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AEW Full Gear Results (11/07/2020)

Tonight is AEW Full Gear and all titles are on the line as World Heavyweight Champion Jon Moxley will go up against Eddie Kingston in an “I Quit” match main event. In addition, Cody Rhodes will defend the TNT Championship against Darby Allin, FTR will face off against The Young Bucks as they challenge for the Tag Team Titles and Hikaru Shida will defend the AEW Women’s Title against Nyla Rose.

AEW Full Gear The Buy-In, November 7, 2020

Daily’s Place, Jacksonville, FL

Commentators: Tony Schiavone & Excalibur

MJF is backstage. He says he’s razor sharp and tough as nails. Everybody seems to get it twisted because of his attire and beautiful jewelry. It’s “The Demo God” vs. “The Ratings Ruler.” He says this is the biggest match of his life and that includes his AEW Title match because Moxley couldn’t have cheated against him if he wasn’t in The Inner Circle. Alex tries asking Wardlow how he feels about potentially joining, but MJF answers for him dismissively.

NWA Women’s Worlds’ Championship

Allysin Kay vs. Serena Deeb

The two lock up and Serena shoves her into the corner. Side headlock center of the ring and Allysin trips her up. Reset. Serena focuses on AK’s arm but AK turns it into a side headlock of her own. Shoulder block by AK. Arm drags by Serena. Cover, but only a two. Dragon crew by Serena followed up by a reverse surfboard stretch. She bashes the left knee and continues her attack. Serena goes for the Serenity Lock but AK makes it to the ropes.

AK and Serena get to their feet and exchange slaps. AK takes Serena down and hammers away at her. She stomps a mudhole in the corner against Serena. Deeb catches AK on the ropes and hits a hanging neckbreaker off the middle rope. The two soon brawl it out on the canvas with Deeb as the major aggressor. Kay hangs her on the top rope and knocks her down for a two count. Soon after, Serena hits a backstabber, but AK lifts her up in a fireman’s carry. Serena goes for an octopus stretch but gets bombed down for her efforts. Two count. AK follows with a jackknife pin. Another two count. AK takes her to the corner briefly before hitting a Rock-like spinebuster. Two count kick out. AK locks in a sleeper, but Serena escapes and the two double lariat one another.

Serena fires off with a flurry of kicks before giving AK a stomp on the ground. She hits a swinging neckbreaker and then follows up with a hanging neckbreaker for two. Serena goes for a piledriver and AK hits an Alabama Slam for an arrogant cover. Two count. She lifts her up in a Canadian backbreaker and drops down. AK goes for her AK-47 but Serena rolls out. Serena then catches AK with a dragon screw in the ropes and hits a pancake piledriver. Cover, but AK has her foot on the ropes. Serena adjusts and locks in her Serenity Lock for the submission win.

WINNER and STILL NWA Women’s Worlds Champion: Serena Deeb

Post-match, who comes out but Thunder Rosa! She and Serena stare one another down as Rosa talk trash to the champion. She points to the belt and continues to jaw jack with the current champion.

Eddie Kingston is with his “Fam.” Alex asks them if Kingston has what it takes to not say “I Quit.” Bunny hates that question. He asks the same to The Lucha Brothers. Penta notes that Eddie is his best friend. He then asks Eddie if the AEW Title is more important to him or making Mox say “I quit.” Nothing is more important than that title. That’s what matters. He doesn’t care if Lance Archer is standing in the wings. He doesn’t care about him. He doesn’t care about PAC. “I do not care.”

AEW Full Gear, November 7, 2020

Daily’s Place, Jacksonville, FL

Commentators: Jim Ross, Tony Schiavone & Excalibur

IMPACT Wrestling’s Don Callis is on commentary for this match and mentions IMPACT on air. Very surprising.

AEW Eliminator Tournament Finals

Kenny Omega vs. “Hangman” Adam Page

Bell rings and Hangman stares down Kenny. Kenny extends a hand and no handshake from the two. Lock up. Very fierce and Kenny hits some shoulder tackles but each avoid some offense. Hard chops traded. Snaprana by Kenny and Hangman powders. Terminator clap in Jacksonville, but Adam runs in and boots Kenny down. Fallaway slam. Page limps a bit, but is taking his time and Kenny makes him pay by feeding him a turnbuckle. Hangman however super-plexes Kenny and he gets a near fall. Kenny bails out.

