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AEW Planning Several Announcements At Next Rally

Photo Credit Indy Pro Wrestling


All Elite Wrestling made several headlines with their first rally in Jacksonville. As we wait for their second rally on the 7th from Las Vegas it seems like we are going to get some big reveals about Double Or Nothing.

Dave Meltzer discussed the next AEW rally during Wrestling Observer Radio. It seems like he might know more than he’s saying about AEW once again, but he did give us some pretty big clues on what to expect.

“I think we’re gonna get on Thursday, I think we’ll get a couple of matches. I don’t know everything, but this is what I know. I think they’re going to announce a couple of matches or shoot some angles or something.”

“I expect one if not three or four matches [announced] I expect some surprise new name signings. I do not expect a TV deal announced on Thursday because there is no TV deal unless they make one between now and then, but I don’t expect that announcement I mean I guess it’s possible, but I don’t expect this one this week, this early. I do expect that announcement to come not too far from now, because it kinda has to, right?”

You really don’t know what AEW could be planning next. It will be interesting to watch them build their first pay-per-view as a separate company and see how it builds differently than ALL IN.

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