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AEW Live Results 12/11

AEW Dynamite featured the advancement of tensions between MJF and Cody in addition to continued teases of a Hangman Adam Page heel turn.

Jungle Jack Perry pinned Chris Jericho—albeit unofficially as Marko Stunt counted the pinfall—while AEW announced its next pay-per-view, Revolution, for Saturday, February 29. The main event featured a wild Texas Street Fight where The Young Bucks defeated Proud and Powerful.

The Young Bucks will face SCU for the AEW World Tag Team Championships on a loaded show next week from Corpus Christi, Tx. Not to be outdone, next week’s WWE NXT will feature a women’s championship showdown between Shayna Baszler and Rhea Ripley in addition to an NXT Championship match.

Jon Moxley def. Alex Reynolds

I’m quite certain Jon Moxley won this match in the less time that it took for me to write this sentence.

The Butcher and The Blade def. Cody and QT Marshall

QT Marshall, who tagged himself in before realizing he was in over his head, wrestled the climactic moments of this match with all the recklessness of Kobe Bryant during a heat check.

I underestimated just how much The Butcher and The Blade would remind me of The Revival. Their gear says Mid South Wrestling, but their gimmick says World of Warcraft.

The Butcher and The Blade can beat whomever they want, but saddled with this gimmick, I can’t help but feel like it’ll take heaven and earth to get this fanbase to embrace them as a top tag team.

MJF Addresses Cody

AEW is in no hurry to have MJF and Cody lay a finger on each other and they’ll be heavily rewarded for it.

Wardlow has the best gig in all of Wednesday night wrestling.

Big Swole def. Emi Sakura

This week’s Dark Order recruiting segment was so much better than anything that group has ever done.

How is Emi Sakura able to egregiously rip off Christopher Daniels’ mic stand gimmick? Is this promotion going to need a gimmick continuity specialist or what?

Big Swole is an absolute superstar.

If this were NXT, how soon before Bianca Belair and Big Swole team up because they’re “best friends”?

Hangman Adam Page and Kenny Omega def. Shawn Spears and Kip Sabian

Shawn Spears has quietly won his last four singles matches. Go figure.

Hangman Adam Page is going to have some trouble breaking away from The Elite by teaming up with Kenny Omega. I smell a heel turn.

Shawn Spears is at the point in his AEW run where his manager, Tully Blanchard, is “looking for a partner,” which is a nice way of saying “your potential is capped, kid.”

The refereeing in this match was abysmal.

Joey Janela is supposed to be the babyface in his feud with Shawn Spears, but between his crazy hairstyle and tying up a middle-aged man, I’m not seeing it.

Luchasaurus def. Sammy Guevara

Brandi Rhodes roasting the women’s division was one of the best promos of her entire run, which is saying a lot. By the way, her mystery minion looked a lot like Dustin Rhodes.

The best part of Chris Jericho on commentary was Jake Hager wearing a headset and not saying a word.

If the fans in Corpus Christi, TX. are half as excited to see Jungle Jack Perry go toe-to-toe with Chris Jericho next week, it’ll be one helluva main event. unfortunately, it will be in Corpus Christi, TX.

The Young Bucks def. Proud and Powerful—Texas Street Fight

Proud and Powerful attacking the Young Bucks during their entrance was a heel move, but it also gave this Texas Street Fight more time, so who are the real babyfaces here?

Matt Jackson dressed as a Dallas Cowboy which does not bode well for a match against a tag team with a winning record.

Boy the camera work was sketchy throughout this match.

“One’s got a helmet on, one’s got a trash can on.” (An actual sentence said about The Young Bucks.

At one point, Aubrey Edwards was one of the most over individuals in this match simply for performing emergency refereeing duties.

Going through a partially flattened trash can looks much more powerful than going through a normal trash can.

The table bumps in this match become increasingly cartoonish and received less of a pop with every bump.


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