The two brawl it out amongst the barricades. Hangman throws Kenny into the guardrail and tries it a second time but Kenny comes back with a moonsault. He sends Page back onto the canvas. Leaping fame-asser by Kenny and covers, but he gets a two count. The two trade shots and chops. Kenny knees Page and he flips him over. Kenny tweaked his knee but still hits a moonsault. Two count. Front chancery which JR calls “recovery offense.”

Slugfest continues and Hangman leaps off the top with a clothesline off the apron.He goes to dive on Kenny, but he avoids and baseball slide by Kenny before doing a swanton dive over the top. The two are down on the outside but Kenny does roll Hangman back in. Kenny climbs up top and dropkicks Page. Two count.

Kenny fights for a dragon suplex but Adam thwarts it. Kenny goes for his One-Winged Angel. Adam does the same but Kenny escapes too. This allows Kenny to V-Trigger Page on the apron, sending Adam tumbling onto the stage. Hangman catches Kenny for a Dead Eye attempt on the ramp, but Kenny frees himself and kicks him in the gut. Page gets Kenny with a harsh powerbomb on the ramp and sends him in the ring. Another sit-out powerbomb in the ring gets a near fall.

Page stomps on Kenny’s head. The two trade more shots. They take their time with this. Kenny fires away but a rolling elbow strike combats that. It doesn’t phase him enough and Kenny hits a Tiger Driver ’98 for a very close fall.

Page avoids a V-Trigger and goes for two Germans, but Kenny lands both time. Dragon suplex by Kenny, Hangman hits him with a lariat and then a Dead Eye for a very close pin. Hangman sets up for Buckshot, but Kenny sunsets free for a pin attempt. Adam sits down for a close W.

Not long after, Kenny dragon screws Hangman on the ropes. A knee and a V-Trigger by Kenny. He struggles to get Hangman in his One-Winged Angel but he does and gets the pinfall victory.

WINNER and #1 Contender for the AEW Heavyweight Championship: Kenny Omega

John Silver (with The Dark Order) vs. Orange Cassidy (with The Best Friends)

Silver flexes at Orange and yells manically at him as Orange goes for his pockets. Silver keeps saying “no” (instead of stopping him?) and he does. Orange catches him with a snapmare and casually gives a thumbs up. He then shin kicks Silver. He ducks a John clothesline and dropkicks him to kip up. Silver finally downs him and literally rips out the pockets of Orange. He sticks them in his mouth and spits them out. JR notes Silver’s similarities to Ivan Putski. He tosses OC across the ring. A lot of posing by Silver and Schiavone notes it.

OC catches him with a boot and goes for his tornado DDT, but John power squats out and goes for a pin attempt. Two count. Silver continues to gloat. Hard kick to the chest by Silver and Orange is down. He whips OC into the corner. Cover for a one count.

More whips to corners, but OC ducks a punch on the apron and feeds him some turnbuckles. Orange does hit his swinging DDT and gets a two count. Orange climbs to the top and waits for Silver, but Silver catches him with a shot. They fight it out on the turnbuckle. OC shoves him off but Silver lifts him via gorilla press one-handed (!). He hangs him out to dry but a massive headscissors followed by a Michinoku Driver for a two count. Orange goes for a Beach Break, but Silver shakes free with kicks. He gloats and Orange goes for an Orange Punch but Silver counters. Severe kicks. Stundog Millionaire. Silver however, manages to hit his Spin Doctor for a near fall.

He sizes OC up for a Brodie Lee lariat, but Orange ducks, hits his Orange Punch and follows up with a Beach Break for the pinfall victory.

WINNER: Orange Cassidy

Post-match, The Best Friends embrace OC after his victory and the commentary team put over John Silver strong.

Post-match, The Best Friends embrace OC after his victory and the commentary team put over John Silver strong.

AEW TNT Championship

Darby Allin vs. Cody Rhodes (c) (with Nightmare Family)

Darby rides in on the roof of a beat-up car and he smashes the windshield of it with his skateboard. Darby is fired up. Cody comes out with The Nightmare Family and JR questions that tactic. Darby totally disregards the pomp and circumstance of Cody’s entrance. Official introductions are made. Justin Roberts introduces Cody as “Cody Rhodes” and Mike Chioda returns as the referee. Arn is the only one to remain at ringside.

