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AEW Rampage & AEW Collision Results (04/20/2024)

AEW Rampage Results

This week’s episode of AEW Rampage kicks off with a promo from IWGP World Heavyweight Champion Jon Moxley. Moxley hypes up his title match against Powerhouse Hobbs next week on AEW Dynamite. Moxley says Don Callis has one powerful cell phone but he wasn’t planning on losing anyway.

Mox says he’s born for moments like this. Moxley plays the hypothetical of him getting struck by lightning at Daily’s Place and Hobbs becoming the new IWGP Champion. Moxley says he knows Hobbs has something special, but if he hasn’t found it by the time they get to Dynamite, he will find it for him. Mox says it’s going to be a very bitter pill for Hobbs to swallow.

Rob Van Dam defeated Isiah Kassidy, Komander, and Lee Johnson in a four-way elimination match

Fall one: Isiah Kassidy eliminates Lee Johnson with a rollup and a handful of tights.

Fall two: Komander eliminates Isiah Kassidy with a Shooting Star Press from the ropes.

Fall three: Rob Van Dam eliminates Komander with a Five Star Frog Splash.

Yuka Sakazaki defeated Emi Sakura

Yuka Sakazaki hits Emi Sakura with a middle rope German Suplex to score the pinfall victory.

A heartwarming moment on AEW Rampage

Cool Hand Angelo Parker is in the ring and says his last year has been a roller coaster, personally and professionally. Parker talks about all the ups and downs the last year has brought him but he found the love of his life along the way. Parker says due to his actions he’s lost that too.

Cool Hand says at that point, he needed to defeat Zak Knight but he lost. Parker says he feels like he doesn’t have a lot left to fight for and teases he’s about to retire. This brings out Ruby Soho. Ruby says she can’t let him do this. Soho says it breaks her heart to hear him say he has nothing to fight for. Soho says he has something very important to fight for.

Ruby Soho announces that she’s pregnant, and she knows that it’s sudden, but she didn’t know how to tell him. Parker kisses Soho and exclaims that he’s going to be a dad. This was a very beautiful and heartwarming moment on Rampage.

Kyle O’Reilly, Rocky Romero, and Daddy Magic defeated The Undisputed Kingdom (Roderick Strong, Matt Taven, and Mike Bennett)

Kyle O’Reilly locks Mike Bennett in an armbar to win the match for his team via submission.

O’Reilly tells Strong to take as many pictures with the International title as he can. O’Reilly says in 24 hours at Dynasty, he will become the new champion. Strong yells that he won’t as AEW Rampage goes off the air.

AEW Collision Results

This week’s episode of AEW Collision kicks off with some in-ring action.

Adam Copeland, Eddie Kingston, and Mark Briscoe defeated Top Flight and Action Andretti

Mark Briscoe hits the Froggy Bo on Action Andretti. Eddie Kingston scores the pinfall victory for his team.

The House of Black appears on the Tron following the match and preaches a word of warning to Copeland, Kingston, and Briscoe regarding their match tomorrow at AEW Dynasty. Copeland looked concerned by Black’s words after he was done.

A video package plays hyping up tomorrow’s AEW World Championship match between Samoa Joe and Swerve Strickland tomorrow night at Dynasty.

Powerhouse Hobbs (w/ Don Callis) defeated CJ Esparza

Powerhouse Hobbs wins a quick squash match over CJ Esparza

Don Callis says the Don Callis Family is the talk of professional wrestling. Callis says he won’t be at ringside later this evening during the Bunkhouse Brawl later on tonight for his safety. Callis says he was directly responsible for Kenny Omega winning the IWGP Championship in 2017.

Don says the biggest match in NJPW history in 2018 between Omega and Jericho was set up by him. Callis says New Japan told him at the time they owed him a favor and he’s waited six years to cash it in. Callis says the match between Moxley and Hobbs on Dynamite is now for the IWGP World Championship.

A video package plays hyping up tomorrow’s match between Will Ospreay and Bryan Danielson at AEW Dynasty.

Jericho offers an insincere apology to HOOK on AEW Collision

Chris Jericho is outside the venue. Jericho says he apologizes to HOOK and Taz for his actions on AEW Dynamite. Jericho says if someone did that to someone he cared about, he would have done the same thing.

Chris Jericho says he took HOOK up on his offer to face him anytime, anywhere, and he went to Tony Khan to get the match. The Ocho says he will become the FTW Champion tomorrow, and it’s going to hurt him more than it hurts HOOK.

The Gunns (w/ Jay White) defeated The Acclaimed (w/ Billy Gunn)

The Gunns cheat to score the win by holding Jay White’s baseball bat at ringside for leverage while the referee was out of position.

Bryan Danielson is backstage. Danielson says he feels alive, and he knows the Don Callis Family is up to something and questions if Don Callis has the faith in Will Ospreay that he says he does. Danielson says he’ll get his revenge tonight on Konosuke Takeshita for dropping him on his head last week, and then he’ll get his match with Will Ospreay tomorrow.

Will Ospreay comes in and tells Danielson that he’s had nothing to do with what The Don Callis Family is doing. Danielson seemingly doesn’t believe him, just says okay, and walks away. Ospreay is frustrated by the overall situation.

They reair Toni Storm’s social media promo that took place after Dynamite to hype her title match with Thunder Rosa tomorrow at Dynasty.

A crazy Bunkhouse Brawl match on AEW Collision

Bryan Danielson and Claudio Castagnoli defeated Konosuke Takeshita and Kyle Fletcher in a Bunkhouse Brawl match

Powerhouse Hobbs gets involved in the match but is neutralized by Jon Moxley, and the two men fight in the crowd. Bryan Danielson hits Kyle Fletcher with the Busaiku knee, followed by the LeBell Lock with a chain in his mouth to win the match via submission.

Bryan Danielson gets a microphone and says people were asking him what he’s thinking wrestling a Bunkhouse Brawl match the night before he wrestles Will Ospreay. Danielson says some people’s Heaven is paved with streets of gold. Bryan says his Heaven is standing in that ring and bleeding and wrestling in front of people like this. Danielson says he’s going to beat Will Ospreay’s ass tomorrow at Dynasty.

Kris Statlander, Willow Nightingale, and Stokely Hathaway are backstage. Statlander says they are fired up. Nightingale says a confident champion doesn’t hit someone with a chain in the face days before a title match. Nightingale says tomorrow at Dynasty, she’s walking out as champion, bitch.

Skye Blue defeated Leyla Hirsch

Skye Blue locks Leyla Hirsch in a Dragon Sleeper to win the match by submission.

Tony Schiavone and Nigel McGuinness run down the card for AEW Dynasty tomorrow.

It’s time…for the main event!

FTR and Pac defeated The Young Bucks and Kazuchika Okada

PAC hits Black Arrow on Matt Jackson to score the pinfall victory for his team.

The Elite attack once the match is over. Daniel Garcia hits the ring to make the save, but that’s not all because once AEW Collision goes off the air, it’s time for AEW Rampage!


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