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AEW Dynasty Media Call With Tony Khan

Tony Khan took part in a media conference call today to discuss AEW Dynasty. Some highlights:

Tony Khan recently participated in a media conference call to discuss AEW Dynasty, and here are some highlights:

He addressed the criticism of airing the CM Punk footage, emphasizing that his responsibility extends to everyone’s jobs in the company. Pleasing the network (TBS) is crucial, and TBS was pleased with the show’s performance. Ratings serve as the primary fan feedback metric for the network.

The show garnered over 400,000 viewers in the 18 to 49 demographic, which was considered a strong performance by TBS. Additionally, fan reception was positive, with an enthusiastic crowd. Notably, fans were particularly excited about the Young Bucks’ match and the upcoming ladder match at Dynasty.

Overall, Tony Khan expressed excitement for the Dynasty pay-per-view and credited last week’s developments for adding intrigue to the event. It promises to be a great show!

Here’s a summary of his responses:

Tony Khan addressed the possibility of stepping down and hiring someone else as a booker.

He acknowledges that no position lasts forever, and eventually, changes will occur. Whether it’s with the Jaguars, Form, AEW, or True Media, he won’t be in his current role indefinitely.

Tony Khan considers his involvement in these shows and creative planning to be a highlight of his life. He’s currently having more fun than ever and appreciated last night’s strong go-home Dynamite leading into the pay-per-view.

Taking things year by year and moment by moment, he emphasizes that he’s only 41 years old. The company is in a robust position, and he’s proud of the loyalty shown by some of the world’s greatest wrestlers.

Valuation and Growth:

AEW has recently been valued at an impressive $2 billion, positioning it as the fastest-rising sports start-up in history.

This valuation surpasses even the American Football League (AFL), which later merged with the NFL.

While Tony Khan acknowledges that AEW’s future may not exactly mirror the AFL’s trajectory, he appreciates the comparison and believes the numbers are genuine.

Overall, the story of AEW’s rise is incredibly exciting.

Media Rights Renewal:

AEW’s media rights renewal is a critical focus for the company.

Khan emphasizes its importance for wrestlers, staff, fans, and everyone associated with AEW.

As they head into negotiations, AEW aims to solidify its position as a major player in the sports scene.

Pay-Per-View Growth:

AEW experienced significant pay-per-view growth last year.

Despite expanding the pay-per-view calendar, they achieved their biggest year ever in terms of pay-per-view revenue.

This year, they continue to expand the calendar, and the upcoming event is a testament to their expansion efforts.

In summary, AEW’s valuation, media rights renewal, and pay-per-view growth all contribute to the company’s exciting journey. Tony Khan’s vision and leadership play a pivotal role in AEW’s success.

AEW Dynasty, the newly added show that took place this weekend, has generated significant excitement. Here are the key points:

Stacked Card:

Dynasty featured an impressive lineup, making it one of the most anticipated cards AEW has put together.

Tremendous Moments: The build-up to Dynasty included memorable moments, adding to the anticipation.

Successful Go Home Show:

The go-home show (the episode leading up to the event) received positive feedback. Discussions around the science of creating effective go-home shows have been fruitful.

Risk and Excitement:

Introducing a new event like AEW Dynasty involves risk, but Tony Khan expressed excitement about the venture.

Tony Khan has expressed optimism about expanding digital pay-per-view (PPV) options for fans across various streaming platforms. Here are the key points from his statement:

Digital Distribution:

AEW aims to deliver its PPV events on multiple streaming platforms.

The upcoming AEW Dynasty event will have the most extensive digital distribution they’ve ever had.

Fans can expect numerous options based on the platforms they use and the devices they watch on.

Warner Bros. Discovery Partnership:

Tony Khan appreciates that Warner Bros. Discovery has provided AEW with these options.

Previously, Bleacher Report was an exclusive platform for AEW, which helped strengthen their relationship with Warner Bros. Discovery.

Now, AEW has the opportunity to use multiple digital platforms for distributing events.

Reaching More Fans:

By expanding beyond Bleacher Report, AEW can reach even more fans.

This move is exciting for the company and aligns with their media partner’s support.

Future Outlook:

While Tony Khan can’t predict precisely what will happen after the next three events, he remains optimistic about maintaining great digital distribution.

The opportunity to distribute upcoming shows on multiple platforms is a significant step forward.

Undisputed World Trios Champions:

The winner of the match will become the undisputed world trios champions.

This consolidation and unification of championships create exciting opportunities for top trios in the wrestling world.

Competing Trios:

AEW has two great trios involved: The Acclaimed and Billy Gunn, who won their championships last year, and Jay White and the Gunns.

There’s mutual respect among these teams, and their history adds to the anticipation.

Injury and Confirmation:

An injury occurred recently, which delayed the confirmation of this match on the card.

Tony Khan was thrilled when they received clearance from the doctors to include this match.

Fans in St. Louis and worldwide can look forward to an excellent match.

Accessibility for Fans:

Even if fans can’t afford to buy the pay-per-view, they’ll still be able to watch the great wrestling.

The event will be available on YouTube and other pay-per-view platforms during the pre-show leading into AEW Dynasty.

Increased Revenue:

AEW’s revenue has significantly increased.

The company has run more events, including the addition of AEW Collision.

AEW Dynamite continues to perform well, with good attendance in various markets.

Pay-Per-View Success:

AEW Revolution in Q1 was one of the biggest AEW pay-per-view shows ever.

It surpassed last year’s Revolution, which was already highly successful.

Notably, this year’s Revolution featured MJF versus Brian Danielson in a 60-minute Iron Man match.

Sting’s Final Encounter:

Sting’s last pro wrestling match contributed to the show’s success.

The gate revenue increased and pay-per-view buys were significantly higher.

Business Growth and Opportunities:

With more shows and increased pay-per-view revenue, AEW is experiencing substantial growth.

The 2024 rights fee is higher due to the option getting picked up.

AEW looks forward to media rights renewal opportunities in the coming year.

Evaluation and Opportunity:

AEW is actively evaluating streaming rights as part of upcoming media rights negotiations.

There’s a significant opportunity to present AEW’s extensive library, which includes over 230 episodes of AEW Wednesday Night Dynamite, hundreds of episodes of Dynamite and Rampage, and various great pay-per-view events.

Currently, this entire library hasn’t been available in one place for fans.

Archive Library and Streaming Events:

The idea of creating an archive library and providing streaming access is intriguing.

Wrestling fans are accustomed to watching events on streaming platforms, and AEW should be part of that landscape.

Tony Khan expects this to be addressed in the next media rights deal.

Exclusive Window and Anniversary:

AEW is currently in an exclusive window of negotiations with Warner Bros. Discovery.

The upcoming five-year anniversary of AEW’s debut on Turner Sports is a significant milestone.

The negotiations are crucial, and AEW looks forward to presenting its TV content and major pay-per-view events in 2025.

In summary, AEW aims to enhance accessibility for fans while respecting its media partnership. Exciting times lie ahead!


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