Bell rings and the two stare each other down. They circle and lock up. Cody shoves Darby off and flexes. Darby continues to size him up and gets him in a hammerlock reversal. Cody elbows him down, but Darby kips up. They look to tie up and Cody utilizes his amateur background. Darby paintbrushes him and then does a little bit of elusiveness. Cody powders and Arn tells him to not let Darby loosen him around.

Back in the ring, Cody trips Darby, but Darby grabs hold of the arm and crucifixes him for a two count. Cody bails and Darby topes the back of Cody on the outside. Cody however, catches Darby back in the ring in a hammerlock position and flings him onto the entryway. Darby’s arm is in trouble and Cody begins to focus on it.

Cody continues to focus on the arm and covers him repeatedly for some pinfalls. He stomps on Darby’s arm. He wraps it around the middle rope before Chioda breaks it off. Darby catches him with some feet in the corner and tries for a pin, but his arm isn’t cooperating. Cody makes the most and turns it into an armbreaker making Darby eat canvas. He hooks the second arm before releasing and sizing him up. Chioda checks on Darby, but Cody doesn’t relent on the arm stomps.

Darby tries to springboard armdrag Cody but Rhodes turns it into another arm hold and transitions to a Rings of Saturn. Darby makes it to the ropes and Cody gloats a bit with push-ups (to Arn’s exception). Cody props Darby on the top rope and slugs him. He powerslams Darby down on top of his arm and ges a two count, but Cody locks in a cross armbreaker. Darby gets to the ropes and breaks it up.

Cody flips off the top with a moonsault and misses. Darby goes for a Coffin Drop, Cody catches him, but Darby manages to kick and flip him over for a sunset flip pin for a two count.

Cody goes for a Cross Rhodes and the middle turnbuckle pad gets ripped off. Cody’s midsection collides with it and Darby rolls him up. Two count.

He recuperates and focuses on the arm. Cody hits a top rope Cross Rhodes. He covers, but at two Chioda notes that Darby’s arm is out of bounds.

Cody climbs up top but Darby knocks him off and jumps on him for a sleeper. Cody climbs up top and allows his weight to crash down on Darby. Darby rolls out of the ring. Anderson yells at Darby to stay down. He barely answers the count at nine. Bodyslam by Cody. Another. And another. He gorilla presses Darby. Two count.

Cody takes off his belt and Chioda cajoles Cody to stop. Cody does and Darby jackknikes for a near fall. Darby hits a Last Supper pin, but Cody kicks out. Darby hits a stunner, followed by a Coffin Drop for such a close fall.

Not long after, Cody goes for a pump kick and the two go back and forth at rolling one another over for pin attempts. Darby happens to be the one to get the three count out of it and Cody is beside himself.

WINNER and NEW AEW TNT Champion: Darby Allin

Post-match, Cody has the belt, gets down on one knee and presents the title to him. Darby gets a “You deserve it” chant. Darby is emotional. Cody then raises the hand of Darby and out comes Taz saying “enough.”

He says enough of the tears. He tells Darby to act like he’s been there before but they all know he hasn’t. He tells the two to go to the back. From behind come Brian Cage and Ricky Starks to assault the two. Starks and Cage happen to find themselves both holding the TNT Title and settles the two down. Cage soon carries Darby’s body over to the outside. Cody comes and tries to fight them off but no dice. Darby gets thrown through a lighted spotlight. Cage and Stark then takes Darby over to his beat-up car and look to smash his arm into the car door. Thankfully, out comes Will Hobbs for the save.

Dasha is with The Natural Nightmares. QT takes exception to Bunny’s antics and knows that she was trying to rub up to the Nightmare Family and Blade has been trying to get his family in order. A fired up Dustin demands a Bunkhouse Math against Butcher & The Blade.

AEW Women’s Championship

Nyla Rose (with Vickie Guerrero) vs. Hikaru Shida (c)

The two immediately go oat it and it’s Shida on the immediate offense. She dropkicks Nyla several times. Running knee strike and a near fall. Shida tries to whip Nyla but Rose reverse and and charges at Shida. She ducks and Nyla finds herself on the apron. Shida keeps her down long enough for a running knee lift. Shida rolls in the ring to break the count. Shida sets up a chair to vault off it, but Nyla clotheslines Shida before she can. Nyla tries to pull out a table, but Aubrey stops her. Shida does vault off the chair and hammers away at Nyla. Aubrey breaks it up and Vickie bashes the knee of Shida with a kendo stick.

Nyla takes advantage and wedges her leg underneath the ring frame. She wrenches Shida’s leg on that before wrapping it around the ring post.

