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AEW Rampage Live Results (02/16/2024)

Updated: Feb 21

Sammy Guevara will be going head-to-head with veteran Jeff Hardy for the first time ever. However, it won't be just any ordinary encounter as they will be squaring off in a No Disqualification match. This will be Guevara's first singles match since defeating Ricky Starks at the "AEW Dynamite" Homecoming special on January 10.

During the January 26 edition of "Rampage", Anna Jay defeated Ruby Soho after the two found themselves in a verbal exchange. Tonight, Jay looks to score another win as she collides with Queen Aminata.

The Bang Bang Scissor Gang will be competing in their first match since joining forces with one another to become an united front as they face Jay Lethal, Jeff Jarrett, Satnam Singh and Dark Order's Alex Reynolds, John Silver, and Evil Uno in a huge twelve man tag team match.

The Von Erichs haven't competed in an AEW ring since emerging victorious in a trios match on the December 15 edition of "Rampage", while Dustin Rhodes' last match came on January 17 in which he was unsuccessful in dethroning Christian Cage as TNT Championship. Tonight, all three men will be joining forces with one another to compete in a bout.

Additionally, "Cool Hand Ang" Angelo Parker looks to have a conversation with the aforementioned Soho about their romance. AEW Women's World Champion Toni Storm, Blackpool Combat Club's Jon Moxley and Claudio Castagnoli, and Brian Cage and Prince Nana of Mogul Embassy also all have something on their minds to share.

We are live! Excalibur, Tony Schiavone, and "Daddy Magic" Matt Menard greet audiences at home as Sammy Guevara and Jeff Hardy are already waiting in the ring.

Sammy Guevara vs. Jeff Hardy (w/ Matt Hardy) in a No Disqualification Match

The bell rings and Jeff slaps Guevara. The pair then exchange strikes before Jeff lands a bodyslam on Guevara and pulls a ladder out from under the ring. Guevara sets it up inside and slides back to the outside and delivers a chop. Jeff goes flying off the apron with a splash to level Guevara, then delivers a couple stomps to him on the apron. Guevara ascends to the top and delivers a dropkick to Jeff, then gets him back in the ring and pins him. Jeff kicks out.

Guevara and Jeff find themselves on the outside again, and Guevara lands a chop. Jeff sends Guevara crashing into the barricade shoulder first, then pulls the ring steps away from the ring post and uses them as a launchpad to connect with a running senton. Jeff and Guevara get back in the ring, and Jeff throws a chair at Guevara in the corner. Both men then climb up the ladder, and exchange right hands at the top of it. Jeff delivers a neckbreaker to Guevara from the top.

Back from the break, Matt and Jeff set up a table on the outside. Jeff sends Guevara's head bouncing off the apron, then gets him on the table and climbs up a second ladder next to it. Guevara meets him up there and fires off forearms on his spine, then gets Jeff back in the ring and places his head through a chair. He delivers a neckbreaker off the top and gets Jeff on the table set up on the outside, then climbs up the ladder and hits a senton.

The two men get back inside the ring, and Guevara looks to land a Shooting Star Press to Jeff off the top. Jeff gets his knees up, but Guevara manages to connect with a GTH for the win.

Winner: Sammy Guevara

After the match, Powerhouse Hobbs sneaks up on Guevara and plants him with a spinebuster as Don Callis follows behind. Hobbs then delivers a slam.

We then head backstage to Renne Paquette, Brian Cage, and Prince Nana. Cage addresses HOOK and his upcoming trios match on this coming Wednesday's "Dynamite". 

Back from the break, we head over backstage to Blackpool Combat Club, who have a message for FTR ahead of their "Dynamite" matches.

We then head over to Renee Paquette and The Outcasts, where Ruby Soho confronts Saraya about their issues as of late. She tells Saraya she thought she was trying to do what she thought was right, but she needs some space to think things over.

