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AEW Rampage Live Results (04/07/2023)

All Elite Wrestling delivered an action-packed episode of AEW Rampage on April 7.

Tonight, HOOK will put his FTW Championship on the line against Ethan Page. The bout will be a rematch from Wednesday night’s show, where Matt Hardy turned on Page and helped HOOK win the bout.

Additionally, Anna Jay A.S. will take on Julia Hart, TBS Champion Jade Cargill and Taya Valkyrie will sit down for a face-to-face, and Darby Allin will battle Lee Moriarty.

Elsewhere in the night, Swerve Strickland will have a “major announcement.” Plus, The Acclaimed will team up with Angelo Parker and Matt Menard for some eight-man tag team action; Menard and Parker have been recruiting the duo to join the Jericho Appreciation Society in recent weeks.

Hook defeats Ethan Page via submission

In an opening match FTW Championship bout, it was HOOK who would retain his title in grand fashion. In a very fun match between two of All ELite Wrestling’s biggest and best superstars, HOOK was able to flip the momentum late in the match to come out on top. Toward the end of the contest, Page hit HOOK with a pump kick, and attempted to put the champ through a table with the Ego’s Edge.

However, HOOK flipped the pair over and locked in the Redrum, ending things and retaining his title. After the match was over, the fans began demanding HOOK use the table, so he T-Bone’d Page through it and walked off.

Match 2: The Acclaimed, Daddy Magic, and Cool Hand Ang defeat The Infantry, Bobby Orlando, and LSG via pinfall

In a rather quick match, The Acclaimed & co. handled business from the start. After the match, however, Jake Hager shocked everyone by hitting Daddy Ass with a spinebuster, before The Acclaimed got assaulted by the Jericho Appreciation Society.

Promo: Swerve Strickland

Strickland had been promising a major announcement all week, and revealed that it would be the revelation that Mogul Affiliates had merged with another group, although he wouldn’t reveal who just yet.

Darby Allin defeats Lee Moriarty via pinfall

In a big match of the night, Allin walked out with a big win, delivering some big hits to Moriarty late in the match. As things came to an end, Big Bill attempted to interfere and cause a distraction for Lee. Moriarty tripped Allin off the top rope, and then hit a superplex, but Allin rolled out of the pin and tried to quick pin Lee to no avail. Things came to an end after Allin hit the Code Red on Moriarty, before hitting a suicide dive on Bill Bill to make sure nothing else would happen. He then hit the Coffin Drop on Lee for the win.

After the match, Strickland came out and offered Allin his hand on the ramp, but Darby wouldn’t shake it. Brian Cage then shocked the crowd by appearing and attacking Allin from behind, delivering a brutal assault and confirming that the Mogul Affiliates merger was with none other than The Embassy.

Julia Hart defeats Anna Jay via pinfall

In the final match of the night, Hart walked out with a win after hitting a late moonsault on her opponent. Although Jay was able to kick out and then lock in a Queen Slayer chokehold, Hart had enough strength to drag the pair to the ropes before rolling out of the ring, before hitting her with some black mist spit into Jay’s eyes while the referee wasn’t looking.

After getting back in the ring, Hart quickly rolled up Jay for the win.


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