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AEW Rampage Live Results (03/08/2024)

Tonight, Orange Cassidy and Trent Beretta will compete in tag team action. They will face The Butcher and Kip Sabian, looking to gain some momentum heading into the tag team title tournament.

Plus, Julia Hart will defend the TBS Championship against Robyn Renegade. Elsewhere on the show, Action Andretti will face Penta El Zero Miedo. Additionally, Top Flight will take on Private Party and the team of Komander and Bryan Keith.

Trent Beretta & Orange Cassidy defeat Kip Sabian & The Butcher via pinfall

The kickoff to tonight’s show started with a chaotic back-and-forth match. In the end, it was OC and Trent who would walk out a winner. After Cassidy broke up a pinfall attempt by Sabian, Beretta then hit a big German suplex on Butcher, which Cassidy followed up with an Orange Punch. After a Strong Zero by Trent, that was enough to keep Butcher down for the pin and win.

Backstage segment: Ruby Soho

Backstage, Soho said that Angelo Parker was hurt after the ambush from Saraya and her brother last week. Soho said she wants Saraya to know that she hates her now, and will be doing everything she can to get revenge on her. She said Saraya is “ugly” deep down insider of her, and that she and her “inbred family” will have to deal Soho now.

Julia Hart defeats Robyn Renegade via submission

Hart retained her TBS Championship in a big win, which began with The Dealer’s Choice rule stipulating that no moves were allowed from the top rope. The pair fought on the mat instead, and eventually Hart would land a big kick to the head of Robyn, before locking in a submission on her that forced Renegade to tap out.

Backstage segment: Saraya

Saraya stopped Renee Paquette backstage and told her that Soho is nothing but “pure filth,” and that she’ll see what they do to Angelo next.

Penta El Zero Miedo defeats Action Andretti via pinfall

Andretti was able to nearly walk out with a win early, but things fell apart for the superstar the more the match went on. Late in the match, Penta kicked Andretti right out of the air after the superstar tried to land a big move, and that allowed Penta to hit the Fear Factor for the win.

Top Flight defeats Private Party and Komander & Bryan Keith via pinfall

In a three-way tag team match to close out the show, Private Party was a bit too concerned with partying before the match started, as the pair got to work on Komander and Keith early. However, Top Flight would join in, and then drop the pair with two dropkicks, which eventually kickstarted a massive brawl between all six men.

Later in the match, Dante Martin was able to get tagged in and get involved with Komander and Marq Quen. Eventually, Dante would land a big enough hit on Quen to knock him down, and he and Darius then got to work clearing the ring. The end of the match saw Darius alone in the ring with Komander, and he promptly hit his finisher on him for the win.

After the match, Action Andretti joined the celebration with Top Flight, as the trio mocked Private Party.


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