Back at ringside, Dustin Rhodes and The Von Erichs make their way down to the ring. Shimbashi, Romero Cruz, and Hit are already waiting inside. 

Dustin Rhodes and The Von Erichs vs. Shimbashi, Romero Cruz, and Hit

Hit and Rhodes begin the action. The bell rings and the two lock up. Rhodes delivers an open palm strike to Hit, then tags ross in. Ross delivers a dropkick to Hit, then executes an arm drag on the now legal Shimbashi. Marshall becomes legal and cinches in a side headlock, then tags out to Rhodes. Cruz tags in and lands Cross-Rhodes, then goes for a pin. Shimbashi and Hit break the fall before Rhodes delivers The Final Reckoning to Cruz and pins him for the win as The Von Erichs have The Iron Claw locked in on Shimbashi and Hit.

Winners: Dustin Rhodes and The Von Erichs

We then head backstage to Renee Paquette, Toni Storm, Mariah May, and Luther. Storm uses May to show Deonna Purrazzo what she'll do to her at AEW Revolution.

Queen Aminata then makes her way down to the ring. Anna Jay follows. 

Queen Aminata vs. Anna Jay

The bell rings and the pair shake hands with one another. They then lock up and take turns locking one another in submission holds before Jay lands a spinning back heel kick in the corner and follows it up with a backstabber.

Back from the break, Jay and Aminata take turns landing overhand chops on one another. Aminata lands a double chop on Jay, then follows it up with a suplex and charges at Jay in the corner. Jay moves out of the way and looks for a spinning back heel kick, but Aminata avoids it and connects with a running kick to her in the corner. Jay plants Aminata with a flatliner and locks into a Queenslayer. Aminata counters into a pin and Jay is forced to relinquish the hold. Aminata then delivers a kick for the win.

Winner: Queen Aminata

After the match, Aminata and Jay shake hands once again before hugging.

Back from the break, we head backstage and see Angelo Parker chat with Ruby Soho. Parker hands Soho a Valentine's Day gift, and tells her that he's felt things for her that he never has before. He says he thought that slipping her a note was the only way he could talk with her, and Soho cuts him off. She asks him if he wants to have drinks next week, and Parker agrees. 

Back at ringside, Jay Lethal, Jeff Jarrett, Satnam Singh, Sonjay Dutt, Karen Jarrett, Dark Order, and The Bang Bang Scissor Gang are all waiting in the ring.

The Bang Bang Scissor Gang vs. Jay Lethal, Jeff Jarrett, Satnam Singh and Dark Order (w/ Sonjay Dutt and Karen Jarrett)

White and Lethal begin the action. The bell rings and the two lock up. They take turns locking one another in submission holds before Uno tags in and White catches him with a chop in the corner. Colten tags in and whips Uno in the corner, then connects with a dropkick and tags in Caster. Caster lands a bodyslam on Uno, then tags in Bowens. Bowens delivers Scissor Me Timbers as Caster holds Uno in place.

Back from the break, Jarrett tags in and delivers a Side Russian Leg Sweep to Austin. Singh tags in and delivers a right hand to Austin's spine, then connects with a headbutt and tosses Austin across the ring. Jarrett delivers a cheap kick to Austin from the apron, and Singh then tosses him across the ring once again. Billy and Singh then get in one another's faces before Reynolds and Billy tag in and Billy levels Reynolds and his Dark Order teammates with right hands.

Billy connects with a Famouser, but Uno levels him with a neckbreaker. Bowens takes out Uno with a kick, but Silver does the same to him and lands a German suplex. Caster lands a strike on Silver, but Singh looks to land a double chokeslam to both him and Bowens. Austin and Colten take out Singh together, and Lethal levels Colten with Lethal Injection. Austin takes him down, but Jarrett sends him crashing into the mat. White hits Jarrett with the Blade Runner, and The Gunn Family lands 305 to Yuma on Reynolds for the win.

Winners: The Bang Bang Scissor Gang


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