with him right off the bat, but they opt to go to the ring. Omega gets a full entrance as the two make their way into the ring. Schiavone asks a whole lot of questions, but then says he was disgusted with what happened last week. Callis takes the microphone, says well, the fans are also upset. Even Tony Khan is upset! Tony invited Callis in, made him feel welcome, then Tony probably felt like he got screwed. "Welcome to the business, kid." Callis says they were cooking up a plan like this for years. Callis talks about watching Omega become the best in wrestling. Callis refers to himself as The Invisible Hand, brings up Omega vs. Jericho in NJPW and how big that match was. It may even had a hand in forming AEW.

Omega then takes the microphone and says they were able to pull off their plan perfectly. Omega says everything he's done previously pales in comparison to having the AEW World Title. Omega says his match last week was fine art, it was inspirational. Omega then says all the fans fell for the match. Omega says ultimately they just wanted Jon Moxley to fall for it, that's where Don Callis came in. Omega says there's so much more coming. Callis tells him to hold off on that. "Some people make matches, some make money, Kenny makes history!" Omega then does the "goodbye, and good night" sign-off.

MJF with Inner Circle vs. Orange Cassidy (Winner Receives the Dynamite Diamond Ring)

MJF goes right after Cassidy with stomps in the corner. He then takes the sunglasses and immediately breaks them. Suplex on Cassidy, cover, one-count. MJF tries for some more pins, but no luck. MJF looks for another suplex, but it gets countered into stundog millionaire. Cassidy end up on the apron, looks for the orange punch, but hits the steel ring post.

On the floor, MJF puts Cassidy's hands in his back pocket, then does a hammerlock slam on the apron. MJF looking for Best Friends to punch him for the easy win, but they don't do it. Back in the ring, MJF continues to keep the pressure on his opponent, goes for another pin, two-count. Cassidy gets dumped out to the floor by Inner Circle, and the group jumps all over him. MJF distracted the referee. Inner Circle cut off Best Friends as Sammy throws Orange into the ring post.

More people are at ringside for Cassidy as MJF taunts him with some weak kicks to the face. Cassidy hits a dropkick, kip, then a suicide dive on MJF. Cassidy heads to the top and nails him with a diving crossbody, spinning DDT, back to the top again for a diving DDT, cover, two-count. MJF recovered and hits a double stomp off the top to Cassidy's arm, really focusing on that hand to weaken the orange punch. Cassidy goes for it, MJF ducks, and flips him into the corner. Shoulder breaker on Cassidy, tiger driver, cover, two.

Cassidy decides to hit a big senton down on Inner Circle and gets back to his people. Cassidy on the apron, MJF with the heat seeker on Cassidy, feet on the ropes. Referee sees it and stops the count. Referee getting distracted by Best Friends. MJF has Jericho's bat, smacks the bat on the ground and falls back. Cassidy puts his hands in his pocket. MJF takes the bat, and Cassidy flops down as the referee looks back. Referee tosses the bat, Cassidy lands beach break, cover, two. MJF smashes on Cassidy's hand, looks for an armbar, ends up snapping Cassidy's fingers. Cassidy with a big orange punch, he crumples down for a moment in pain, cover, MJF is able to kick out! Cassidy pops him again, cover, Wardlow puts his foot on the rope, referee stops his count. Big brawl on the floor. Miro runs out and clocks Cassidy with a lariat. Miro and Sabian then put their hands in their pockets, mocking Cassidy. MJF is able to drape his arm over Cassidy for the win.

Winner: MJF via Pinfall to win the Dynamite Diamond Ring

Post-match, Best Friends go after Miro, but security and referees separate them. Miro then starts beating up security and other guys. Miro just launches one off the stage and takes all of them out. MJF tells the camera he won, beat Cassidy smack dab in the middle of the ring! Miro yells from the stage as the show closes.


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