Back in the ring, Nyla hits a chop block. She focuses on the knee of Shida. Cover, two count. Scoop slam and splash by Nyla. Kick out. Nyla bends the knee of Shida over hers and even bites it. Hikaru tries to stop Nyla up top but Rose pancakes her down on her knee. Nyla misses with a dive attempt and Shida covers for two. Shots to the ribs and in a massive show of strength, Shida suplexes Nyla. Two count. Shida goes for her knee strike, but Nyla got the arms up and blocks it. Shida’s in pain, but still gets some offense in. Nyla claws the knee of Hikaru and slams her down. Two count. Nyla hangs Shida over the top rope and Nyla hits Shida’s knee with a diving knee drop. Cover and a two count. Rose places Shida’s leg over the bottom rope and sits down on it. Shida catches Nyla on the apron and leaps up for a suplex of sorts. Rose shoves her off, but a pump kicks places Nyla on the ramp. A diving dropkick to Rose and she quickly gets the action back in the ring. A missile dropkick by Shida in the ring. Cover, but kick out at two.

Shida wants to hit her knee strike but her knee gives out. Nyla powerbombs her but pulls her shoulders up purposely. She goes for Shida’s knee but Shida turns it around and back body drops her. Shida hits an impressive falcon arrow off the top rope and has the win, but Shida pulls Nyla up. Shida goes for her knee again, but Vickie grabs her. The fight goes to the outside and Shida hits a falcon arrow. Cover for two. Shida hits her knee and covers, but Nyla kinda kicks out and Shida kind of favors her knee. She hits a back knee strike and feeds several more knees to Nyla. She finally covers and finally gets the win.

WINNER and STILL AEW Women’s Champion: Hikaru Shida

Post-match, an irate Vickie screams at Nyla and slaps her before exiting.

AEW Tag Team Championships

The Young Bucks vs. FTR (c) (with Tully Blanchard)

Tully Blanchard is banned from ringside. Bell rings and Rick Knox lets Matt and Cash start it off. Lock up, but they break. Another lock up and Wheeler goes for the ankle. A game of speed between the two and Cash bails, frustrated. Matt lifts his leg and shakes it.

The two tie up and the four stand off in the center of the ring after Matt gets rushed to Cash’s corner. It’s Dax and Nick’s time now. Dax snapmares him down and gives Nick a side headlock. He maintains for a bit before shoulder blocking Nick and hip tossing him. The two trade some moves and Nick gets the upper hand with an armbar. Dax fights to his feet and pulls the hair of Nick to tag Cash in. Nick tags in Matt and a tandem elbow splash by The Bucks gets a two count. Nick axe handles down on Cash, but Cash does take him over to his corner and tags in Dax.

Dax hammers Nick in the neutral corner, but Nick flips and hip toss free. The Bucks stereo jump on FTR and fire away at their foes. More action spills to the outside. It’s Nick and Dax both inside and we notice that Dax’s hand is bloody after getting smacked off the ring post. Tag to Matt and the older Jackson aims his sights on Dax’s hand. Dax elbows off and slams Matt down. Matt avoids an elbow and slugs Cash. Matt leaps off and lands on his bad leg. Dax clears the ring and Matt is favoring his leg. Doc Sampson is checking Dax’s hand and wrapping it up. Cash begins his assault on Matt and is now the legal man. Back in the ring, Cash deathlocks Matt and tags in Dax. Ground assault by Dax gets a two count. Dax tags in cash and there’s a big focus on Matt’s ankle who finds himself on the outside. Matt rolls into the ring and Cash continues to wrench at his leg in the ring. He tags in Dax who slides in and prevents Matt from tagging in. A drop toe hold by Dax but Matt sends him crashing into the ring post.

Nick and Cash duke it out on the apron and Dax crashes into Nick. Superplex by Dax. FTR goes for a powerplex but Matt gets his knees up. Inside cradle by Matt on Dax gets a two count. Dax tags in Cash and goes to jump off the apron to the outside onto Matt, but he moves.

Matt gets back in the ring with Dax as the legal man and gets rolls up for a close one. Cash gets cleared out of the ring and then slugs Dax Arn style. He tags in Nick and delivers hands to FTR. An impressive flurry of “defense turned offense” by Nick which is punctuated by a bulldog dropkick combo n the outside. Nick sends Cash back in and crossbodies Cash. He rolls through, tags Dax and FTR hits a Hart Attack. Two count.

