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AEW Rampage Live Results (05/11/2024)

Rampage kicked off with Beretta vs. Castle.

Castle drove Beretta to the ropes right away. Beretta hit Castle in the face and Castle followed with a waistlock. Castle with a back elbow. From the apron, Beretta pulled Castle forward. Castle hit a running knee from the apron and knocked Beretta to the ground.

On the opposite apron, Castle went for a suplex, but Beretta flipped himself over the corner. He hit a flatliner to Castle on the apron.

After the break, Beretta did a hurricanrana. Both men went for lariats and went down. Castle threw Beretta twice. Gut wrench from Castle and a cover for two. Castle had Beretta over his shoulder, but he grabbed the ropes. He hit Castle with a piledriver. Beretta went for a tornado DDT, but Castle suplexed him. On the outside, Beretta put his thumb in Castle's eyes. He popped Castle arm in the corner.

Beretta with a running knee followed by a submission hold until he went to sleep. Beretta won by ref stoppage.

Winner: Trent

Bryan Keith vs. JD Drake

Keith tried to take Drake down by his leg and tried to lift him up. Drake clapped his hands behind his head. They went to the outside. Drake sat Keith on the apron and forearmed him.

Back in the ring, they exchanged chops and holds. Drake put Keith in a vertical suplex, but Keith got out. Keith rolled out and Drake kicked him in the gut and went for the pin. With Keith in the corner, Drake chopped him several times. Keith pushed Drake back with his head in his chest.

They exchanged chops and Drake put his knee in Keith's guts. Keith took him down with a flying shoulder. Keith slammed Drake to the mat. Keith with a running kick behind the ear in the corner. Keith went up top and Drake grabbed him by the neck and flipped him over. Drake to the mat and Keith covers for the win.

Winner: Bryan Keith

Deonna Purrazzo vs. Lady Frost

Purrazzo put Lady Frost into the corner and then takes her down with a side headlock. Purrazzo followed with a shoulder tackle and a kick to the midsection. Purrazzo caught Frost during a handstand and stepped on her fingers. Frost went up top and showed off her gymnast skills to take Purrazzo down. Purrazzo swept Frost's legs.

After the break, Purrazzo hit a forearm. The women exchange kicks to the back of the head. Frost took her down with a forearm and kicked her in the back of the head. In the corner, she did cartwheels into a cannonball.

Purrazzo with a high knee and a Russian leg sweep into an armbar. Frost made it to the ropes. Purrazzo kicked her in the side. Frost went to the top again for a tornillo. Frost went up top for a Frost Bite, but Purrazzo stopped it. Frost kicked her. Frost put in the Tree of Woe and Purrazzo did a running shoulder. She pulled Frost to the center of the ring for the pin.

After the match, Thunder Rosa came after Purrazzo, who escaped the crowd.

Winner: Deonna Purrazzo

PAC vs. Johnny TV

PAC came to the ring first. Johnny TV is accompanied to the ring by Taya Valkyrie.

Johnny pulled a hockey jersey from his pants and rubbed it between his legs. PAC knocked him down and stomped on him. In the opposite corner, PAC stood on Johnny's face. PAX slammed Johnny's face into the turnbuckle and hit a shotgun dropkick.

On the apron, PAC kicked Johnny before doing a moonsault. He threw Johnny into the ring and Taya jumped up on the apron. Johnny grabbed PAC's face and took him to the corner. He shoulder tackled PAC and did a standing moonsault for two.

After the break, PAC hit Johnny in the guts and Johnny took him down with a Russian leg sleep. Johnny kissed Taya on the outside. He got back in the ring and PAC hit him with a forearm shot. PAC with a spinning heel kick. Taya grabbed PAC's leg. She asked what he was going to do about it. PAC got out of the ring and Johnny dove on him. He followed with a swinging neckbreaker.

Johnny went up top for a moonsault, but PAC was gone. PAC suplexed Johnny and then walked into a boot. Johnny missed another moonsault. PAC went to the top, but Taya distracted the ref. PAC fussed at her. Taya tried to hit him, but PAC caught her arm. He moved so that Johnny hit Taya. PAC put Johnny in an Octopus stretch until he tapped.

Winner: PAC


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