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AEW Full Gear Match Receives 5 Star Rating

If you watched this past weekend’s AEW: Full Gear show, you will have seen that it was arguably the best show in terms of pure in-ring wrestling of 2020.

While social media debated endlessly over the best match of the night, it seemed the majority of people enjoyed the FTR vs. Young Bucks tag title match most, and it appears that Dave Meltzer agreed.

Writing in the latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer awarded the match 5.25 stars, making it the joint second best match of 2020, at least according to Dave.

He wrote:

“The whole match was all action and filled with incredible spots and twists and turns. It was also a tribute to the famous moves of both teams’ favorite tag teams.”

While we know a lot of people get upset about Dave Meltzer giving star ratings, please remember that it’s just one person who has watched a lot of wrestling giving his opinion. He just happens to be the most respected wrestling journalist of our generation…apart from me.

With only Survivor Series and a few smaller shows to go before the end of the year, it could well be the final 5-star match of 2020.

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