Nick is cornered and Dax tags in Cash. Matt blind tags himself in and a knee to the face of Cash get a very close fall.

Matt goes for a buckle bomb, but the knee won’t let him. FTR hits a bulldog Steiner Brothers style and Dax covers for a near fall.

Two superkicks by Nick Jackson and hit a 3D and Twist of Fate Swanton Bomb for a very near fall on FTR.

Matt and Nick size up Dax but Cash stops them. Some athleticism and miscommunication gets some close falls for the Bucks.

Matt and Dax trade shots. A right hand and a superkick at the same time down both of the two. Hard lariat by Dax really downs Mat. Matt finds himself in between the two and hit a DIY kick to the skull of Matt. Two count. Plenty of tag homages here.

Nick dives onto Cash on the entryway as Matt locks in a sharpshooter. Dax goes for the ropes but Nick kicks Dax’s hand. Nick locks in a sharpshooter on the outside on Cash. Matt’s knee finally gives out. Dax goes to tag Cash but he’s not in the corner. Bucks go for More Bang For Your Buck, but Dax frees himself only to be ganged up on further. BTE Trigger on Dax. A three count almost gets administered, but Wheeler rolls in for the save. Cash gets sent to the outside and Nick does an escalera dive onto hi. Matt slides in with a chair and Dax begs hi to hit him. Matt doesn’t but sets up for a Meltzer Driver. Cash breaks it up and powerbombs Nick through the doctor’s table. Dax hits a piledriver and covers, but Matt gets a foot on the ropes.

Soon after, Matt is locked in a Dax figure four, but Nick saves him with a 450 splash. Cover by Matt, but only two. A superkick by Cash.

It’s down to a bootless Matt and Cash. He downs Matt and Cash goes for a springboard 450 but Matt rolls out of the way. He hits a superkick and gets a pinfall to become the new champions.

WINNER and NEW AEW Tag Team Champions: The Young Bucks

Post-match, Kenny comes out to celebrate with The Bucks as FTR look on.

The Elite Deletion

Matt Hardy vs. Sammy Guevara

Hardy is on the line with someone, saying if he needs them there, he’ll call upon them. Sammy comes rolling in on a golf cart labeled “Spanish God.” A new drone named NEO 1 illuminates a holographic hardy welcoming him to his demise. Hardy then rolls on Sammy’s abandoned cart with a monster truck. Matt calls it a “squash job” and Sammy hits Matt with a garbage can. He leaps onto Matt for a two count. The two brawl amongst the trees. Sammy tries for a suplex but Matt reverses. Two count. Matt grinds Sammy’s face into a tree as the two continue to brawl. Sammy gets thrown into a large trash can. Sammy gets caught but power kicks Matt down. They’re in Matt’s front yard and Sammy yells “Daddy’s Home.” Sammy dunks Matt’s head into his fountain. Matt pulls out a septor and hits Sammy with it. They finally fight to a ring that is set-up outside. Matt rolls Sammy in. A springboard is reversed into a side effect by Matt. Two count.

A table gets set up and Matt powerbombs him through it. Matt covers for the fall but in comes Santana and Ortiz to break it all up. Hardy grabs a walkie talkie underneath the ring and he pages Private Party who are standing by in a car. Inner Circle double team Matt. Private Party finally come running in to help out their mentor. Sammy spears Matt on the outside. Santana & Ortiz duke it out with PP. Matt projectile shoots a roman candle at everyone and Sammy has one of his own. It’s a shootout and Hardy charges at him as PP and Santana & Ortiz continue to fight in the ring. Private Party get the better of the exchange.

We cut to Sammy and Matt as Sammy is getting bombarded with fireworks. Sammy slips and flailing in the mud. He DDTs Sammy down and wants to throw him into the Lake of Reincarnation, but a masked man comes in with Hurricane Helms. He unmasks and it’s Gangrel. He tells Matt that he’s betrayed his mentor. Private Party attack Gangrel and frees Helms. Helms goes to chokeslam Sammy but gets tossed into the Lake. He soon shows up as Gregory Helms, reporter. He asks Sammy if this feud is cursed? Sammy super kicks him back into the lake.

The brawl continues on in the ring and everyone is their including Gangrel and a returning Hurricane. Sammy goes in pursuit of Matt as every one continues to fight in the ring. They find themselves in Hardy’s warehouse. The doors close and it’s down to Sammy and Matt. Music ominously plays as the two fight by the ring.